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  1. Coming from NoPixel on GTARP, I know first-hand what it's like to have a report system that explicitly requires footage or pictures to even get staff to process it. It turns into a game of 'well I know these guys don't record' and suddenly people do shit that they wouldn't do otherwise. Now, I can see it from both sides, but allowing those that don't record (even by choice), to have a chance to file a complaint and have it seen to when staff have the opportunity, allows for clemency on the reporting party. Just the fact that their report will even get seen and looked into is enough to some, to justify going on playing that particular game or using that particular platform. It's about offering the opportunity to bring a situation someone thought was distasteful and allowing everyone involved to come together as a COMMUNITY to bring closure. Whether that's through punishment or talking something out. Either way, its about closure. If people really want to lie about a game and a roleplay scenario, they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. EDIT: Just wanted to add, in the OP it says that its unfair for staff to handle reports without evidence and going purely on statements that could potentially be lying. I addressed the lying just above, however, through statements you can find the truth. Whether it be the full truth from 1 side, or a mixed truth as a result of the people involved coming together to describe what took place. If the 2 parties are posting their POVs, the people that read it can easily find what is truth and what might be some baloney (I think that's how its spelled?). I know this for a fact considering I myself have been in the position of staff for other communities where photographic/video evidence was not required. Doesn't take too much to put 2 and 2 together with logs and statements of events. Just imagine the world we lived in if Police needed video/photo evidence to charge a criminal. Police in this community, would essentially be the Staff team. Trying to enforce the rules and monitor the community to provide a fun and immersive Day Z Roleplay experience.
  2. Okay I have just woken up, apologies for the delay in my chance to respond here. I'm not happy with the fact these excuses are being thrown around to defend you guys' actions. You should be assessing your options, not seeing a group of military-esque people and the second a gun is raised you sprint to avoid being shot and suddenly start shooting everyone. Now, regardless of if we are an approved group, we are rolling as a group which can be seen by the fact we are all in the same clothing/uniform equipped with similar weapons and clear cooperation considering we only were talking to you. Tell me, if you were talking to military-esque people in a world where zombies existed and they seem to be somewhat organised, would you just start running around the instant a gun is raised? Or would you talk to them and try to de-escalate a situation? I know what I would do. I would like to make it known I'm not willing to discuss this over DMs as I find this appalling that the individuals I am placing the report on seem to not acknowledge the fact they are in direct breach of the rules and ones that I consider to be very important to the overall health of the server and feeling immersed in a world such as what Day Z provides. I will not speak on my friends behalf, as they may have a different opinion, however I filed the report and I intend to push through with it. I come from an RP background that is considered 'serious'. When I experienced this 'RP' (if you can even call it that), I actually felt sick in the stomach. It turned me completely off wanting to play anymore. @Outlawe convinced me to just take a break and come back once I feel better with what happened. This is why I filed the report, because if I do want to play again, I want to know this type of RP is not acceptable. Punishment being issued for such poor quality RP would be my assurance that the Staff here at DayZRP feel the same way as I do and thus allow me to return without having to think that this scenario would be considered 'okay' or 'normal' for a player to conduct. Also, due to not having any recordings, according to Panda I was aiming at the AK gentleman, that is besides the point. I am writing the report purely based on what I remember and considering he is willing to lie about having his weapon out in the tent is intriguing. I only pulled my weapon due to the fact he was holding his in the tent. I walked outside and his friend then also had his in his hand. Thank you. I eagerly await Staff's response. ~ThePizzaMan EDIT: I forgot to mention, 2 of our guys were high at the time, which I have since addressed in our group discord. They could not raise their weapons or even react in time before being shot down. Additionally with the mention of Invalid Kill, going by that principle puts Panda or whoever killed my guys in direct breach of Invalid Kill due to them not raising their weapons or initiating (as explained just above here). EDIT 2: With what JoeyOG posted above, going by that line of logic, anyone that has been in a somewhat tense firefight would suddenly start becoming hardened to it. Civilians in a warzone never recover from the terrors of war or seeing friends die. Let alone Veteran, Serving Military. This can not be a thing that can be allowed. Because these characters have fought battles larger, doesn't suddenly make them super soldiers that the second a gun is raised in close quarters, while surrounded and flanked, that they suddenly want to kill everyone and not attempt to dissuade or de-escalate (which would have happened if they had complied with a simple request). Going by the logic of being in combat has 'hardened' a character to become 'fearless', you know how many people end up with PTSD from shootings? Family losses? Military service? Law enforcement service? Its a very real and scary thing. Nobody is immune. Its only a matter of time. This is a cop-out excuse.
