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  1. *she squeezes her radio button, her knuckles white and screams* "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" *she releases the button as she falls to the floor, the radio falling from her hand*
  2. Always good to get together and chew you out lol.....what did you say? "Dan! Belle is yelling at me!" LOL! Poor Dan.
  3. *Belle presses the PTT and speaks* "Hey, is there anyone around you could point us to? Please!" *she releases the PTT and sighs*
  4. Peg4YourBackpack

    Make Stary Sobor Great Again [OPEN FREQ]

    She hears the transmission and wonders if it's some trap, but decides to reply anyway. "That's interesting....I told him my name was Pat when he tried to force me to Stary. No clue who this Belle is....maybe she ran away too...or a case of mistaken identity." She releases the talk button and wonders how it's possible for them to know her name when she had never met the man before, she was wearing entirely new clothing and gave him a fake name. Her mind is now made up that Stary is a bad place, full of bad people.
  5. Peg4YourBackpack

    Make Stary Sobor Great Again [OPEN FREQ]

    Belle listens to the latest message and her blood boils. She takes a deep breath and tries to calmly speak into her radio. ”Excuse me? I don’t have to come if I don’t want to? Tell that to the man with the red beret that told me I HAD to go to Stary today! Told me I HAD to live there! He was intent on forcing me to go! Do you hear me? FORCING ME!!!” She releases the button, aware she’s lost her temper again.
  6. Peg4YourBackpack

    To my red mother [Open frequency]

    *she shivers again as she speaks into her radio quietly* "Be careful in the city honey....cities bring lots of problems" *She racks her mind wondering where he is, Novo? Cherno?* "I'm not in a city..." *she looks around at the boat deck, kicks the empty wine bottle off the edge* "Our group hasn't been a safe place lately, you've probably been better off away from us, but I...." *her voice breaks, she is overwhelmed with guilt of leaving him to fend for himself* "I can help you, in the morning, find me on this public frequency" *she ends the transmission and creeps back to her bed, feeling better about reuniting with the boy*
  7. Peg4YourBackpack

    To my red mother [Open frequency]

    *Belle hears the transmission just as she is dozing off to sleep in the giant ship. Did she hear correctly? She quietly gets up, pulls her radio from her backpack, and steps out onto the deck of the ship, so she doesn't wake Alex. She hesitates as she is about to press the talk button, a million thoughts race through her mind, most importantly, what this boy is accused of.* "Dom?" *she releases the button and shivers in the cold night air, torn between her fears and her guilt* "Dom? Is that you? Where are you? Are you safe?.....I"m sorry" *her questions flow out of her as her guilt over leaving this boy behind take over her thinking*
  8. Peg4YourBackpack

    Viridian - Media

    @Dirty Dan @[email protected] Well, at first I thought it was an infected.....but then that wound mysteriously looked like an axe slice..... https://clips.twitch.tv/OpenSpunkyJayYouDontSay
  9. Peg4YourBackpack

    Viridian - Media

    Well, this is how my night went.... https://clips.twitch.tv/AttractiveRelievedBobaOSkomodo @Bubblegum
  10. I think its an interesting idea for RP and would love to check it out if/when it opens. Good luck!
  11. Peg4YourBackpack

    A rebuke to our behavior

    Yes! Thank you for speaking out. This scenario also made me think it was way over kill....how can a group of 20 truly give good RP to 3 individuals...and yea it looked more like bullying to me too. I met two of this group's members at the well in Olsha a couple days ago and I found their RP to be just fine. One was very ill and honestly, he RP'd puking and shitting his guts out better than I've seen veterans do it. Thank you for your post.
  12. I’m late to say hello and welcome. Miss playing with ya!
  13. Welcome! Keep wandering! You’ll meet people soon!!
  14. Peg4YourBackpack


    Good luck!