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  1. Dropped out of college to be a phlebotomist, Elliot Case worked a few odd jobs in his early 20's to pay the bills and to save for a house. He landed a job at Maclure's cab company and stayed there for three years before applying and receiving a job at St. Paul's Hospital/Teck Emergency Center as an ambulance driver. At the time of the outbreak, he had been on a flight to Europe to visit friends. The plane set down in Chernarus due to engine problems. Elliot was overrun by people panicking on the tarmac and ended up getting knocked to the ground by a large man wielding a bat and screaming something about the dead. He blacked out....and when Elliot awoke, it was dark and the plane was gone...He found his luggage nearby in the ditch, open and torn through. All his clothes and his phone/wallet were gone. He made his way into a shelter and found a medic's coat on the ground. it being a chilly night, and suffering from a possible concussion, Case put it on and looked for anyone who could tell him what the heck was going on....
  2. Obviously not as great as the videos...but I found another. That's TWO cars floating in Kras.
  3. No wonder I can't find any cars...I never look up!!
  4. *Ford presses his PTT button and his raspy voice comes softly over the airwaves* "I'm at my hunting tower Wolfsbane. I haven't seen anyo..*coughs harshly* "Damn that hurt...I haven't seen anyone out this way, so either they went by the road, or headed west. I'd like to talk to you about an option....*Transmission garbles* "And maybe we can finally catch this ....*Transmission cuts out again* "Meet me at my shack, if you want to discuss this further." *Transmission cuts out completely*
  5. Five shots to the stomach...you are seriously lucky to be alive...lol...Damn. Looking forward to reading more. ?
  6. I've seen other servers with paved bridges going to prison island with car pileups on them...so it is possible. I'd like ways of getting stuff to the islands ?
  7. This is a really well put together diary. I am enjoying it very much. Keep up the good work ? Can't wait to see where you end up next.
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