  3. Server and location: Server 1, NWAF (Tents). Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 07:30, 23/04/19. Your in game name: Michael Dunning Names of allies involved: Eckert Steele - https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/24997-outlawe/ Ben Larson - https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/38247-n0sral/ John Larson - https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/38257-larser/ Chuck Blackwood - https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/38252-cam/ Name of suspect/s: https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/33763-joeyog/ https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/6396-pandaog/ Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A (I am sorry, but I don't have recording software, I hope that is okay) Detailed description of the events: My group and I, cleared NWAF from the Western most side and proceeded all the way East to the large Tent area. From there, we began looking around for any gear, noting that there was lots of clothes out front of the tents. With that in mind, we were on edge, expecting possible people in the area. While I was looking at some gloves on the floor, 2 people came close by, to which I turned around and went to investigate. When I went to exit the tent, there were 2 people and 1 entered the tent with me, gun in hand. I dropped the gloves to the floor and pulled out my M4A1, keeping it lowered. At this point, he stated 'Woah we are friends here, whats the gun for?" even though he himself was carrying his rifle in hand. I walked out of the tent into the open, when my friends saw me with the 2 other individuals. They came over to which a short conversation was held. During this conversation, I was sceptical of who they were, due to their high end weapons (SOCOM & AK I believe). At this point, one of my allies Eckert Steele went around the tent, breaking eye contact with them and flanking behind them stating he was 'looking for his paper'. At this point, I ask if the 2 people had a radio on them. To which, they reply asking if I needed one. I decline the offer and ask them nicely to place their radio onto the floor. They rejected my request, so I raised my tone, telling them to drop the radio on the floor. They still declined, to which I then raised my M4 to the individual holding the SOCOM and demanded, loudly, they drop their radios to the floor. At this time, they are surrounded by myself and 3 of my teammates plus one behind them on their right flank. The individual with the SOCOM quickly starts sprinting around like a maniac and then suddenly opens fire, killing 2 of us that had them surrounded. Eckert Steele & Chuck Blackwood survived the encounter and killed the 2 randoms. I then logged off due to the distasteful situation as it left a very sour taste in my mouth. -------------------------------------------------------------- If you would allow me, I feel that this type of roleplay was in direct breach of a hostile situation rule found here: Additionally, a violation has been breached in regards to value of life as listed here: The people we encountered seem to not adhere to the fact they were outnumbered, outgunned and outflanked and instead opted to gunplay instead of roleplaying and talking, which was our sole intention. Our group doesn't rob or steal from those we consider innocent. This entire situation was merely us trying to figure out if they were affiliated with anyone and their blatant lack of disregard for their lives when surrounded by military geared 'soldiers' shows they are in breach of 'Pretending to be fearless' or in this case, actually being fearless and opting for mechanic based gunplay instead of acting like a human being would in a scenario like this. Thank you for taking the time to read this report.
  4. Amir Orazov was born in the Kazakhstan to a normal family. He went through life as per what would be considered standard for the average Kazakh citizen. At times, he would encounter struggles, however push through giving it his own good old fashioned try. Orazov would find himself in a position to accept an internship at a Factory, permitting international training in Chernarus. Orazov accepts and takes the flight over, where he would spend 4 years training as a trainee. Once the events transpired resulting in the zombie outbreak, Orazov would slowly lose his mind. He now, lives his life on the line of insanity. He finds himself occasionally having to reign in his inner demons, what he saw, had to do... It will be only a matter of time until his demons break lose and claim someone's life. Friend. Or foe...
