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  1. *Ford smiled as he heard his old friend and teacher on the radio. It had been some time since he had last heard or seen the man. So much had happened in the intervening weeks that he almost thought he should let old ghosts be and just be happy in the knowledge that Mason still lived. Curiosity, however, did not just kill the fabled cat, but the human race as well. Ford picked up his radio and pressed the PTT, pausing before speaking.* "Mason do you copy? This is Ford. I repeat, this is Ford. It's good to hear you're still choking on all this fresh air. I thought perhaps you found your way to somewhere safer or more populated. If you'd like to catch up, maybe have a bit of fish or steak, jaw about what's been happening, just let me know. I'll stay on this channel for a while. Battery seems strong. Either way...." *There is silence for a few seconds as Ford clears his throat* "Damn glad you're okay." "Ford out." *Transmission ends*
  2. .................... *Sound of static and then a bit of silence* "Michael O'Neill. I'm looking for Michael O'Neill. Been a day or so since I last spoke with you. I just wanted to say that I'm still in *burst of static* "Damn this shit radio. Hold on, going to try...." *more silence* "I'll be in the city for the next few days. I hope you're still around. We should talk." "This is Ford."
  3. Merle Lawson is a simple man with simple tastes. He likes guns, dogs, and beer. He ran his own gun store back in Arlington, Texas called "The Bullet Bag" He came to Chernarus early on in the infection's outbreak with a small group of military personnel. He had an old friend in the army who agreed to bring him over as a "consultant" when in fact he came to shoot these things. Shoot 'em dead, shoot 'em cold. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to rifles and small firearms. He can take a small bit of ammo and his wits and survive for days in the wild. If anyone's surviving this shit...it's Lawson.
  4. The Ford

    Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    *Aegis looks up from cleaning his sword and smiles* "Quite the popular Preacher now isn't he?" *Chuckles* "Well, at least his sermons don't put me to sleep as fast as some have in the past..." *goes back to sipping his coffee and cleaning his sword*
  5. *Aegis presses the PTT and begins speaking* "Sorry Miss, not sure who you're trying to reach, but unless someone else is using this frequency, you've got the wrong man. Good to know someone is hearing my broadcast though. We're all hoping someone hears us...and I hear you. Are you alright? You're not alone." *.......Transmission Ends........*
  6. *Aegis sets his bit of leather down, it is slowly taking shape, a scabbard. He nods at the craftsmanship and smiles, his old mentor would be pleased. He then reaches across the floor near his feet, past his sword, past a small black book that is worn, and dog-eared, to his backpack and takes out his radio. He holds it and fiddles with the knobs, finding a quiet channel. He takes a swig of water, then clears his throat, pressing the PTT button* "This is to whoever is finding themselves alone, forgotten, in despair. You are not alone. All across this country, no...the world... there are pockets of survivors. Clusters of humanity that are struggling through the same hardships as you. They fight the same war that you fight. The war on the dead. The skirmishes against cutthroats and bandits. They claw and struggle every day for food, for water, for life. To see the light of dawn come over the mountains and shine on their face. We are all fighting for something. A constant battle to hold onto some scrap of your old life. You are not alone. *Pauses and takes another drink of water* "We have all lost something, and someone. Some of us have lost everything, and everyone. This does not mean that your life is over. Keep breathing. Keep fighting to survive. There is still a great war coming. The Living and the Dead are fighting to be heirs of this world, and we need everyone. We cannot keep fighting among ourselves. We must band together, we must set aside petty differences and stand together! We are outnumbered 1000 to 1 and yet we can prevail! We have our wits, and each-other! We can Stand. We can Fight. We can Survive. You are not alone." *..............Transmission Ends..................*
  7. Aegis Arkan led a disappointing and unfulfilling life. He never finished college, and never held down a job for more than one or two years. At most. On his 29th birthday he managed to land a job at "Yellow Door Taxi" and found it to his liking. He enjoyed cruising the city of his youth, hauling people to their destinations, and having minimal interaction with his boss. The road was his. His cab brought him the little human interaction he desired, and if he was completely honest, their little stories and tidbits he learned from them intrigued and entertained him. With the fall of civilization, and the ensuing chaos that inevitably followed, Aegis wandered from military outposts to survivors colonies. He traded vehicle work for food and ammunition and life didn't actually change that terribly much for him. Human interaction was even less. It was a world made new...ish..and it was to his liking. Around two months after the fall of Minneapolis, the military began rounding up recruits for a mission to Chernarus. His mechanic skills were to be put to use as the U.S began deploying troops into the country. Upon arriving their convoy was attacked by "The Biters" or "Zeke" The undead overran the convoy and tore thru the troops, eating and killing with relentless and tireless energy. A feeding frenzy ensued and Aegis found himself alone in the woods near the shore, running for his life in a strange country, his wits and his will to carry him thru whatever lay ahead. His new mission, after falling in with "The Preacher's" crowd, and finding his new brother "Gladius" is to save humanity, even from itself, and to put to death the undead, and the sinners alike.
