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  1. How to ask a Dev/Admin/Moderator

    Awesome feedback. Thank you! Sometime next week will clean it up a bit. As far as the copy paste, yes, it's a copy paste from our server forums where I do client dev work. I unfortunately don't have the unique bbcode needed to do exactly what I want. More than likely I'll format it better in word, then copy paste again to achieve what I'm trying to do. It was taken in part from an open source software website In a post on these forums someone attacked a GM for something that happened in game. It's to highlight how to ask a dev/admin/moderator in a constructive way without being an asshole.
  2. RP Help Vampires

    Thank you for the claps Is that good or bad confusion <.<
  3. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I served in the US Navy for 6 years as a BU1 Seabee
  4. BeanZ WAR

  5. BeanZ WAR

  6. BeanZ WAR

  7. In another post I lightly touched on communication with community leaders. Well, I present to you: We make games/admin games/provide support for games for a living/volunteer and can answer your questions. Q Anonymous asked: Let's say the playerbase actually wanted to gain the ear of you/a gamedev to get something changed. What would be a meaningful way to get that to happen? I'm sure writing an angry message on my exit survey when I unsubscribe wouldn't be on the top of the list. Is there a way? A Sure there is. Devs/Admin/Support love getting feedback, but we often have to sift the useful stuff from stuff that isn’t particularly useful. That’s one of the reasons we hire community managers. So here are some guidelines to making your feedback useful to us. Some of this might feel a bit counter-intuitive, but I guarantee you that this sort of feedback is the most useful to us. #1. Speak for yourself Don’t spend time telling us what the majority of our fans or server users think. You really don’t speak for them and we have the data to prove it. But that’s ok! You don’t have to speak for everybody. Just tell us what you think. Believing you represent everybody else might make you feel like it carries more weight, but it really doesn’t unless you really do represent everybody. You’re already posting on a forum or social media or whatever, which already statistically excludes you from representing everybody. So just tell us what you think. I promise that we’ll listen. #2. Speak honestly. Avoid hyperbole. No, this feature did not give you cancer. No, this weapon is not the worst in the game. No, that other class is not our favorite pet class and we do not give them everything they ever wanted. The problem with parsing hyperbole is that it is basically hiding a grain of truth inside a ball of lies. When we have to sift out truth from the lies around it, it makes us grumpy. #3. Speak about problems. Don’t propose solutions. Players giving feedback often skip straight to their own proposed solutions and it doesn’t help very much. It isn’t that players who give feedback are bad or stupid - most of the hardcore players who provide feedback are very smart and analytical. The problem is that their proposed solutions often lack crucial context to make an informed decision. You don’t know the limitations we have to work within or the resources we have available. Just because some other game/site/community did it doesn’t mean we can do it too. It’s really hard for someone to come up with a feasible solution without knowing all of that information. Just tell us what you don’t like, why you don’t like it, with a proposed idea to fix it, and leave the solutions to us. We made the rest of the game/site/community, after all. Give us a little faith. #4. Speak to a comrade, not an enemy Remember that we all have something in common - we all like and believe in the game, the website and community. We all want what’s best for it, to make it better and love our characters and time invested. Lashing out in anger isn’t going to make us more likely to do what you say. Threats are also not going to work. Threats to quit especially don’t work - the actual rate at which people who threaten to quit and follow through is so miniscule that it is almost unnoticeable. We are not trying to kill your family or destroy everything you hold dear. We want what you want - what’s best for the community/game as a whole. We are not your enemy, even if there are choices we made that you don’t agree with. We know that not everyone will agree with every decision we make, but nobody reacts favorably to being called names and told they’re stupid or incompetent. #5. Speak with brevity Refrain from posting enormous dissertations. Keep it simple and short. If you cannot explain the problem with a handful of sentences, you probably haven’t isolated it. This point tends to be related to #3 - usually, articulating a problem isn’t that difficult to get across in a sentence or three. It’s the solutions that tend to require a lot of explanation. Here’s the biggest issue with walls of text - the feedback will be distilled down by the community managers/supporters for the devs/admin anyway. They’ll condense it all down to a list of bullet points and give it to us. So why not cut out the middle man and make it easier on them? They’ll certainly be happier if you do them the courtesy. #6. Speak without expectationsThere is nothing you can do to guarantee that we will do what you say. You cannot argue us into doing what you want. You cannot force us to do what you want. You cannot “logic” your way into doing what you want. It is very likely that we won’t always acknowledge you individually, because there’s so many of you for each one of us on the forums that it’s just not particularly feasible. Also, don’t take dev or official responses to indicate the only posts we’re reading. The feedback that gets collected and passed on to us isn’t only gathered from those posts that garner official responses. The majority of the useful feedback won’t ever get an official response -most of us believe that the best way to acknowledge your feedback is to through the game itself (even though it is likely that changes are weeks if not months away… patches need to pass testing and cert, after all). And that’s basically it. I know that the fans that engage with the game’s community and developers are super passionate and only want what they feel is best for the game. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t reach out. Believe me when I say that we devs feel the same way. Please believe me when I say that well-written, concise, and honest feedback is far more likely to reach us than anything else. I swear that’s the best way to get your feedback heard and considered.
  8. Be sure to check out my RP Help Vampires!



