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  1. yeah was good stuff, loved the way it went down
  2. Wanted to apologize to the group of people we ran into outside of lopatino. I had to cook dinner for the kids and was on the way to log out actually. So, deep apologies, good roleplay by the way
  3. *cues up the mic* Yo dog, I got you man! Just look for me around Lopatino. Me an the homeboy Vadim gonna set up some free trade yo. For all you wanna be hard heads, it ain't a place to rob. The stuff is free. Take what ya need, leave what ya don't. We don' care bout yo personal business. Peace! *turns the radio off, shaking his head for a moment he let's out a deep breath.*
  4. Finally found an actor that looks like Jamal. Pictures updated! :)

    1. Pain


      Looking PogChamp.

    2. eqsanctum
  5. I see you looking at my profile


    *shows leg*

    1. Specklezzz


      oh lord.... ello ello XP

  6. I don't know which is better, the avatar or the image, either way:
  7. You have an amazing character profile setup. *takes notes for own background* Grimtitan is a great roleplayer for those that don't know. Have streamed hundreds of hours with the guy.
  8. Oh oh. Vadim and Jamal shall rise from the ashes to drink MANY drinks and cheer on the day!
  9. Thank you for the claps Is that good or bad confusion <.<
  10. I served in the US Navy for 6 years as a BU1 Seabee
  11. Be sure to check out my RP Help Vampires!



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