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  1. Link Slaughter

    The Club [MMA Event - Continuation Event]

    This looks very interesting!
  2. Yo! I'm Link, new around here. I've just recently got back into both RP & DayZ, so i though why not do it here? Met many interesting people over my hours in-game, and cannot wait till i meet more. Excellent staff team, love it here already! Regards Link
  3. As a close witness to the outbreak, seeing his older brother killing his mother straight infront of his eyes, Link is a individual with a dark past, with issues that is unfixable. He was always a good person. Growing up in Norway, doing great at school, always good grades, and many friends. He didn't have any issues, till his brother broke his heart. His father left him at a age of 12, and didn't care much about his sons. When he turned 19, stright after his first year in the Norwegian Army, he decided to move. Long away from his past. With no contact with his brother, witch was currently in prison, nor friends witch he grew up with. He decided to move to Chernarus, for a clean and new start. He always liked the woodlands. He loves exploring the unknown woodlands till he learns them like the back of his hand. Skipping forward to the second week of the outbreak. He is currently 22 years old, and lives in Shakhovka. When the army started to fail, Link decided to move his housing to up north, to be sure he wouldn't be caught in the crossfire of the Army & infected, to a small town called Tisy. He never served in the Chernarussian Military, as he had enough from the army back in Norway, but he did know all the useful information he learned back from his time in the Army. He always spent his time in the woods gathering food & supplies to keep healthy and warm. Often feeling lonely, he knew he needed to find someone else to live with, he didnt know how much longer he could take being alone.