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  1. Some kids grow up dreaming of becoming astronauts or football players. Alan grew up wanting to be a marine and from a young age, that's all he knew. His parents were both in the service, which meant Alan would spend a lot of time at Marine Corp bases. He learned the basic rules and regulations at only age 10, and started to develop his own pseduo-marine training methods based off the real thing he saw every day. Needless to say, at the age of eighteen, he enlisted. Boot camp, twelve weeks of what Alan could only describe as hell on earth, readied his mind and body for the trials and tribulations ahead. He graduated it on the 10th, by the 17th he was loaded out with a squad in Elektro. Since their was no official reports, no one really knows what happened to his 8 man team that day. Another squad sent to investigate found Marine remains left all around the street, although it is hard to believe any survived bloody foot prints were spotted leading into the forest.