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  1. So.. reports missing video-evidence more since this rule was added... Why? Because you do not want to report someone because that might show you breaking the rules as well? Dont you guys see that there is something wrong here to begin with? "We need to remove this rule. if we dont, we cant post reports on stuff..because we dont follow the rules and do not want to get punished for it!" or.. something along that way. If you want more RP this rule should be promoted and forced harder, even if it hard to enforce, there is no way we can control this, we should at least try, it is the same as streamsniping or metagaming in general, it is not always easy or possible to prove, but should we stop enforcing it or trying to keep it in check? Imagine you sitting inside a house in Vyborg, you hear footsteps outside, 2-3 people, they just run around, saying nothing. you sneak after them and watch them loot and do stuff all in silence for ages, the first time you hear someones voice is when they spot you. since they can talk to eachother across town without anyone hearing.(OOC comms) Add this rule and you can probably hear them talk a bit, not only that but you can catch a solo person talk while running around, making you able to sneak up on said person and listen in to the conversation.. (as it would be if ingame radios were used and no comms out of the games were allowed) I got some interesting information on my character while listening in to unsuspected people running around talking in the radio while traveling through towns. You should be careful what you say, someone might be listening.
  2. Only issue I have is that the infected now damage your boots when they hit you, when I was only running across the map I did not have issues with my pristine boots more than that they went worn, but as people have said, worn out so quickly is slightly irritating. I vote to have it high enough so people actually have to change shoes every now and then. (20.000 steps, 5 hours of use could work), or fix them up if they want to keep the same ones. On the good side, this made all the shoeshops on the server cheer heavily.
  3. This makes it sound like stalking.. hunting individual targets instead of enjoying whatever RP comes ones way. or I could just be looking at it wrong.
  4. S1 had a few large camps where half the server-pop (lets pretend at least) were, and if you wanted to rp, you went there, and it becomes kinda clusterfucky and limits the kind of RP you can get. S2 had less queue, more roaming entities in smaller groups, so the rp was a bit different and easier to find outside hotspots, or that is how it felt for me. Now both servers are almost equal at peakhours and both servers fill up rather good, so I guess it change from day to day how the stuff goes. @Wyatt Peavy Sounds like you have a beef with someone that went to S2 hm? considering on how you push on that matter, you should probably take that up with the group/admin to sort it out so there is no hard feelings growing.
  5. @teckleyand @EleniV.. I think? Old man Louise and L. I was about to give up for the night until I ran into both of you, you gave me some great RP, specially considering you two are like day and night compared to eachother. Good luck on Server1 and the trading! // Bald ass guy.
  6. @Zanaan I guess you wish for my POV as well? Jack Sun, Got a really short recording, since I forgot I had it on, I only managed to snag the few seconds befor dying. (the rest is after that... spotify , crying, the usual) Like everyone else said, one got shot while working hard, we hid a bit, trying to figure out if anyone had a beef with anyone or what was really going on, was a bit of traffic and talking at the camp but nothing that I would consider hostile, not to me at least. When it seemed calmer we went to check on the wounded, and I died shortly after. EDIT: Just noticed shadowplay did not record my mic either.. hm
  7. Thanks! You guys will definitely regret this!
  8. No, as long as you have the radio item in your inventory, the communication is allowed <-- I take it as long as you dont have your hands up in the air/restrained etc,, it should be fine with it just in your inventory..wherever that might be, chestrig , pants or whatever.
  9. So, having a radio lets me relay IC information to friends, but without a radio i can still talk bullshit with them, as long as its not related to IC-things in any way?
  10. aint potatoes ingame or is that shit broken? https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Potato guess you could reskin that to get other stuff like carrots etc?
  11. This would make the ingame radio more alive, right now its mostly silent, you rarely hear anything on it. This would also remove the awkward situation where you sneak up on someone, he looks at you without saying a word and all his homies know exactly whats going on. It would not change the outcome of me being surrounded by a group, but it would feel a bit more natural than him using out of game comms to alert his buddies while just silently watch me ingame like a creep.
  12. Thanks for the RP too... what was his name again? A something, Aleksi.. a.. jesus..forgot already. He knew the kid that was in the town as well, named Robbie. (medical guy?). Was nice to travel around Zeleno a bit and just talk a little, sure was loads of activity in that town.
  13. Thanks to Jack (Jackal?) and Merek (Merik/America?) c(: Bit sad it was cut short due to the servercrash but the time we had was fun and I felt we could have had a interesting adventure. Waited ages hoping to find you guys before traveling alone again.
  14. Life have been harsh early on, being birthed outside the system and growing up in a trailer park far out from the rest of the human population gave a bit of basic skills to survive on your own when you have almost nothing and have to go by on what the nature gives. Hiking, living in the nature as much as possible was a way for him to escape the everyday life where people were sniffing glue or gasoline to get some kind of joy from the bitter and ugly life they lived. Jack managed to stay away from that kind of lifestyle more or less. His parents died when he was almost "grown up", even if age did not matter where they lived, drinking themselves to death on some homemade brew that not even the rats would taste, so family and friends are something thats not too natural or familiar. When the world went to hell he felt kind of happy in one way, now everyone would live as he did.. in some way, if you disregard all the death and fear that came with it. He decided to put his skills to good use and help make food for the ones in need, keeping them fed and warm.
  15. *radio comes on with a giggle* Well... considering what I have found today.. we might have banana or peach cake.. Mostly fruit, some powdered milk mixed out.. and.. I could probably grind some tree bark to make it more solid! If you visit tomorrow or in near future, the cake could be something completely else, maybe glue and fishcake? *a soft laughter is broadcastet* It might not be top quality, but when it comes to improvising one could call me a magician!
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