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  1. Once everything went down, I boarded a ship that took me to where i am now. The boat was wrecked off the shores of this strange land. I am not familiar with the people that I come across. Back home in Whitehall, South Carolina, I was use to fields of corn, wheat, and soy beans. Hay fields, to feed the cattle. Friday night high school football games. Settling down with my wife Taylor on the family farm. Well it all went wrong. The day it happened my wife Taylor had gotten up to go to work in the city of Port Royal. I never saw her again. I looked tirelessly. Oh how i looked. For a full yearn yet no signs of my everything. I had all but given up. The area was being over run with these things and i had traded away the last of my sweet corn that i grew to purchase passage on the last ship out of my hometown. The destination was anywhere but our little town. On the way to the docks, I noticed a glint out of the corner of my eye as the rest of the travelers keep sneaking down the street. I stopped. Looked to the right. There she was. Taylor! My sweet everything. She was one of them? The glint came from the ring i had given her over 3 years ago from that day. I stood there.. Nothing but sadness for her. As she started to come my way I had a decision to make. Take her out to give us both peace or leave it be. I stood there... Not knowing what to do.. My senses were numb.. I had so much anger, so much rage.. I thought for a brief second, "let her come take me and that way we could be together". I know deep down that was not the path set out before me. With a small blink of my eyes I looked down at my belt and pulled out the old revolver with one last bullet. I let her come a bit closer and thought to myself " I will see you free of this!" I made eye contact with her as I pulled the trigger. Nothing but silence. Oddly enough deafening. I turned and looked at the group that was already at the boat down the street and started to walk down the road to the dock. I boarded that ship and never looked back. I am surviving out here on pure will and the thought that I will in turn help someone that is in need one day. Until then i need a place to call home. I'm done running from shelter to shelter. Scavenging for literally nothing. I want a community with people to build up this world again.
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