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  1. Catstyle

    To whom it may concern (Open Freq.)

    *radio comes on with a giggle* Well... considering what I have found today.. we might have banana or peach cake.. Mostly fruit, some powdered milk mixed out.. and.. I could probably grind some tree bark to make it more solid! If you visit tomorrow or in near future, the cake could be something completely else, maybe glue and fishcake? *a soft laughter is broadcastet* It might not be top quality, but when it comes to improvising one could call me a magician!
  2. Catstyle

    To whom it may concern (Open Freq.)

    *You hear the radio starting to sending, but with a long pause before something is actually said* ..Hi, Sean here.. hm.. the place where I told you I had my house set up, forget it, do not go there. Its moved and I can gladly tell you the new location over a secure wave. I might have a few books you could borrow once you are done with "SHE", just give me a heads up so I can start boiling some water and put forth a cake or something. *The broadcast stops*
  3. Catstyle

    Staff Feedback: Roland

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  4. *You can hear someone starts to send.. but waits a few seconds before speaking* wow.. that surely put the radio on fire in a positive way... ehm.. will see if I can adress everyone correctly here. hmm. Rejmo.. something was it? You got the right idea, I am more worried about future generations and the lack of knowledge they might have besides surviving.. if we as humans manage to live that long that is, I just hope I can save enough books for them to maybe continue on a decent path instead of loosing so much information and having to reinvent the wheel in so many areas. Falk... as in the bird of prey? Thank you, I am not sure if this tent I hold in my hands is from you, a friend found it close to my previous location. *He pause a bit* To the rest of you people, this warms my heart, considering the position I previously camped at, my view on humanity was rather dark to be honest, daily gunshots, heavy firefights and corpses, human corpses, not dead deads.. if you can say that? This just gives me a boost that will help in so many ways, thank you. At the moment I wish no harm to anyone, mostly just questions of why, but I will remember the offer if this repeat itself too many times. All contributions of books is appreciated, but only, and only if you do not read it yourself, we could always trade books as well if you want new things to read. Resources besides books might be more of use for yourselves, considering I will change the nature of the archives. *deep inhale and exhale can be heard over the radio* The plan was to have the location open to others, in case they pass by and need a bit of something, a resting place so to say. I guess that is out of the question until later, now.. I just need to find a slightly hidden location, but findable for those who look for it. That might sort out most of the meatheads. This issue did not break me the slightest, but I stand stronger than when my journey started.Thank you everyone. *You can almost hear him smile during that last sentence*
  5. Catstyle