  9. RP Help Vampires

  10. RP Help Vampires

    I'm not writing a guide. It's a parody... .... .... .... did you read it?
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  12. RP Help Vampires

    Ok, so I was asked to revive a topic I brought up as a moderator in another forum. If you have read this, ignore it. If you haven't read it. If you're a mod or admin. This subject matter has been revised and re-worked for RP specifically. Enjoy it RP Help Vampires A survivors guide to continuous bullshit barrage RP Help Vampires: The Video Review The previous video is simply the truth. While moderation and posting rules vary, site to site, they all have one thing in common. "That" guy. "Those" people. "THEY" RP Help Vampires: A Spotter's Guide ™ It's so regular you could set your watch by it. The decay of a community's faith in it's roleplay values is just as predictable as the decay of certain stable nuclear isotopes. As soon as an rp site, rp style, or character within a RP community achieves a certain notoriety, it's half-life, if you will, ”they" swarm in, seemingly draining the very life out of the community itself. They claim to be role players. They claim they have the best interests of the community and rp at heart. That's not the case though. They are the RP Help Vampires. And I'm here to stop them. RP Help Vampire: A Spotter's Guide ™ RP Help Vampires are found in every RP public online community, from those nearest to our hearts to those furthest from our principles. Instead of consuming of ill-gotten hemoglobin, these vampires suck the very life and energy out of people. By nature they feed on generous individuals who tend towards helping others, and leave their victims exhausted, bitter and dispirited. They're not evil creatures, RP Help Vampires. They act only on their blind instinct to feed, driven by base urges like most living things. Often even they themselves are not aware of their RP Help Vampire status, so leave your stakes at home. In light of these facts, I will provide information on reforming / re-education RP Help Vampires in addition to outfitting you with information on identifying and tracking them. If in the course of events you discover that you yourself are a RP Help Vampire, you will learn how to control your vampiric ways. Identifying RP Help Vampires Identifying RP Help Vampires can be tricky, because they look like any ordinary person (or internet user, whichever is lesser). But by closely observing an individual's behavior using this handy checklist, you too can identify Help Vampires in the field: Does he ask the same, tired RP questions others ask (at a rate of once or more per minute)? Does he clearly lack the ability or inclination to ask the almighty FAQ? Does he refuse to take the time to ask coherent, specific questions? Does he think helping him must be the high point of your day? Does he get offensive, as if you need to prove to him why he should use this site? Is he obviously just waiting for some poor, well-intentioned person to do all his thinking for him? Can you tell he really isn't interested in having his question answered, so much as getting someone else to do his work? Note that I use "he" here in the general sense even though Help Vampires are almost exclusively male. It appears that male RP Help Vampire, drawn as it is to shiny technology, occupies an evolutionary niche that females of the species simply do not find desirable. Another key indicator for RP Help Vampires is the clearly stated but "impossible" question. These questions look reasonable on the surface, but in fact they are impossible to answer for a number of reasons. These questions include, for example, "How do I build a forum?", "How do I poop?", "How many styles of RP there?" or "How can I make a chat site?" Their purpose is threefold: First, to identify a victim foolish enough to attempt to answer the impossible question Second, to distract the victim long enough to separate him from his fellows; and Lastly, to befuddle the victim's brain while their soul is being removed through the abdominal cavity by way of a standard-issue Bendy Straw. This is autonomous behavior. Again, we shouldn't hate the Help Vampire. Or stake them. They know not what they do, only that they are driven to do it, and I believe they can be saved. Signs of RP Help Vampire Infestation The chief indicator of a RP Help Vampire problem is the lack of helpfulness, the community may still appear to be bustling and lively, but if on closer inspection the conversation is all towards the shallow end of the pool, with moderately difficult questions going unanswered, lots of "LUL" and talk of "horse *orn", then a RP Help Vampire infestation is likely. RP Help Vampires are virtual bedouins. They move into a community as soon as they sense its vibrancy and intelligence. Often they leave (give up, in their eyes) when they have exhausted all the resources, leaving the community itself drained and adrift. This gypsy-like behavior incurs a secondary effect which further cripples the community, and persists even after the RP Help Vampire problem has passed. Often the best and brightest sensing the outflux of decent conversation, retreat into Walled Garden communities which the RP Help Vampire can rarely penetrate. In this way the individuals are sheltered from the painful effects of RP Help Vampire attacks, but they also make themselves inaccessible to non-RP Help Vampire users as well. This effect can be the last straw that leaves the community devoid of experts and utterly without hope. If You're a RP Help Vampire Now you know. Stop. Of course, it's not just that easy, or nobody would ever be a RP Help Vampire at all. Before you ask a question in the community, try to find the answer using the search feature, search bar, heck roll your d20 at home and take a random chance! This way you help yourself by stretching your mind and research abilities, and you learn things more thoroughly too. Plus it's good karma. Always try these avenues first: Keep troubleshooting. Often we learn that it's easier to give up and ask for help rather than persisting when we'd get our breakthrough if we'd only delay giving up for another 10 minutes. Respect yourself, go a little further before giving up. Google, of course. Google partial error messages, add specific names to your queries, and generally try at least 3 or 4 searches before you give it up as