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  1. Obviously not as great as the videos...but I found another. That's TWO cars floating in Kras.
  2. No wonder I can't find any cars...I never look up!!
  3. *Ford presses his PTT button and his raspy voice comes softly over the airwaves* "I'm at my hunting tower Wolfsbane. I haven't seen anyo..*coughs harshly* "Damn that hurt...I haven't seen anyone out this way, so either they went by the road, or headed west. I'd like to talk to you about an option....*Transmission garbles* "And maybe we can finally catch this ....*Transmission cuts out again* "Meet me at my shack, if you want to discuss this further." *Transmission cuts out completely*
  4. Five shots to the stomach...you are seriously lucky to be alive...lol...Damn. Looking forward to reading more. ?
  5. I've seen other servers with paved bridges going to prison island with car pileups on them...so it is possible. I'd like ways of getting stuff to the islands ?
  6. The Ford

    Amy's Notebook

    This is a really well put together diary. I am enjoying it very much. Keep up the good work ? Can't wait to see where you end up next.
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