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  2. Though only nineteen years of age, Scout has always had the desire to be viewed as an adult, thinking herself to be a great deal more mature than she actually is. Often guilty of deceiving others into believing she’s well into her twenties. By appearance Scout could pass off as a woman in her early twenties with strong facial features and a mature body, however she is far removed from the age mentally, immature for her own age group even. Evidence of this clear as day for any who truly observed her. This mindset in its entirety being the underlying theme to the series of events that brought her to where she stands now alone in Chenarus. Scout is quick to anger and at times quite confrontational Though troubled as she may seem Scout is also strong-willed, resourceful intelligent and independent. She has the gift of empathy though at times it's hard see. In regards to firearms she is mostly self taught, through trial and error….maybe even a dislocated shoulder.
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  4. thanks ya'll! I'll get around to posting some art in a bit maybe some character doodles
  5. Hello everyone! Specklezzz here, Gamer, Artist, self-proclaimed comedian, I laugh at my own jokes so no one else has to.