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  1. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Ford presses the PTT and stares in front of himself a moment, his legs hanging off a rock, dangling. His feet kick idly as he takes in the mountain scenery* "I'd stay away from towns if I was you friend. Unless you're the sort of person who enjoys shooting, trouble, and people you can't reason with. The woods may get lonely, but you're alive. Stay alive. Severograd is one of those places where you can get a drink, trade for some gear, and then get shot 5 minutes out of town. Eddie's a good man, and has good people working with him, but it's a big city. Things happen. Be careful friend. Ford Out." *Releases the PTT and stares at his scuffed boots, realizing one of the laces is fraying badly. He sighs and shakes his head, then picks up the rifle by his side as a wolf howl pierces the evening's silence*
  2. A King is Dead. Part 2. Ezekiel is a dead man. He just doesn't know it yet. I've been roaming the country, looking for him, my ear to the ground, so to speak. I have trusted friends keeping an eye out for him. Any word of his whereabouts are thoroughly checked out and verified. So far, all leads are either incorrect, or end up cold trail. I don't care if he did shoot Hailee and David's attacker. Covering his own tracks more like. We moved camp, Hailee couldn't stand to live there after what happened, and since we can't find Ezekiel King, we aren't safe there if he returns. Last word I heard over radio was that a man fitting his description was in the Lopatino area. There's a castle in that rough area, and maybe the bastard is hiding out somewhere close. I am filled with rage every day. Anger that I let him go. Disgust that I couldn't end him when I had the chance. I had doubts of his guilt. Turns out he was guilty. Turns out he gave up our location to save his own skin. Part of me can't blame him. Then I see the scars on Hailee's back and I realize THAT part of me needs to die. Someone wrongs us...they die. Simple. Sometimes I think Preacher is the only one who actually gets it. Scary thought. Kurt has been contacting me on the radio with tips on where Ezekiel may be hiding out. The man is resourceful, although none of his tips have technically panned out. Sure, I found a camp or two, but they seemed to be abandoned. Took what was useful, then moved on. Kurt tells me things he hears in the cities. Rumors. Whispers. Power might be coming back on. Anarchy is killing innocents. Severograd is falling into shambles. He makes me want to hide. Just say fuck it all and go into the deep woods and live out my days alone. He says fighting is useless, it won't solve anything. Is he a pacifist? Is he a coward? Why do my thoughts always seem to align with his words? A few days went by. Wolves, a few wanderers. No sign or word about Ezekiel King. I'm starting to think maybe he started the rumors of Lopatino and then headed East. I noticed the others watching me when I'm talking to Kurt on the radio. Preach is giving me that "Thinking" look. Hailee looks worried, as always. David keeps grinning. His demeanor is ...mocking? I see him talk with Hailee. She laughs. Why am I jealous? Kurt says that she flirts with men in the cities. Says she fancies big strong men. Men like Black and David. She wouldn't betray me. Would she? How does Kurt hear these things? He calms me down on the radio, tells me to watch them. "No harm in that y'know?" Yes. I know. She's young. She bores easily. I see it. Always wanting to go to the bigger cities. She touches David's arm as they talk. He looks over at me. Deliberate. He smiles and winks. I look down and my hand is on the butt of my glock. I get up and walk away. Kurt is the only one I trust now. He doesn't sugar coat life. He tells me the hard truths. She has moved on. With David....I will go into the woods and look for King. Let them be with each-other. Kurt's right. Alone. I am ALONE.
  3. Bono malum superate

    David, this was very fun to read! Brought me right back. I can almost hear Kurt telling me "I told you so!" Ford may be schizophrenic...but you my friend have real problems see you in game! *Hands over well earned beans* (Also, I really enjoyed the line..."for the rest of your dayz...." Clever bastard.)
  4. Ford and David Screenshots

    Recently Ford and David @darczon69got into a bit of an argument. It ended peacefully...but leading up to it...we almost had a death in our group. We've patched things up somewhat and are moving on. See you in game! (Adding a new journal entry soon detailing what happened!) Ford on left, David on right.
