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  1. Young Broke Boy. Cool dude. Welcome my boy.
  2. New shit go hard

  3. *Painted on the side of one of the apartment buildings in Dubky* *Note left on the steps of the Chernogorsk police station* "Today, you took a few causalities. You're in the wrong place. This is the start of a war and you're made to lose. Chernarussians and the populace currently residing in the state of South Zagoria will be fed up with your actions. The orange rags will give you hell. Kurva policejní parazity. Toto je náš blok." Tomorrow and the days to come, you will see more and more roleplay from us and our presence on the server Goodbye to @AlkisLR and @groovy blisna, you two will be missed. Welcome to the group @YBN Voh, @22ozer, @JoeyOG, and @Ranger1. You all have done good shit already within the group. Recruitment is still open.
  4. Just my 2 cents... Lets say that a member and/or members in a group broke a bad bad rule, well I think the group should have the choice of kicking the member from the group and will not be allowed to join back. Lets say the member gets kicked and that member and/or members joins back on the group, then that is when I believe the group should be force archived. There should be a process in this just so it won't be an inconvenience to the other members in the group who wanna continue with it.
  5. welcome blood

    1. YBN Panda

      YBN Panda

      Gang Gang Neighborhood GIF by Quando Rondo

    2. YBN Voh

      YBN Voh


  6. This is more of a suggestion to the Politsiya and S-GRU, not directly to the DayZRP community. All of these ideas are good though, but it's all up to the people who live in Chernogorsk.
  7. We got some more cool shit coming for some more hostile roleplay. Love the interactions today and a good firefight (that I had to watch ) Glad for you all to now be listed as enemies. Good shit today.
  8. Got my ass shot in the head today in a church, very disrespectful. God is looking down upon you. Just kidding, good roleplay today by you all. Sorry if I accidently hotmic'd because I was talking to my boys in discord. My apologies on that.
  9. Ayyy new profile looks 

  10. Yo tf is this trash? No but for real tho we do be vibin... just not to scottie's shit playlists
  11. YBN Echo


    Yes absolutely. Especially the business we're gonna be running.
  12. Met the old ass man @Murdercool in Chernogorsk today along with two other guys from the group. Wanna give a shoutout to them as it was some good roleplay discussions between us and you all. +1 Good luck, hope for some more discussions soon
  13. Good luck again boys. Hope it works out this time, can't wait! We got ourselves some hostilities incoming
  14. Holy shit dude! 12 HOURS!!! WOW, proud of you my son

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