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    Operation: Yggdrasil [Livonia]

    Holy shit this looks beautiful. Good luck man
  2. As a guy that only roleplays as a Chernarussian, this guide is a HUGE help. Can't say how many times I've read this thread to guide my character's and group's (soon) lore.
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    Close one of the servers.

    The only reason why they're half full is due to the holidays. A few days after New Years, the server population will be back to normal. Just wait a few days and this won't be much of a problem then. That is why I ain't playing right now because I'm not at home due to Christmas and New Years.
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    XieAngel's Art Gallery

    Administrator Randle lmao Where's my old sigs you made for me?
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    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

  6. Hey Hofer, right now I'm on a job for a few days far away from my PC, but when I get back I plan on playing.
  7. Here's a little comparison GIMP Days: Nowadays:
  8. Commander

    DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    Forum Name: Commander Graphic Type: Avatars, signatures, group logos and threads, etc. Current Status: Open Thread link:
  9. Augustýn Dvorak Vykukal was born in Miroslavl’, Chernarus on the Febuary 2nd, 1990. He grew up with his three brothers and one sister, out of which he was the oldest. He worked on the farm on the outskirts of Miroslavl’ until he was old enough to leave his home. After Augustýn joined the Chernarus Defense Force in 2008, he went through training and was now enlisted. Many of the Chedaki revolutionaries were located in South Zagoria, where Augustýn would soon be deployed to. Augustýn had already been promoted to Sergeant as his reputation throughout school and other deployments he had been in. When Augustýn was sent to South Zagoria, he was faced with violence, crime, and other ramifications of the revolution. The 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Mechanized Brigade was sent to the Vybor region, the northwest part of South Zagoria to move and take a depot where some of the revolutionaries were stationed. Augustýn and his platoon was heavily attacked on the way to the depot and had to survive with only a few of his other soldiers. He was moved back to hold the military airfield with the assistance of two other platoons. After defending the airfield, he was promoted to the rank of Starshina (Sergeant First Class). Soon after being promoted, he was sent back home. The date is January 9nd, 2017, it's been around 9 months since he moved back home. After being home, Augustýn wants to get away from home and continue to fight the Chedaki for taking away his family from him. Augustýn re-enlists into the Chernarussian Defense Force to then be deployed into South Zagoria to the Vybor regional airbase to become regiment sergeant as a Starshina (Sergeant First Class) of the 13th Motor Rifle Division, in the 77th Rifle Regiment. His division was sent to backup the 43rd Rifle Regiment against the Chernarussian-Russian border. Augustýn was moved all over South Zagoria until his division was sent back to Miroslavl’ on May 26th, 2017. The date is July 5th, Augustýn’s regiment was sent back into South Zagoria to the city of Chernogorsk. Their job was to secure the city due to martial law established by the state. The city began to get overrun by the infected and his regiment were pushed to the northern part of the city. Augustýn didn’t know how bad the situation was until he saw it with his own eyes. His regiment were pushed out and many of his men were dying off. On July 17th, they were ordered to move into Zelenogorsk with only having half of their men. After a day of packing, they were on their way to Zelenogorsk when the convoy was attacked by machine gun fire from the treelines leaving Chernogorsk. The convoy pushed through to get into the small town of Kozlovka. Little did they know, civilian rebels were hiding in the buildings. The CDF soldiers were fired upon and then the remaining were taken into the houses, including Augustýn. News around were many civilians had formed raid groups to raid CDF forces for weaponry and ammunition. The group of civilians held them there for 3 days until they moved Augustýn and the rest of the 90-something men into the trees of Kystryk. After, 4 more days of camping with civilian rebels and being unarmed and treated right, the civilians let them go with each only having a sidearm. CDF forces around South Zagoria were completely distorted.
  10. Welcome to Echo's Customs, my personal graphic designs. I'll start by saying that I started doing graphics about 2 years ago starting out on GIMP and then moving onto Adobe Photoshop. If you would like to request some work, I do avatars, signatures, group art/emblems, etc. Below is a teaser for some of my past work. Would you like something done? PM me with the information below in that template, or post it below. It may take some time due to not being online all the time. I DO NOT DO GROUP ART REQUESTS ANY LONGER!
  11. Thank you @Voodoo I just submitted my support ticket.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/id/PawpawDinky
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://i.gyazo.com/7cd7e70d63cdda44d7659534a8b0f6df.png Why the verdict is not fair: It has been 2 years since, and I'm now 19. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I had an old account on here, but I don't have that email no more. I created a new account since its been two years since I've been on my PC due to me leaving communities and started work and just didn't have the time to do anything on my PC. Also, my old account is Commander, but I don't have the email anymore and I was wondering if I can get it merged into this account. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My account unblacklisted and be able to play on here. What could you have done better?: Waited till I was of age to whitelist.
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