  5. Well written! i actually do enjoy reading 30 min entries, but hey..I'm weird I guess..lol..if you ever write it up like a series of stories, you have me as a reader!
  6. A King is Dead. Part 1. He came to us as a friend. He claimed he just wanted to help. The King lied to us. I should have shot him in the shed. I should have ended his miserable existence then and there. Preacher knew it. David knew it. Even Hailee had her doubts about him. I was blinded by my hope for humanity, my hope that people were good. It all went down yesterday and today. It's my fault. I had returned from fishing and was sitting down to filet the fish I had caught. It was a good catch, four nice carp. A bit oily, but it beats the hell out of beans and apples. Even the wolf steaks were getting a bit tiring. I finished cleaning the fish and prepared to dry them. Drying is a popular method among people in the wild, according to Mason, perhaps because it doesn’t require equipment or a large supply of salt. Properly dried fish should keep for up to two months...or so he said.. Steps include: Clean and fillet the fish, slicing it into thin quarter-inch strips. Hang the strips out to dry in the hot sun with thread or thin wire. We used fishing line. After 12 hours, the strips should develop a dried protective coating but the insides will dry more slowly over time. Bring the fish in at night to avoid dew. Once dried, fish can be carried on your person and eaten at any time, in soups, or just like jerky. So after I finished hanging the fish up, I decided to take a small nap outside under a tree. I propped myself up against the tree and set my shotgun across my lap. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, pushing thoughts of the previous day from my mind. Getting grabbed in the woods, shoved in a car with another man and driven south. Thank God I escaped and found a radio. Hailee and David came and picked me up, brought me home. We need to leave this place. I hate the idea, but they'll come back here eventually. They'll realize after searching that I must have come back. I had just started to drift off when I heard a scream. I thought I was dreaming, and then the scream pierced the air again. Hailee. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed my shotgun. I looked down at it, then dropped it on the ground, pulling my sidearm instead. I ran for the house, then crouched by the door to the kitchen, my hand on the knob. I heard a voice inside, not David. Not Preacher. Not Hailee. Not King. His voice was muffled, but he seemed to be threatening Hailee, and she was giving him names. Fake names. Not ours. I turned the doorknob slowly, and peeked into the kitchen. Clear. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me. "Who is there? Come out with your hands up, or this pretty little thing gets a bullet in her Fucking skull!" No way in hell was I revealing myself. He'd shoot us both, or her, or me, and we'd both be dead. For Hailee's sake, I had to stay where I was. "Do you hear me? I said come out! I will kill her, I swear it!!" I paused and then lowered my voice, creating a batman like voice, and in another situation, it may have made me laugh, but I had to make sure Hailee didn't recognize my voice and try and make me leave, to save myself. "GET OUT OF HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, WE HAVE THE PLACE SURROUNDED! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN IF YOU DON'T!!" "WHO IS THAT? I SAID WHO WAS THAT?!" Hailee cried out, "I don't know, I don't know!" Good. Fooled her and hopefully made this asshole think twice. Hailee cried out in pain again, and the man laughed coldly. "Maybe I just kill you. Your friend told me where to find you." "Who told you?" She cried out, and I heard a brief struggling inside the bedroom. So that's where he was, and he had her in there with him. How was I going to lure him out, what the fuck was I going to do? "King. He tell me where to find you, he brought me right here!" No. He wouldn't. He...we trusted him. Shit. Never again. I'll kill the asshole. Hailee cried out again, whether from some unknown hurt the man was inflicting on her, or the realization that Ezekiel King had betrayed us. Suddenly I heard David, he must have been down in the village and just returned home. His footsteps were outside the front door. "Hailee? Hailee, what's going on?" "NO! David! Get out of here!" she cried out. "NO you don't! Get your ass in here or the pretty girl gets a knife in her back! I'll do it!" David's footsteps paused outside and I could sense him realizing the predicament. He called out "Don't hurt her, I'm coming in. My hands are empty. Don't hurt her!" He opened the front door and closed it behind him, then opened the door to the kitchen. His eyes widened when he saw me crouched by the kitchen cabinets, gun in hand. I held a finger to my lips and nodded at the door. He nodded and took a step towards the door to the bedroom. "I'm coming in! I am unarmed!" "Hurry up and close the fucking door!" The next few minutes were a sweaty, muffled blur. David pleading with the assailant, Hailee's sobs and cries for mercy. The man laughing with glee as he tormented them, cut Hailee, cut David. I heard their cries and could do nothing. If I charged the door, he'd shoot them. If I tried to go outside and shoot him through the window, he could hear me and kill them..or capture me too. I could only hope David could lure him out somehow....
