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  1. Go ahead and archive this group. I'm getting 2016 vibes and I'm not about that. The community is still the same. We tried to fix your server pop, and we did, but now the community is against us. I'm disappointed that the community staff team is trying to remove a Slavic religious symbol and you're threatening to permanently remove people over a symbol that no neo-nazi organization uses. /archive
  2. Panda

    how could you...


    stassi schroeder GIF

    1. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      What else you hiding from us huh buddy?

    2. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      absolutely disgusting, how dare you

    3. Echo


      🤷‍♂️ idk man

  3. Shameless copying of my Banner, looks good

    tbf i did start that trend 😉

    1. JimRP


      all bless watchman industries

    2. Echo


      Watchman banner.png

  4. Made me a bacon burger today. That bacon tasted goo-
  5. Government/Party Roster Changes: @Mike to Minister of Commerce Civilian Sector Roster Changes: @Dr Bradley to Medical Personnel at City Clinic Welcome all new members
  6. Echo

    Your my favorite Dane ❤️ I will miss you

    1. Noble


      Wait wut, I'm leaving? 👀

    2. Echo


      for 3 days

  7. This group is filled with some great lads. Keep up the good work, and hope to see y'all in-game soon for some roleplay. Good luck my slimes
  8. Thank ya and I appreciate the good words my guy. Keep up the good work my boy Appreciate it Blake. Good luck and thank ya
  9. Npor. Alexei Novak meets with Deacon Johnson about the upcoming government in Zelenogorsk. Education Minister Lubor Kopriva on the way to Zelenogorsk Communism has never worked. @HarveyLR I'm sorry but I had to post
  10. Please keep the Squad-MFC items. I doubt the items they have are causing issues. Their developers are very good.
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