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  1. No! Not Fazil! Loved that old man. It was very enjoyable roleplay when the Dubky Boys would meet up with you friend. Good job your character will be missed. *Maxim lays a full bottle of Vodka upon the grave of Fazil to show his appreciate and to give him one last gift*
  2. Sad to see S-GRU go We will miss the roleplay and firefights we had and the ones that were to come o7
  3. +1 to this, accidently voted no, but it's a yes for me.
  4. Congrats on the purple Tarkin 

    1. Duplessis


      Thank you ❤️

  5. Enjoyed the forced meeting with @cas, @Drbeans, the rest of the McCoomers, and the people who came into the city of Chernogorsk. Nice little talk today Enjoyed it.
  6. We're currently coming up with something better because the whole point was to run the Russians out of Chernogorsk and we were having a lot of fun with it. But now since the Russians archived, we're gonna have to change. Not archiving, but BIG changes are on the way.
  7. Well, what tf is Dubky gonna do now 😞 We ain't got nobody to fight to get back for our hometown

    1. RonnieLR


      Want us to move in? 😉

    2. YBN Voh

      YBN Voh


  8. Aye love the graphics on this thread Nah but fr though, love the roleplay with y'all and can't wait for more to come. Good luck Ronnie
  9. Graphics could use a little work, but I like the idea and the writing so far. Wouldn't mind seeing a new rendition of the Chernarus EXTRA. If a team was to get going again for this new newspaper I would definitely join up.
  10. 3 Kage Summit Meeting of the three allied resistance factions (Dubky Boys, Renegades, and LR Boys)
  11. Good meeting today and an even better firefight against S-GRU. Enjoyed the roleplay in the meeting with @RonnieLR and the rest of the LR boys, and @Phoenyxx and her group. Let's run it up again soon.
  12. Hell of a firefight! Got me two kills until the last guy rushed into the garage and I got mag dumped by the S-GRU member and my teammate Joey 🤣

    1. YBN Panda

      YBN Panda

      george clooney GIF

      @JoeyOG's perspective

    2. TurkRP
    3. JoeyOG


      on fire win GIF by Cheezburger

      Shooting echo in the back. 

  13. *A deep voiced Chernarussian man comes over the radio* "I know a good headline for you to use. Russians are enslaving the survivors of Chernarus and you need to get away from them. Join together with people and fight against the tyranny. Fly the orange rags in resistance." *static* "Fuck them all, fuck the police. Fuck the Russians!" *Radio message ends*
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