  7. -User was Cautioned for this post-
  8. Wednesday Woke up early and was careful not wake the others in camp. Headed towards the river to get some early morning fishing in. Beautiful morning. Quiet and a bit of dew on the grass, looked like beaded glass. Found a nice spot and settled in. We had a talk about Eddie's @Eddie Sorellanew location last night. I like the man. He has guts, I'll give him that. I wouldn't want to be in charge of so many people...and in so public a place...But we decided we won't be returning anytime soon. Not after the encounter in town that David @darczon69 and Hailee @Sophie barely managed to survive. So we'll stay at camp. Rebuild and strengthen the fences, collect ammo and food. Just take it easier. Keep quiet. Maybe things will settle eventually. Hope the truck works out for Eddie and Alexa.
  9. Drunks and the Wise Man
  10. Bono malum superate

    Indeed. I will have to stay away from wolves. I had not realized how often I was in trouble..lol That was hard to read, mostly because you documented our pain so well, but mostly because now, at least OOC I know you have feelings for her. If Ford ever finds out, that could be trouble...and after reading that entry...I'm rooting for you...that's a strange feeling to have... *stands, clapping slowly, then faster and faster*
  11. *scrawled in small, messy writing, Ford writes this at night, his neck bandaged and Hailee asleep next to him in the bed. David is in the other room with Preacher, and Ford's neck throbs with pain* I told her I loved her. No. I yelled it AT her. I swore and ranted and raved like a lunatic. Is this love? Is this forever? Have I gone mad? I watched through my rifle's scope as they approached the figures in the rain. I wiped water from my face and squinted at them through my gun, my eagle eye, my far-sight. All is well is one hand raised, all is hell is two. I watch with nervous trepidation. My breathing is bellowing in my ears. I can't block it out. She raises a hand. I should go to her, we...we, Preacher and I should go to them. See who it is. I don't want to. I'm furious. She never listens. Never learns. Death looms close and I can feel it's cold breath on my neck. Nothing lasts, the bottom falls out. I should leave, should run, screaming through the woods before telling her I love her, need her. Instead I climb the ladder down to the ground and look at Preacher. "We're all dead." I say to him. Does he hear my words? A nod, barely perceptible. The rain is relentless. Days have passed and yet I keep reliving this day. The pain. The horror, the fear. The Unknown. I don't want her spirit diminished. I don't want the seeds of fear and hate to plant themselves in her heart, and yet...and yet...I myself keep trying to plant them myself. Water and nurture them until she's as cold as the rest of us are. Preacher hides it well. He's a killer. David is kind and a healer, but it's a cover. All doctors play at God. They lust after the feeling of power. Life and death in their hands. She yelled at me. I walked away into the mists of my mind. Alone I trekked across a field of dead roses. The smell was inviting. "Join us" they call. To lie down and be dead. To stop fighting the inevitable. A light in the darkness. I open my eyes and I see her walking towards me, arms outstretched. Inviting, calling me home. Scolding and begging. She berates me for my sins. I made her worry. I was gone. Why did I want to leave her? David and Preacher wander the deserts looking for me. They are watchmen of the human race. I, a mere child, sullen and skulking. I tell her that I love her, that is why I worry, why I must make her strong, to survive the dead, to survive me. She lashes out. She doesn't want to let the darkness in. She wants to fly. I want to be with her. Why must love be so fleeting. It's like a high. You must crash eventually. Love is a roller coaster. We kiss. I am beyond words. I want to tell her I'll be her forever. She is a beacon of light in a tunnel of nothingness. A bright flash of sound. We cower and hide. Father has come home and he is angry. We yell. Father is angry because we let him wander and now David is lost. We must find David. David is fighting atop a tower. He throws thunder down at his enemies and the dead pile up at the feet of the tower. We must go home, but home is gone. Everything we built, the trust and the love is gone. Where shall we go? Must love have such high a price? Preacher is a liar. Preacher is a liar...
