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  1. When you say hi, but she keeps walking....

    Oh so glad to know who it is now! I was laughing so hard! Hope to meet in game again when the server is being kinder. @Anouk
  2. In Viridian (Recruitment Open)

    Thanks @Rory - I feel very welcomed! And I love the internal drama too.
  3. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    I've been to the safe zone multiple times and no one is there. Centrally located would be an improvement if everything about it remained the same. I also don't mind running across the map...sometimes I'm away from my base for days.
  4. In Viridian - Media

    Ahhhh thanks i was hangry.
  5. In Viridian - Media

    Hes a salty ex. Just kidding.
  6. In Viridian - Media

  7. In Viridian - Media

    In spite of the server trying to shit on us..... Proof @Dirty Dan is a freaking boss..... https://clips.twitch.tv/GentleSarcasticPheasantCoolCat
  8. When you say hi, but she keeps walking....

    The server started crashing tonight and hilarious things started happening. @Dirty Dan https://clips.twitch.tv/TenuousHomelyWolfUnSane
  9. Hello! Hey!

    Welcome Specs! See you in game soon?!
  10. O'casey to Belle (Private Freq)

    she smiles at the sound of his voice and responds into her radio "Yes, I'm fine....I guess you found my note?" she says sadly
  11. O'casey to Belle (Private Freq)

    Belle is startled when her radio breaks the silence of the day. She must have left it on after fiddling with it last night. She digs through her pack for it and presses the button...she hesitates and then says timidly: "Doctor?"
  12. Some Crazy Guy

    Hey hun!!!!!! Those are some nice apples you have. I’d like 2 please.
  13. Good Dayz!

    Congrats Irish....what the 3rd time was the charm? Can’t wait to run into you in game.
  14. Hi!

    Hi I'm Peg...new here but not to RP in Dayz. First few encounters have been great and I'm looking forward to meeting more of ya.
  15. Belle James

    She is an employee on the Costa Risacca when it went down. She is college educated in business but has never used her degree. She wanted to see the world so she took a job in the laundry on the ship and has been working for the cruise company for the last 10 years. She has worked her way up through different jobs on the ship and her most recent job is a coordinator of activities for guests. She has a helpful personality and is out going. She is a geninuly good person and has a natural desire to help others.