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  1. Ethan Maddox had an abnormal upbringing compared the average American child. Ethan was raised in a survivalist compound, ran by his father. Fun was not something Ethan had a lot as a child. His father worked him to the bone, teaching him valuable skills that would allow him to survive in a large multitude of scenarios. His dad and his "flock" of prepper nuts were super-religious white supremacists. It took Ethan realizing he was gay to break the harmful and hateful ways his father had engraved in his being during childhood. At age 16, Ethan fled from the compound to travel alone, leaving his "family" behind. Ethan spent his time wandering, working odd jobs and traveling the country, seeing more of the world to get a scope of what life was really like. He did this for two years, and then in 2009 a civil war erupted in Chernarus. At 18, Ethan decided he wanted to do more with his life, and decided to go to Chernarus to aid in relief at a refugee center. He was happy with his work, and it felt good helping people of all different backgrounds, doing the complete opposite of what he was taught by his father. After the civil war, Ethan decided he loved the country and its people. He remained there, doing odd jobs as he did as a teenager until the outbreak, where he wanders South Zagoria looking to help those he can and make some friends.
  2. Dolores Greenwood is a 66 year old woman. Born June 13, 1951 in she hadn’t seen much hardship in her life, at least not until the infection hit. She lived in New Jersey majority of her life. She lived in a nice neighborhood and had an easy going childhood. After highschool, she went on to nursing school. It was within her first year of schooling she met the love of her life, David Greenwood, a professor at her school. They held a relationship until Dolores graduated nursing school and then the two got married. He kept teaching, and she practiced nursing for two years until the birth of their first child, Ryan. She quit her job, and the two continued to raise a family, having twins a few years later, Lily and Michael. She was a housewife, raising her children, and caring for her husband. Her family had grown in size when her babies became adults, and she became a grandmother. There was nothing more she loved, besides chain smoking cigarettes, than taking care of children. Her family, 9 members in size, was due for a vacation. It was in early July of 2017 that they decided to take a cruise ship vacation in Chernarus that would sail through the Green Sea. They always wanted to visit the country of Dolores’ heritage. The ship, called the Costa Risacca, would sail for a month. The ship itself was a real pleasure, although it was rather packed. It was around 2-3 weeks in their stay on the ship that monstrous storm had engulfed the region. Dolores remembers the events of that evening rather vividly. Large and powerful waves thrashed on the sides of the ship. The winds howled loudly and carried an almost otherworldly tone. Suddenly, a loud crack and bang could be heard, echoing through the halls of the inner ship. People began to leave their rooms, heading for the deck. Dolores and her family followed suit to see people evacuating and boarding the lifeboats. Through all the commotion, somehow, all 9 managed to board a lifeboat. It wasn’t until sometime the next day that the 9 handed landed ashore. Drenched, hungry and weak, they had to find help. They had landed in the Chernogorsk area. Her and her family went looking for help in this large coastal town as the storm raged on. What they saw was a city in shambles. Buildings in utter ruin, likely broken into for supplies. The situation seemed rather bleak and hopeless, that is until they found a platoon of US Army troops harboring civilians at an outpost west of Chernogorsk. The 9 had stayed there for no more than a day when tragedy struck. In late hours of the night, a huge swarm of infected had made their way to the outpost where chaos ensued. The troops did the best they could to hold the outpost, but ammunition had become scarce, and no reinforcements were on their way. Screams and growls filled the air as the infected made their way in. In the blur of it all, when panic was at its height, and people were running for their lives, Dolores had lost her family. In the months that followed, when she wasn’t focused on survival, she searched for her family. To any new people she would meet, she would introduce herself as Grandma Smokes, as she was never a fan of her real name. All she could do was search for her old family, or maybe find a new one.
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