  12. Explosions and Dancing Women We were looking across the airstrip, trying to get a lay of the land before running over to the hangars, when a muffled explosion rocked the ground and made us drop to the ground, weapons drawn and bodies shaking. "What the fuck was that?" I whispered, laying flat on the ground, nose pressed into the dirt. Hailee shook her head and mouthed something, I'm not sure what. I looked over at David and Preacher. David had his rifle up and was scanning the airfield, trying to locate the source of the sound, and Preacher was laying next to him. I noticed with vague unease that he (Preacher) didn't seem scared. Worried, but not the shivering, unnerved mess that I was. I thought again that he was either a tough old bastard, or maybe hardened by some unknown training. We slowly got to our feet after a few moments of silence, and took a few steps forward, keeping ourselves hidden in the bushes at the edge of the landing strip. David muttered quietly "Where are they...where...?" I opened my mouth to suggest heading home, or maybe just go somewhere else, when another explosion ripped through the silence. We dove behind the bushes, and this time Hailee shrieked, clapping her hand over her mouth. I raised my rifle and this time we spotted it. Smoke, coming from a hangar, and we also saw a woman, dancing in the rain. "The hell is that bitch doing?" Preacher hissed. I Looked over at him, even in this moment, the fear and stress...I couldn't believe the language Preacher had been using these days. We watched the woman for a minute, trying to determine what she was doing. Dancing, and waving her hands in the air. I thought I spotted another figure in the hangar, but I wasn't sure. Hailee, meanwhile, had been watching the hangar intently through her binoculars and suddenly exclaimed aloud "It's her!! Quinn!! It's Quinn you guys!" I squinted and looked back through my scope. How she was able to see that far so clearly, is beyond me. I shook my head. "Even if it is her...we can't risk going down there. Why the hell is she throwing grenades, and how STUPID is she? She's going to bring all the zombies in the area right to her." Hailee stared at me, rain running down the brim of her hat, she wiped at her cheeks before replying. "What if she's in trouble? What if she's hurt and trying to get attention? We can't just leave her there, We KNOW her. David likes her!" I couldn't believe this woman. I couldn't believe it. What the hell was she thinking? We have met Quinn twice. TWICE. That is not knowing someone. "I don't care if she's carrying his kid! We are not running up to someone who is tossing grenades around! We have to keep ourselves safe!" I ran my hands through my hair, then shook it, the rain flying everywhere, then put my hat back on. "We are leaving. Now." I turned to go, Preacher nodding, agreeing with me, but David and Hailee stood there, adamant. She crossed her arms and stared at me. "We are not leaving. We are going to help her. What happened to you Ford? You used to want to help people. You used to be good to people who needed help." I shook my head at her. No. Not after what Preacher said. He was right. Helping people is dangerous and stupid. Naive. I had to keep us safe. Us. We can't risk our lives for strangers. We just can't. I told her as much. We fought, argued. Ben Preacher and I wanted to leave. David and Hailee wanted to stay, try and help (if possible) whoever, Quinn, whoever...God. I gave up. I couldn't fight anymore, I couldn't convince her to see things my way. "Fine! Go! Take David and go see what the fuck is going on. Preacher and I will stay here and watch your back." *points at lookout tower* "I'll watch from up there. Shit." I ignored the look on her face and started climbing the ladder, as she and David started jogging across the tarmac. Preacher cursed and crouched in the bushes, watching the airfield with his binoculars.....
