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  1. Wish I knew everyone's names from last night so I could tag them here, but I had a blast with The District in the hostage situation just outside of Kab Thanks boys! @Ryan Shepherd Also, to the people I ran with earlier that day @Lyca's character and her brother, @lukaszxe and everyone else, thank you all for the awesome RP
  2. Specklezzz

    For the people I lost in the forest

    *Melanie Presses her PTT to respond, releasing a soft sigh of relief * "Alright... i'll start heading that way.. I'm not far so it shouldn't take me long to get there... and no I never did hear anything from those men we met yesterday..." *She released her PTT and left the radio on as she began her trek*
  3. Specklezzz

    For the people I lost in the forest

    *Melanie yawned and sat up, flipping her radio on, she pressed down on her PTT speaking in a somewhat groggy voice* "Hello... is there anyone on this frequency that can hear me? Alex are you there?... If you offer still stands please say something... " *She released her PTT, waiting patiently for a response*
  4. Specklezzz

    For the people I lost in the forest

    *Melanie closes the battery case of her newly obtained radio, sending a silent prayer skyward as she flips it on hoping the battery she'd just found wasn't dead. the radio came to life in her hands and she heard a familiar voice come through* "Alex.... this is Melanie... I'm sorry I lost you.. one minute you were standing beside me, the next you were gone..... I tried waiting and searching around but it was too dangerous to stay there for very long.. I hope you understand... we didn't make it to the airfield... myself and those fine men we met parted ways shortly after you disappeared... something came up and they had to leave... I reaching you from Lopatino... if you care to reconnect at any time I'll leave the radio on"
  5. *A few long moments passed in silence, Mels heart sank a little, suddenly the radio came alive with electronic static followed swiftly by a voice, she listen carefully the radio pulled close to her ear* "oh.. hello! Lopatino castle you said? gotcha... that helps a whole lot thank you... I can probably find what i need there and don't worry caution is my middle name" *Along with the excited voice that answered a sound of rustling could be heard on the other end of the radio as she pulled a map from her bag, there was a brief pause after she spoke, her radio still transmitting she marked the town with a pen and closed the map* "Daria was it? and you work for the Rangers? I've been living under a rock so you'll have to excuse me.. who are the Rangers if you don't mind me asking?"
  6. * Mel pressed her thumb against the talk button of her radio before she hesitantly began to speak* "H-hello... is there anyone on this frequency that can hear and understand me? this is Mel.... I'm in the market for some camera parts for a Polaroid Originals Onestep 2 camera I could use some film sheets, camera straps, cases, lenses..... any semblance of parts really since I don't think I can describe what I really need over the radio.... some of this may seem like gibberish to some but if someone could just direct me to many form of civilization that would be helpful too... I repeat this is Mel, can anyone hear me?" *she sat back from the device in hand awaiting a response*
  7. ((I’ll rewrite this into an eloquent, more coherent character bio at some point)) Melanie is a middle school English teacher, Writer, photographer, and poetry enthusiast. By nature Melanie is soft spoken, practical, strong willed, cautious, independent, prideful and resourceful if not just a bit scatterbrained and somewhat accident prone. Born in Duluth, Minnesota to an upper middle class family she was the youngest of two sisters in a relatively happy household. Traveled to Chernarus with her fiance and older sister following the untimely death their grandmother, separated from her kin shortly after the initial outbreak in a severe car accident whilst trying to get out of country. A natural beauty to behold hidden behind thick framed glasses, she is soft featured with pale skin, light blue eyes and shoulder length ebony hair. Small bodied with a curvy figure typically hidden behind over-sized sweaters and t-shirts.
  8. thanks ya'll! I'll get around to posting some art in a bit maybe some character doodles
  9. Hello everyone! Specklezzz here, Gamer, Artist, self-proclaimed comedian, I laugh at my own jokes so no one else has to.