hopeless. Search. Chances are, you're not the first person on the board to have this problem. Luckily we live in an age where we can search the past. Check out these resources next. FAQ. Sometimes they seem impenetrable, but give it a whack. The more you learn, the easier the documentation will be to understand and decipher. Ask your question but phrase it differently. Instead of asking your question directly, ask "Has anyone has seen this problem?" or "Can anyone point me in the right direction?" Likely as not, someone will have been there before, and they might know a posting or other link which can help you out. This way, you show you are respectful of their time, and understand your problem is (probably) not unique. There is more than one style of RP. There are many undefined styles of RP and to assume you know or play the best style of RP is stupid. When you do ask a question, try to provide as much background detail as possible. Ask yourself these questions first, so that others don't have to: Where in game did a situation happen? How can I reproduce what just happened? What exactly are you trying to do that won't work? Is the problem something you might have done? What "is" the exact problem? Did you find a fix, phrase, or search string? What exactly don't you "get"? Can you provide samples, alternative options, indentifiers? Have examples, information ready, when possible and when you're posting, put your examples in an orderly fashion. If you're posting code from separate parts, label them with comments. Provide a little bit of a description to help familiarize people who don't know you from a hole in the ground. Reforming the RP Help Vampire (e.g. Not You) You'll get good results by following this action plan for solving your community's RP Help Vampire problem: Create resources for RP Help Vampires (and regular folks) to help themselves. Cease all behavior which enables RP Help Vampires' vampy behavior. Meet RP Help Vampires head-on. As you can see, none of these steps endorse violence. There are no stakes, kickboxing moves, or sneaky little ampules of holy water although witty repartee may be involved. #1: Creating Resources If your community's resources are spread over all the web, not organized or indexed, and generally harder to navigate than a rat's nest, then creating a solid help resource should significantly cut down RP Help Vampire activity. At the minimum, create a well-organized, preferably community-edited page which clearly lists the following: A FAQ with real Frequently Asked Questions, not ones which just sound likely. And with clearly phrased, actionable (urgh) information for each question. An up-to-date list of errors or pitfalls one is likely to encounter in the current version of the software List of useful resources, ideally organized by topic (e.g. "Beginner's Tutorials", "Advanced Tutorials", etc.) Some very simple community guidelines. Most people (and even RP Help Vampires) will behave appropriately, if they only know what appropriately is. Ideally the Resources page should be just that: a single page. This makes finding information easy and doesn't require a search engine. Be nice! A condescending or cruel tone in Resources page will be very counter-productive. #2: Cease Enabling Behavior Secondly, you must rid the community of anything which enables RP Help Vampires to keep being RP Help Vampires. Enforce autonomy. No matter how beneficent you're feeling, never directly answer a common question. This is the lazy way out, and you only enable the RP Help Vampires instead of truly helping them. Let the URL to your help resources be your only answer, but tell the vamp you are happy to help if he explores those avenues of self-help and still cannot find an answer. Foster thinking. Even if it's not a question you see go bye fifty times a day don't answer it with a direct fix (unless the person is a known non-vamp, or it's a real puzzler). Answer with questions to spur (and guide) thought. If the RP Help Vampire resists thinking or complains, give them the URL for the Resources page and withhold further assistance. Reward self-help and helping others. Thank people who ask intelligent questions and do research first, and people who make an effort to help others. Tell them they're a credit to the community. Be especially generous with praise and emoticons for those who are actively reforming their ways. Help is a trickle-down economy of grace and awesomeness. Be friendly. People and RP Help Vampires are much more likely to become useful members of the community if they're met with kindness and encouragement rather than condescension and spite. They may seem like nothing but one more in a long strain of know-nothings, but you will stand out very distinctly to them. #3: Meet RP Help Vampires Head-On And lastly, address the problem directly. "You're a RP Help Vampire." Call a spade a spade, and a RP Help Vampire a RP Help Vampire. Tell the vamp you'll be glad to have him as a member of your community if he reforms his vampy ways. And inform him what vampy ways you're talking about (this page is a good way to do that). Be gentle, but firm. There's no reason to yell at a RP Help Vampire, because they can't help what they are until they know what they are. Being cruel to a vamp is like baiting wild animals. Just continue calmly applying the techniques found under #2, even if the RP Help Vampire becomes recalcitrant or angry. Weed out hopeless cases. There's a small subset of RP Help Vampires who feel entitled to your entire attention, and have no interest in fulfilling any of your needs. If you've been calm, exercised all the other techniques, and simply ignored the vamp, and still there is no change in his behavior, just eject him from the community. This means he won't be interrupting any other exchanges in the future. Outlook Positive I felt the need to write this because I think that people are basically good, and basically self-sufficient in the right circumstances. If we can only make it easy for people to be good, and show them we mean business, we can change the world or at least our small section of it.
  13. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for dragging respect into this
  14. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    9/10 no one dies better.
  15. [GAME] Do you know the person above you?

    No. He's bringing Eminem and smoking guns back though.