  13. Heartache and Revelations I've been watching Preacher for some time now. I don't think he's noticed, or at least I hope he hasn't. There's something off about him, something I think he wants to keep hidden. From us for sure, maybe even from himself. His temper has been growing shorter and shorter these last few days. His profanity has been, shocking, to say the least, considering he's a priest, and the way he's spoken to us...AT us...it's a bit alarming. I've started to wonder if there's something in his history...Perhaps he was something different than he claims, before all this. Maybe he was a teacher, some sort of management. I have no idea. Hell, maybe he's actually military and is part of this somehow, an agent to watch the fall of humanity. Watching to see how his virus kills us all off, one by one. Fuck. That was dark. Best not ever let him read this journal. We got up in the morning and were actually having a nice morning. Steak and eggs with a bit of pepper chopped in them. There was a chicken at the house when we first settled here and I took the liberty of building an impromptu coop for it the first day, in hopes of eggs. Glad I did that. Not sure many folks enjoy eggs and steak during the apocalypse, but we do. I'm hoping to find another chicken in one of the towns and bring it back sometime to increase our yield of eggs. Hailee and David are poking through the tents as usual, rearranging things and arguing about placement of weapons, food and such. The idle chatter is soothing, like a family during it's day together. Preacher has been taking walks behind the house, and I think he's been doing his broadcasts out there. There's a hunting tower/shack out there at the edge of the woods and I think he climbs up there for solitude, and perhaps to feel closer to God. Myself, I've been tinkering with the engine of our truck, trying to tune it and make it run smoother, get the sputtering to at least mellow out. I am crippled with the lack of tools and have been toying with the idea of returning to the Vybor area, more specifically the airfield, where I hope some tools may have been left behind. Most people go there for ammo and leftover gear, and the tools (If any) should still be there, abandoned and forgotten. So they all agreed to join me on this little outing. Vybor should be pretty quiet since the King's Men left for Pogorevka. We had heard someone on the radio by the name of Ling Long..Lane Long..? Not sure, but the voice claimed to be a trader. Maybe we'll find them on our way. The trip to the airfield was uneventful, the weather taking a turn for the worse as we arrived, the rain smattering down on us and forcing us to take shelter to change into our rain gear. We checked a few barracks and found a few spare rounds, deciding to head across the airstrip to check the big hangars, when it all went to hell...
  14. Bono malum superate

    Just....Wow...the fact that your story matches mine as events overlap is amazing. Very well written and if I could give more beans, I would. I love your pictures and the fact that we now learn why you haven't returned. I felt your pain as you fought the addiction. Damned good job. Ford out.
  15. Can anyone hear me?

    *Ford reaches across the table from where he had fallen asleep, his head in his arms and grabs his radio, pausing to clear his throat and presses the PTT* "Ah.. Shit, I don't mean to discard the last transmission, but do not, I repeat do not go to Pogorevka unless you are looking for trouble. Been some shootings and a bit of bad business there lately..." *Pauses to shake his head, clearing the cobwebs and then continues* There's a bar..um..Pub of sorts in the area, and that was relatively safe...as safe as places can be these days. I'd suggest Lopatino, there's a trade camp there...ah...I think...but unless you can handle yourself, I'd steer clear of Pogorevka...been some weird people passing thru lately. If you need help or supplies, or hell, just someone to talk to, I'm a bit laid up from an injury, but I'm within a mile or so of Lopatino." *The radio goes silent for almost 2 minutes before coming to life again* "Just let me know if..if you need anything....and David...Hailee...I don't know if you're monitoring the channels but...come home...we need you here." "Ford out." *Ford would stare at the radio in his hands, and listen to the static, trying to will his friends to say something. Anything. His face was haggard, worry and weariness etching lines on his cheeks and his eyes looking bruised, bags under his eyes. He set the radio down carefully, then slammed a fist against the wood table. And again. "Damn it David. Damn it."