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  1. Glad to hear that, looking forward to our next meetings
  2. Alex Vasnetsov was born on farm next to Guglovo. During his childhood he spent most of his time learning how to operate a farm to be able to take it over from his parents after they won't be no longer able to work on the fields. But it never used to be his cup of tea. After he aged a bit and his 13th birthday passed by, his uncle started to take him hunting. He has fallen in love with that. He loved how the adrenalin kicked in just seconds before the shots were fired. He always felt pity for the dying animal, he never hunted just for sport. Eventually he started borrow a rifle from his uncle and went to hunt alone, just by himself. His family hated this, but the free meat was a nice addition for the family, because they wouldn't be able to buy any. He was selling the skin and made a fortune (in his eyes) to buy his own rifle. It was an old and rusty one, but he learned how to take care of it and mastered the shooting skills - considering his uncle was the only hunter in the area, the competition wasn't tough. Through all those years he spent hunting, he was less and less interested in the farmers life. He felt unique and worthy of something better then just digging in the dirt all day - that's how he called plowing the fields and taking care of the farm. He decided to leave his family and moved to Severograd to live in "better society". It didn't end well, he soon ran out of money and nobody was interested in his hunting skills there. He also realized he is not so great shooter after participating in a local competition shooting. To have at least something to eat, he needed to sell his rifle. But the money vanished too quickly. He was later found by his uncle - Not having a single peny, smelling like a hobo, without a shelter. His family was well aware of the situation. He was offered a chance to get back home and work on the farm. But he was too proud for that. He begged his uncle for some money to start a new life. He took pity of him and provided him something to endure a few more days. That's is the time Alex decided to leave the country and move to Moscow - the only "really big city" he knew. And it was waiting just for him (...so he thought). He was sure he will find many opportunities there. His dream ended 10kms from the border. He was seized by the border patrol (having no passport). He was sentenced to 5 years in jail. But the Russian army was short on people and considering the low budget - they started to bring in convicts - no pay, just food and shelter provided. Alex considered it as a great option and immediately agreed to join. (It is not like he had a choice, but he thought of that as being chosen "for his unique skills". How little he knew.) Although being in the army and especially as convict was no easy job, he kind of loved it in a very special way. He finally felt as a part of something big and important. It allowed him to feel again unique and important. The end of childhood (or childishness in his case): One day he was approached by his superior... he had a smile on his face informing him that he is selected for a very special mission. He had known Alex for a long time, hating this special snowflake child. Alex boarded the military plane in the middle of the night. And how the sunrise was approaching, he started to recognize the land under him. Then he was briefed with his mission: "You know Severograd well, you have the radio here and you will coordinate artillery attacks heading from our side of the border." They all laughed at him, it was supposed to give him a lesson, attacking his homeland. Oh but Alex loved that... he really loved that. Now he finally give the lesson to the city who mistreated him. He was still angry after all those years. Tho hours later he was on the hill near Severograd, giving the artillery one target after another. After on hour he suddenly heard a very well known voice in the radio "Alex, is that you?". He didn't need to think long, he immediately recognized his uncle. His uncle was zeroed in one of the previous artillery attacks, badly wounded and dying. The following conversation tore him apart. Suddenly he recognized what he had done. He started to lose his mind and after few hours he was not able to bare his deeds and lost his consciousness. He awake in the middle of the night, ditched the uniform and got some clothes from the drier from one house near the Severograd. Few hours later he was wandering the city, badly hurt by his artillery attacks (he still seems to be thinking of himself as something special - it was HIS attack) and in his mind he takes responsibility for it. Alex wants to go home really badly, just to hug his mother and cry out all the pain. It feels like salvation in his mind. But he can't find the courage and wanders the area and lives of the forest, he used to be a hunter after all. Several weeks later, he sprinks his ankle and his ability to gather the resources in the woods is greatly reduced. He spents several days threating his injury and in fear of his life, he decides to finally head home. But something doesn't feel right. Although he is avoiding contact with the citizens and travels avoiding the cities and villages, he can spot mindless people just standing in the middle of the fields, villages. He immediately starts thinking about his family and rushes to his home, ignoring the pain. . . . The house looks still the same, childhood memories are kicking in. He can smell his favourite meal in his head. He can see the smiling face of his mother. He rushes into the house crying. . . Blood is dripping of his clothes, knife in his hand. Two bodies on the floor. Two decomposing bodies - his family. . He is considering the suicide but the will to live wins. He hates the world which has done this to him. He hates the world the same as he hates himself. There is nothing certain what he will do next, but the one thing is certain - he is really not right in his mind and only time will show how he will be able to deal with his situation. - Alex passes out drunk.
  3. If it would be based on a really good RP reasons and conversation, I would sacrifice some meat of my character. But that would be the same for any really good RP based story to provide content for the community even it if could end up badly for my character. If it can provide fun to several people (including me) then why the hell not. Considering the gameplay as cannibal group or solo cannibal: using cannibalism on regular basis to justify hostile actions makes not much sense to me. If it is a rare event, it can provide a good content for everyone participating, but if you'd encounter cannibals every 2 hours, you'd be really fed up with that soon.