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  1. HAHAHAHA! cant wait to bring him back! I have so many characters with their own voices! hopefully youll run into Bernie soon! miss ya Malthis
  2. until

    will this be streamed/recorded/posted?
  3. * Wade nervously presses on the PTT Button* "H-h-hey there, my name is Wade, and I am an EMT. A-a-a-re you sssstill in M-m-mogilevka? I have been looking for a place to go and help. H-h-hello?" *Wade releases the PTT*
  4. IGN: Wade Wiskitzowitz Country: USA English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: none DayZ Standalone Experience: 575 hours Roleplaying Experience: Minimal, been whitelisted on ProphecyRP for a few months now. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Helper/Supporter Have you been in any clan/group previously: small clans in other games Additional notes: Looking for UN group or military unit to join Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: Wade Wiskitzowitz, age 27, United Nations Combat Medic stationed in Chernarus. Suffers from a severe case of PTSD and extreme paranoia after a 3 day battle at the Northwest Airfield only to watch as his entire unit is eaten alive. He survived by hiding in the Air Traffic Control tower for 2 more days, with only one bottle of water and 2 cans of peaches available. Wade was born in Chicago, with one older brother, Mark, and one younger sister, Julia. and was working as an EMT before he joined the Military. Wade's father David was also in the Military and fought in the Vietnam War. Wade was never the bravest, smartest, or strongest Wiskitzowitz, but wanted to make his father proud, so he enlisted. His mother Maria, however. did not approve of Wade's decision to enlist. This caused much inner conflict within Wade, leaving him wondering if he made the right choice. Wade doesn't like wolves or powdered milk. Wade has combat medical training and military fire arms training. He wants to continue to help save lives however he can, but the noises and voices he hears can often paralyze him with fear. Are these the voices of his fallen unit, whispers from the dead, or maybe it's all just in Wade's head.
  5. "Any UN Personnel, please respond..." "I repeat.. any UN Personnel, PLEASE RESPOND!" "This is Wade Wiskitzowitz. I am the lone survivor of my unit, Stationed at NWAF, I need assistance." "Anyone?! PLEASE RESPOND!"
  6. I went to the Safe Zone, North of Severograd and just north of the Quarry. The safe zone was open, but I didn't see anyone there. I was expecting some guards, or workers with trader tents or something. Is that not what it is? or is it just a designated safe place for players to meet up? just wondering. thanks!
  7. Hey dude!! Good to see you too, i see you have been playing some other games on Twitch. I figured id jump over here and check out this server too! I think my character is really gonna push me. hope to see you later!
  8. Hey what's up? I am the Bone Man. Entertainer, Promoter, Producer, and Battle Rapper I'm a little new to RP, been playing on ProphecyRP for a couple months. Really having fun. I have video editing skills and love making content for communities. I just tried to play on the server, and was kicked for not having an 'Active Character' or it can't be publicly viewed. Not sure what that means. ill poke around in some FAQs and see what i can find. but any help is appreciated! My characters original name is too big: Wade Wiskitzowitz. so i may have to shorten it...
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