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  1. Marcus Urik comes from a family who had been in gangs and criminals and for no one to guide him on a straight path he would, break into cars, Rob people, break into houses and gave people drugs. As he got older he started to move overseas with all the drug money he got, making more and more money. At the age of 23 he was apart of weapons smuggling all over the world and was put in charge of loading weapons in planes and trucks. His most renowned one he took pride in was the "Purulia arms drop case" which took place on the 17th December 1995, Dropping hundreds of AK-47 rifles in India along with thousand rounds of ammunition. Being paid a massive some of cash they all went into hiding across the globe and in every couple of years Marcus heard about people involved in this getting caught and arrested. Even tho these people were getting caught he still did illegal activities and legal work. From 2012 to now Marcus Urik has been hiding in chernarus and been doing what ever he can to stay alive and away from getting caught.............
  2. jackhammer40k

    What got all of you into DayZRP?

    Torch also know as Alex menendez messaged me play dayzrp its fakin good
  3. jackhammer40k

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    Very screwed. Infected will be dead but my guitar will be all fucked up
  4. jackhammer40k

    WOBO / Aggathor leaving Youtube due to family crisis.

    Oh shit dude you had me on the edge of tears. I'm sorry this had to happen to your mum and the rest of us would feel the same way if our mums had to go through this. that's probably the main reason I was close to crying because no one should have to see there mum go through that. I wish you the best of luck for your mum and you. fuck now making this comment has got me crying now.
  5. Thanks dude that actually one of the reasons i dont speak. My friend says i sound exactly like mute from RB6 so i decided if im like mute then i guess im not gonna talk anymore. Im just trying to find a way for it to fit into my character but im glad i meet you guys @Carg0cult @fiaboi @Anouk
  6. jackhammer40k

    S1 - False ID Kill | Potential Bad RP | Possible Meta-Game | - 10/16/2017 1:00 - 3:00 (Server Time)

    Jackson Solomon POV: We had two trucks I was driving one of those trucks as well doing cargo runs. I came back to our base a lot of times and saw the guy they took hostage other than that i wasn't their so much but turned my radio on every now and then just to keep updated what was going on. Once i headed back to base i could hear gun shots and people saying shit about people coming up too the base armed and guns up at the ready. I was inside the base at the time and ready to fight until i decided it would of been best to get the fuck out of doge, so before they even got their yet i jumped into a truck said to people over the radio "get out get the fuck out" I guess from what i herd after that someone must of been heading to the people who weren't associated with us to get them out but from what was said in here i guess they already had that plan. After a few minutes of that i heard they got killed. (that's really i can all contribute because i wasn't there the hole time as to know exactly what was going on, I only got info through radio "TS")
  7. Was born and raised for a short time in New Zealand, once turning 16 his mother decided to send him off to his fathers house who lived in the states because his mother was slowly passing. She had to stay in New Zealand because she wouldn't be able to get any treatment in America and didn't want her son watch her suffer. After Jackson had been with his dad for a few weeks Jackson was feeling guilty, having left his mother to hopefully get better. He was thinking on what he should do or who he should become, that's when he wanted to join the United States Army but he needed to be a citizen, so he asked his dad if he could help him, his dad paused for a sec and said. "If your doing this to help your mother stop. you know she is going to get better but if your doing this for yourself, ill help" Jackson lied to his dad just so he could help he didnt want his dad to know what he really wanted to do. only getting to see his father every couple of months was hard since they didn't get along a lot but he was glad they could both agree on something. After two years he already had his citizen ship and his mother had been getting better. He thought to himself shouldn't i join the military, my mum is feeling better but i don't know if she could get sick again. He had finally decided that he would join the military if she was sick or not either way he could always get the money to see her or help her. He went in to the office to enlist he signed his name and completed the document but he realized he didn't join the army when the guy said. Welcome to the United States Marine Core, Well..... either way doesn't matter he said to himself, he just went with it. After completing training and becoming a marine he saw many firefights and served for a few years. After becoming a Sgt he got an offer to join a MARSOC unit. he took up that offer and after a long period of time he became a Critical Skills Operator with the 2nd Marine Raiders. First mission: Chernarus. From being in cherno for a good couple of months he didn't see people of NATO that often, he was glad that he didn't see them because for all they know they think he's dead and that's the way he liked to keep it but he meet an old friend that he meet from NATO gave him a career in bounty hunting or so it was called for a while. After a good long while just before the bounty hunters failed, Jackson almost died from a peace of shrapnel coming towards him and nearly slit his throat but it did collide and damage his vocal cords causing him to go mute. After sometime of traveling around chernarus and looking for loot he came across these people call PCC. the PCC intentions seemed to spike his interest and respects what they're doing despite them hating NATO and CDF he never really cared for them either. After being with the PCC he had been getting a good and bad rep both he didn't really care about only really wanting to fix his voice. After been serving with the PCC he made a name for himself, fixing his voice and carving NATO in peoples back he got the name BEAR COMMIE. The only sanity that he has in his head is for the love of his family and his friends but he never forgets who fucks with him.
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