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I usually just fall asleep right away. Never had issues how or where really. but some nights just takes forever. Mostly blessed with quick sleep whenever I want. Any special kind of food you are looking forward to eat this week? planned dinner on just something in general
  6. *the radio turns on and a man that try hard to sound calm starts to speak* So, yeah.. ehm.. my little tent I like to call home was stolen, on one hand this is no surprise, but at the same time.. yeah... hm. *A deep inhale is heard* ... I had a nice collection of books in there, way to many to carry in even the largest of backpacks, I left ammunition, food, medicine for whoever might pass by and want to take it. I mean, one cant stop people from stealing anyway.. so yeah.. was hoping that would be enough for anyone with slippery fingers that might pass by. I can understand you for taking all that you see fit and can carry, I can understand you taking the books if you really like reading or collecting yourself, what I can not understand is that you not only take or throw away all that, and then pack down my home and take it with you, if this is not the work of many little ants, one could assume you really wanted me gone, you hate books, or you are..simply put.. a sad soul. *You can hear the man holding back hard to not explode* .. if... if you know that you recently took a camp with you near Stary-Novy area, please just explain to me why, I want to know, if you badly needed a tent of you own, you could have asked and I would assist you in the search! If you wanted the books or supplies, why not leave the rest? l could throw death treats at you, yell what I really think about you, but in the end it would probably bite me in the ass and nothing good would come out of it. But I do wish that your socks is always a bit wet, and your shoes will forever be too small. *A large bang can be heard, almost like someone throwing a tantrum indoors.. the radio goes silent*
  7. "Yellow guy" here. might have a vid of pijkaCZ and the guys filling their pockets to a car. (and some other parts from the red wedding, sadly out of voice range) From my position I only heard steps and no speaking what so ever besides when I tried asking them if they were OK. Did not know at that time that everyone crashed and died. Spotted the kongaline of hostages marshes in. Then later only one hostage taken out. Missed pijkaCZ death part but did not seem like much rp was going on inside there besides the looting.
  8. Regarding trading and being stationary really depends on what you have for trade as stated above. c(: If you trade anything thats "hot", guns, ammo, medical stuff, go with the traveling merchant, or you will wake up with empty tents (or no tents), you can still be fully robbed, but it usually dont hit as hard as ones whole camp being torn down over a night, at least you get RP, and a full inventory is usually easy replaced. That might happen even with non-hot items as well, but the risk for that is lower, and it might be worth it, considering a stationary trade station will be visited, specially if its on a traveled spot, meaning the RP comes to you, good and bad. Example, shoes, hats, and stuff like that wont be emptied out if the thief aint a complete dork, you might miss some RP and lose a few parts here and there while offline, but in general it should stay rather intact (heck some might leave their old shoes behind), and if you are lucky the rumor will spread and people might get interested, resulting, if lucky, in a hotspot that you created, around your store. : ) but be warned, the more popular your shop is, the more questionable people it will attract, if the place stays too popular for long, expect some kind of crazy firefight every now and then. results might vary ofc, but this is the average outcome from my own experience, and others, with running some kind of trade.
  9. Want to thank Taryn for the roleplay today, did not talk so much, add my nervous character that talks too much. heh. Your character had everything Sean needed after seeing a big gunfight, calm, human and interesting.
  10. *radio starts sending with someone heavily breathing* H..h..he..y there.. New person.... on the radio*You can hear him trying to find a rhythm in his breathing* Well I look for all kinds of books really, just fo... *....* ..ecting them, lets call it a start on an archive, and to keep my reasons really short, for future generations so they wont be dumb as rocks. I do not mind trading a book for a boo... *....* ...es not matter heavily on what kind of book it is. I have set up my archive in a rather weird spot... *....* ...ight move it depending on how the neighbors beha... *....* ....e killed each other anyway. If you want to switch books out, head out to the small field south of the Stary-Novy ro... *....* ...sible to miss. I prefer if you at least leave the quantity of books intact as a minimum, any food or whatever el.. *....* ....free to take if you need it. Meeting me while I travel wont help you too much since I try to drop my stock in there whenever I head past it. *He clear his throat* Al...I mean Monroe, that sounds like a plan, cant promise I can make it up to Zub... *....* ...ost my map, but I might find a new one soon. If you travel past Stary or Novy we will probably meet soon enough. Just look for... *....* ...yellow... *....* ...man. Loo.. *....* ...ing... *....* ..forwa.... *Here the radio just go silent for several minutes. One could assume his radio finally broke down*
  11. *the radio comes alive and one can hear some rumble in the background* Hi Allstar.. ale-ishtar.. al.. *....* ..Monroe, is it ok if I call you Monroe? What is so dangerous abo... *the sound of a breaking window can be heard in the background* STAY DEAD! baby jesus, these things.. So, north, is it the wolfs or the humans that are dangerous up there, or is it just a higher den.. *static sound is broadcasted* ..eh dead ones.. *....* candy? *....* I am terribly sorry for all the issu... *....* ..uipment, I will look for a new one as soon as possible, you can see the cables hanging out from this one. *his breathing becomes heavier and one can hear the wind in the background, almost as if hes jogging* What kind of payment are w... *....* ...bout here? if the price is too high it would probably take me ages to find, I mostly just collect whatever I find during my journey for the books. *The radio goes silent, one could guess he is waiting for answers*
  12. *buzzing sound a few times in a row* he..*static* .o.. *....* hel..*more static* come on... *....* piece of...*loud sound of slamming on some kind of wood* There we go! Sorry about that, this freaking thing was caked in mud! Seems to be workign all f.. *....* Hi ho, hope anyone hear me and I don't talk to myself like I always do, My name is Sean and I am looking for a lib..*static* or some kind of...*....* ..ore. So if anyone know the location of any building like that around the country I could.. hm.. maybe pay for that information if needed? Not sure what kind of payment pe... *....* ...ese day... *....* ...ork something out. I am just trying to collect books really, so I am no trader! Anyway, if someone co... *....* ...would love to know the locations of any library. I have been traveling the coast the last.... *....* ...a sign of anything close to it, or human life for that matter, just dead things as long as the eyes can see. I guess people in the big cities aint into reading at... *....* ...st crap in the buildings..
  13. Aw! Then I thank you for the rp we could have, but never had!
  14. Well, moving my tent to a bad spot was the best thing I could do it seems. ended up with people just falling into my little camp and the next thing I know we are having a BBQ and story-time. Will prob miss someone or got someones name wrong, since I am bad with names. Thanks for the RP taterinefield, mr blue, greenysmiley, finn, Fil Vandren , FieJaxon and everyone else! Great break from that constant gunfire from Stary thats been going on for the last couple of days.
  15. Catstyle

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    huh, hard one, since it switch every few years.. Id say Swing Jazz (both new and old stuff), always makes one happy! c(: Worst experience with candy?