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  1. Have some beanz... youre hungry....
  2. Just a good Friend of Peg's. lol
  3. Youre a God among men... thank you good sir.
  4. Ok, so when i made my character James O'Shaunessy... i didnt take into account there isnt enough space for my full name on DayZ. so.. how do i edit it and Fix it to Read James Oshauney?
  5. Hows it going everyone! New to the Server, Wanted to say hello and i hope i get to meet some Awesome Rpers and Stories!
  6. Born on a Frosty Morning on the 18 of Feb the year 1987 of our lord, To his Mother Mary Leeann O'Shaunessy and Ronald James O'Shaunessy In their farm house in the small Civil War Historic town of Gettysburg in the CommonWealth of Pennsylvania, He was an average farm boy working when not at school in the fields. An only child he felt the need to serve his country in 2007 at the age of 20 he joined the United States Marine Corps. as a LAAD Gunner (Low Altitude Air Defense), Being deployed in 2010 to Iraq he saw combat Surface to Air and Gun fights breaking out all over the Providences, Being wounded in the leg was sent to Germany For recovery and Shipped back home taking a Post as a Desk Sgt. Living out his Career until 2015 he left the Corp To pursue a career traveling on Over seas Cargo Ships as a Private Security Contractor protecting against Pirates and other Threats. He had only been working on a Cargo Ship For almost a year. Being Prior Military Sgt. James O'Shaunessy was a U.S. Marine Veteran,Wanting to quench his thirst for Adventure he got a Security job on the Vessel not having any Family to speak of, never married nor Fathering any Children it was perfect for him. The night of the 24th a Storm had pushed the Vessel off course a few Miles off the coast of Chernarus, James Ran to the Wheel Bridge to get a better idea of where they were and what the plan for getting back on Course was. He was told by the MidShipmans That their only Choice for Survival in the Storm was to being her aground of a beach to the west and wait for help to arrive from the country. His Job was to Protect the Cargo has they made landfall and talk with any locals. James had a Bad Feeling about this, he had seen alot of military jets flying in and out of the country all with different Distinctions. Some Russian and some he had never seen before. He went to his State room and Gathered up his AK Rifle and His Side arm, grabbing Civilians clothes to Blend in a little with the public if he were to make any contact, he thought if i need to i will bring an pair of his Black Cargo pants and Jacket no knowing that the Tempeture there would be at night. he grabbed his Brown hat his Dad wore and put it on and made his way to the bridge as he watched the crew bring he ship into the shore. As they came in the seas got Rougher and Rougher smacking the bow with much more Force with the wind blowing across their beam, She tossed and rolled and was his by a rouge wave bringing James off his Feet landing him into the Bulk head. He woke up on the ground his head Aching from the smack he had taken. he opened his eyes looking around the sun was shining from the bridge windows. Sitting up James ran his fingers through his hair and over his body looking for any Wounds, he noticed not a soul was around, the Ship had taken severe damage, James looked around for his gear but it was all gone. He had only the clothes on his back as he made his way down the ladders and Stairs to the beach, He sighed softly and made his way to his new hopefully temporary home.
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