  5. Michael Dunning, a former Australian Military officer gone law enforcement on the grounds of similar job fulfillment and the feeling and sense of family, that, he did not have outside of his job. He travels to Chernarus as part of a training program within his state police force to help strengthen international policing efforts in the war on drugs. Upon arrival, he immediately sets off, his job at hand to make contact with the police chief in Chernogorsk and begin work on a suspected drug vessel seeking port at Cherno, that is headed to Australia. He would seen organise a plan of action with the cities tactical team, get armoured up and proceed to the port with their plan of action in hand. Upon arrival, it is quite clear something is amiss. Hardly any dock workers and those that are working, all gathered by one area. Dunning directs the Chernorussian Police into tactical positioning as he and a few officers proceed to investigate. Upon arriving, the dock workers all scramble, not a word said but a corpse, a gunshot wound to the head and what looks to be a detective badge. Dunning proceeds to lower himself down and take a closer look before his fellow officers further back start yelling, followed by gun fire. As he turns, he would find himself in the middle of a police/cartel war. Seeking cover, the gunfire erupts into a volley of fire. He preps his rifle before peeking the cover, engaging any suspects down the port, tapping on the trigger with utmost accuracy. Three officers go down, these cartel guys are trained and not messing around. He calls the retreat order, having only 7 officers left to the large onslaught that is sure to follow, he falls back, providing covering fire as they receive returning fire. After a few short minutes, the city emergency sirens begin to flare up, wailing across the city. The cartel fire immediately stops and in the distance, seen fleeing to the boat, which, surely would have been the vessel they were seeking. Lucky for Dunning and the fellow officers, they survive, however, some did not. A failure in his eyes, disappointment and guilt takes him over. His directive put the other officers in the direct line of fire without adequate training. They proceed back to the Cherno police station before being met by the Chief in a panic. He begins ordering his officers back out before addressing Dunning. He must return to Australia, something is going on here and it is not good. Before the Chief can finish his statement, an explosion is head in the distance, toward the port. Rushing to a window, they see fire and smoke erupt from the port, ships, cargo and machinery. The cartel rigged the place to blow, most likely an attempt to disrupt and cause major panic. Following this, Dunning refuses to just leave, he must assist in what is going on. After all, 3 officers died under his command, he must do this for them. The Chief would accept his offer of assistance and proceed to fill him in on the situation... This is where it started... How will it end?
  6. Hello Oliv, Thanks for the response. This may seem odd to you, but I frankly seem to double buy games. I have done it with Gmod and other games. Also ontop of this, I have had a little issue as I will describe below: When I purchased Day Z on my Pizza account, I didn't have access to my main provided above. During the period that I got banned on CSGO i had some PC problems regarding software/OS issues and my steam account itself. At that time, I had to reinstall windows. Whilst this was all going on, my main steam account that contained Day Z standalone was breached and I lost access to it (likely some form of malware or spyware from the cheats from CSGO). This is what followed to me making my Pizza account. From there, I essentially didn't play any games while sorting out my main, hence not so many hours. Why don't I just play on my main account you ask? Well, I could... But I have a wierd thing where I like to go to a specific 'spot' if I want to do something. As wierd as that sounds, that just seems to be the way I am. For instance, for alot of my games that I have purchased twice, like Gmod for example, I found myself using that account more for that particular use than the account I already owned, so instead I just resort to the new account. The reason for double buying gmod, was to have a fresh account with no connection to my previous alias/friends due to a terrible circumstance that occurred via an RP community that followed into cyber harassment and stalking of my personal life. It was quite serious, police did get involved however nothing was done due to the circumstances and it being international. Please let me know if you have any further enquiries. TL:DR - I buy games alot, sometimes double purchase them and just play them on the newly purchased account for convenience and to seperate those games from my main library, allowing me to more easily navigate and associate + keep my other gaming seperate. (I also dont like people knowing im an RPer, most people look down at it or generally find it distasteful, so I don't associate myself with those people on accounts where I may do so.)
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Whitelist - (Dont think i can link directly to my app?) Why the verdict is not fair: According to the verdict, it states my account is suspicious but not sure why? I have played a few games on that account now like ARMA 3, CSGO and Day Z for a little bit. This account is not my only, after having being banned from CSGO roughly 2 years ago due to messing around in a private lobby with friends and being VAC'd (oops). As for my RP experience as mentioned in my whitelist app (Garry's Mod), this experience comes from my other account here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dankiemes/ The reason for lack of hours overall on Day Z Standalone is i generally do not like how the game feels and plays on PvP servers and after my friend applied and got accepted, he said he was having a good time and I should try it out. Leading to me putting through my application for whitelist. Why not just buy ARMA and Day Z on your main account then and just use your pizza account for CSGO you may ask? Well, I bought ARMA3 by accident on the account and already clocked too many hours to refund and just said stuff it, might aswell put Day Z on here too. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: All my statements comments are listed as above. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To have the blacklist removed and my whitelist reviewed again. What could you have done better?: Perhaps added some additional info at the designated location on the whitelist form to explain the situation regarding accounts. P.S: Thanks for taking the time to read my appeal.
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