  8. Shame you can't get the video on here...it was an epic fight with those infected...
  9. *Ford would press the PTT and listen to the silence for a moment, then begin talking* "Civilization is in ruin, scattered across the globe, the remnant of the human race now finds itself fighting to survive day to day...and yet..." *pauses and stares at the forest below the ridge he's been at the last few days, his campfire still crackling, the smell of cooked rabbit still clinging to the evening air* "This isn't something new...even in places like England...America...Japan...there always were people who dealt with the same struggles we now face daily. Where does the next meal come from? Clean water? Fighting to survive is nothing new, humanity for the most part simply forgot...we forgot the real struggles. Cushioned and coddled by our homes and jobs and mortgages. Indoor plumbing. Electricity. Toilet paper. Fast food. Television. Once these have been stripped away, once we have been laid bare, reduced to our basic instincts and needs, then. Then we'll see who the true survivors are. The chosen to inherit the earth. Guns...vehicles...they'll fade away slowly...the Stone Age lurks in the darkness of our failings. A world of mystery and learning, where men and women will have to relearn what we once knew. We've been given a chance to remake the world. We are the Future." *sighs and shakes his head* "Getting morbid is what I'm doing..." *presses the PTT once more* "Ford out."
  10. *Ford presses the PTT and stares in front of himself a moment, his legs hanging off a rock, dangling. His feet kick idly as he takes in the mountain scenery* "I'd stay away from towns if I was you friend. Unless you're the sort of person who enjoys shooting, trouble, and people you can't reason with. The woods may get lonely, but you're alive. Stay alive. Severograd is one of those places where you can get a drink, trade for some gear, and then get shot 5 minutes out of town. Eddie's a good man, and has good people working with him, but it's a big city. Things happen. Be careful friend. Ford Out." *Releases the PTT and stares at his scuffed boots, realizing one of the laces is fraying badly. He sighs and shakes his head, then picks up the rifle by his side as a wolf howl pierces the evening's silence*
  11. A King is Dead. Part 2. Ezekiel is a dead man. He just doesn't know it yet. I've been roaming the country, looking for him, my ear to the ground, so to speak. I have trusted friends keeping an eye out for him. Any word of his whereabouts are thoroughly checked out and verified. So far, all leads are either incorrect, or end up cold trail. I don't care if he did shoot Hailee and David's attacker. Covering his own tracks more like. We moved camp, Hailee couldn't stand to live there after what happened, and since we can't find Ezekiel King, we aren't safe there if he returns. Last word I heard over radio was that a man fitting his description was in the Lopatino area. There's a castle in that rough area, and maybe the bastard is hiding out somewhere close. I am filled with rage every day. Anger that I let him go. Disgust that I couldn't end him when I had the chance. I had doubts of his guilt. Turns out he was guilty. Turns out he gave up our location to save his own skin. Part of me can't blame him. Then I see the scars on Hailee's back and I realize THAT part of me needs to die. Someone wrongs us...they die. Simple. Sometimes I think Preacher is the only one who actually gets it. Scary thought. Kurt has been contacting me on the radio with tips on where Ezekiel may be hiding out. The man is resourceful, although none of his tips have technically panned out. Sure, I found a camp or two, but they seemed to be abandoned. Took what was useful, then moved on. Kurt tells me things he hears in the cities. Rumors. Whispers. Power might be coming back on. Anarchy is killing innocents. Severograd is falling into shambles. He makes me want to hide. Just say fuck it all and go into the deep woods and live out my days alone. He says fighting is useless, it won't solve anything. Is he a pacifist? Is he a coward? Why do my thoughts always seem to align with his words? A few days went by. Wolves, a few wanderers. No sign or word about Ezekiel King. I'm starting to think maybe he started the rumors of Lopatino and then headed East. I noticed the others watching me when I'm talking to Kurt on the radio. Preach is giving me that "Thinking" look. Hailee looks worried, as always. David keeps grinning. His demeanor is ...mocking? I see him talk with Hailee. She laughs. Why am I jealous? Kurt says that she flirts with men in the cities. Says she fancies big strong men. Men like Black and David. She wouldn't betray me. Would she? How does Kurt hear these things? He calms me down on the radio, tells me to watch them. "No harm in that y'know?" Yes. I know. She's young. She bores easily. I see it. Always wanting to go to the bigger cities. She touches David's arm as they talk. He looks over at me. Deliberate. He smiles and winks. I look down and my hand is on the butt of my glock. I get up and walk away. Kurt is the only one I trust now. He doesn't sugar coat life. He tells me the hard truths. She has moved on. With David....I will go into the woods and look for King. Let them be with each-other. Kurt's right. Alone. I am ALONE.
  12. David, this was very fun to read! Brought me right back. I can almost hear Kurt telling me "I told you so!" Ford may be schizophrenic...but you my friend have real problems see you in game! *Hands over well earned beans* (Also, I really enjoyed the line..."for the rest of your dayz...." Clever bastard.)