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  1. Liberty Mae Walker Liberty Mae was born on the family land outside Branson, Missouri to Jethro & Laverne Walker, their first child but the third child of Jethro who was married previously to Ruby Jean, Laverne’s older sister, but before her youngest child was 6 she run off with her husband’s nephew on his brothers side. She soon became the mother substitute for her younger brothers, Cake and Mercia, after the sudden and tragic death of her and Cake’s mother in a trucking accident and the abandonment of the family by Jethro’s third wife, Dixie, the youngest sister of Ruby Jean & Laverne, and mother to Merica. Liberty Mae’s older brothers, Freedom & Constitution included her on their hunting & fishing outings and nurtured her tom boy side. At a young age she was quite a skilled hunter. The Walker children are very close. Referring to them as half siblings would cause a heated argument since they never saw their mothers as unrelated since they were all sisters. Their father was estranged from most of his extended family due to a feud over a stream that ran past his moonshine operation. Jethro was discovered dead not far from his still one evening. The Walker siblings suspected their fathers family and their thoughts were confirmed when their uncles came and forcefully took over their fathers land and home. The Walker siblings all fought and killed or injured their fathers brothers families but they decided to cut their losses after their eldest brother, Freedom, was gravely injured. Determined to stay together and live on their own terms, the family headed to Deer Isle after hearing it was ripe for hunting and fishing.
  2. Congrats. Enjoyed the RP yesterday in the barn in Novy...looking forward to finishing the conversation and more from your group.
  3. I enjoyed the RP when you crashed our campfire in the Novy barn yesterday. Looking forward to running into your group again soon. Congrats on approval.
  4. Great running into you tonight...nothing like airing a little dirty laundry to make it exciting. Really enjoyed the RP. Best of luck with the group.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this group around! Really appreciate the creativity!
  6. @achmed Thank You! When I didn’t think anything would surprise me, you shocked me huge! Awesome serious rp!
  7. @Mr. Blue Yep, I’m back after a short time away. Had no clue that was you! Loved the RP you give as usual. @Shiro I had a blast. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Starved for a mature man....Agnes night have been a tad bit forward. Thank you. Hope to run into you guys again.
  8. Liked your RP today, love.. The Father. 

  9. Zeltig! Can’t tell you how happy I am to see you around these parts! I can’t wait to see who you bring to roam the land, your characters are memorable and truly works of art!!! Welcome!!!!!!
  10. Another amazing night of RP from a great group of top-notch RP’ers. My struggle to stay awake at work today is all your fault. @APositiveJade Loved , loved, loved the night and your RP. Still smiling about our small wins. I’ll bet my $16 on you any night. @achmed Totally love the depth of your character and getting to know him. Solid RP again tonight. Thank you! @Jman14102 Thank you for being true to your character - I see a lot of interesting rp in the future. Totally had to pee, no clue where she went...really. @ScarletRose I don’t sleep well because of you. Literally took me 20 minutes to stop shaking last night and I know that wasn’t even a taste of what you’re capable of. You are a great role model on how to “do it right” in RP. I was especially impressed with your ability to interact with all in a large group to keep everyone involved. Skills. @Malthis A great RP’er every time, every character. Not gonna lie, was dreading your youthful character but love him. The right mix of youth and maturity. Thank you. Irish girl...we met in Sosnovka, Talaia?? I’ve stalked the forums and kicking myself I didn’t write down the proper spelling of your name. Awesome RP! Great job on playing your character. The mix of youthful and mature, timid and strength was perfect. Loved the RP with you and hope we meet again.
  11. Back in the game after time off and now I remember why I freaking love this game. Thank you to @ScarletRose & @Mouse & Dion/Derek @yuthee for the reminder. Not to be all mushy, but damn, when organic rp just happens and stories converge and well you just roll with it...it's truly sweet! @Method Loved our interaction as well and definitely looking forward to more. @MichTheMedic Icing on the cake of the night! Hearing your voice and falling into the easy rp you dish out was so nice once again. Then you dropped some names and I wept tears of joy. I had such a great evening, that somehow turned into morning and hated to excuse myself but the damn sun was rising and birds were chirping and people would expect me to be productive today. 10 out of 10 - would totally stay up all night with no sleep again for the great rp rolled out by these folks.
  12. OH man, deleting files....there are several XML files?....
  13. Brringggggg! So happy to see you branching out. I’m working back into RP so I’m sure I’ll see you around.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try again. Good to feel I’m not alone with this!
  15. Yes I did hit apply. The two spots are now blank and revert to nothing bound no matter what I click before editing.
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