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  1. Young Broke Boy. Cool dude. Welcome my boy.
  2. New shit go hard

  3. *Painted on the side of one of the apartment buildings in Dubky* *Note left on the steps of the Chernogorsk police station* "Today, you took a few causalities. You're in the wrong place. This is the start of a war and you're made to lose. Chernarussians and the populace currently residing in the state of South Zagoria will be fed up with your actions. The orange rags will give you hell. Kurva policejní parazity. Toto je náš blok." Tomorrow and the days to come, you will see more and more roleplay from us and our presence on the server Goodbye to @AlkisLR and @groovy blisna, you two will be missed. Welcome to the group @YBN Voh, @22ozer, @JoeyOG, and @Ranger1. You all have done good shit already within the group. Recruitment is still open.
  4. Just my 2 cents... Lets say that a member and/or members in a group broke a bad bad rule, well I think the group should have the choice of kicking the member from the group and will not be allowed to join back. Lets say the member gets kicked and that member and/or members joins back on the group, then that is when I believe the group should be force archived. There should be a process in this just so it won't be an inconvenience to the other members in the group who wanna continue with it.
  5. welcome blood

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      Gang Gang Neighborhood GIF by Quando Rondo

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  6. This is more of a suggestion to the Politsiya and S-GRU, not directly to the DayZRP community. All of these ideas are good though, but it's all up to the people who live in Chernogorsk.
  7. We got some more cool shit coming for some more hostile roleplay. Love the interactions today and a good firefight (that I had to watch ) Glad for you all to now be listed as enemies. Good shit today.
  8. Got my ass shot in the head today in a church, very disrespectful. God is looking down upon you. Just kidding, good roleplay today by you all. Sorry if I accidently hotmic'd because I was talking to my boys in discord. My apologies on that.
  9. Ayyy new profile looks 

  10. Yo tf is this trash? No but for real tho we do be vibin... just not to scottie's shit playlists
  11. YBN Echo


    Yes absolutely. Especially the business we're gonna be running.
  12. Met the old ass man @Murdercool in Chernogorsk today along with two other guys from the group. Wanna give a shoutout to them as it was some good roleplay discussions between us and you all. +1 Good luck, hope for some more discussions soon
  13. Good luck again boys. Hope it works out this time, can't wait! We got ourselves some hostilities incoming
  14. Dubky Chlapci Dubky Boys | Dubky Gang Media Thread Welcome to the Dubky Boys media thread. Post your screenshots, videos, and other visual arts here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maxim looks over Chernogorsk when coming back to his home, Dubky.

    This shit good as hell 🌵

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  16. Most of us were inactive but we'll be on later today. Shit coming down in south Chernarus soon.
  17. Time to start roleplaying again. Eskitit

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      YBN Panda


      Giannis Antetokounmpo Basketball GIF by Milwaukee Bucks

  18. I like the thread. Good luck with the group
  19. Yeah the group was an old idea I'll fix em up
  20. Dubky Chlapci, and for easier English translation Dubky Boys or Dubky Gang, are from the apartment blocks to the north of the South Zagorian city of Chernogorsk. It was founded in the late 70s, a few years before the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of the new Chernarussian Democratic Republic. A large group of young men, who were now unemployed due to the end of the Union, needed a way to protect their apartment blocks and show their pride from where they lived. Soon they began flying orange rags to show pride in their neighborhood and their camaraderie. The majority of the Dubky residents worked in the factories and the docks in the city, doing hard manual labor for less than appealing wages and supplements. It soon turned into a necessity for the Dubky Parta to begin doing illegal jobs on the side just to sustain their family. In the mid 2000s with Chernarus turning into an obvious powder keg, the boys who worked at the docks began accepting bribes from NAPA members to turn a blind eye to small arms which were smuggled through the ports. The boys would do anything to make a quick buck at this point as they wished to keep their families fed and apartments secured under their rags. Once the Chernarussian civil war broke out a large majority of members traded in their orange rags for yellow and green in support of NAPA. Dubky Parta went into semi-hiatus during the civil war as the young men went off to fight the communists, they soon formed a strong hatred for them and the Russians. Those who didn’t go off to fight, continued to take care of their families and those who died fighting for the country. This is when Dubky Parta’s criminal activities sped up as the lack of police in the city made it easier to commit crimes. The boys began to buy drugs from the Russians, starting small in ounces and eventually moving to a two kilos of marijuana, an ounce of cocaine, and half a kilo of krokodil. Using the money from the drugs they sold, they proceeded to buy more pistols and small arms though were looking to upgrade. The civil war had ended and the boys came home, resulting in the gang going from 54 before the civil war, to 22 after due to losses and those killed during the war. Those who came back however, had a new hatred for the Russians and communists that they bought from. Their opinions during the civil war soured and the gang made an ultimatum to its own members, they had to stop buying from the Russians or else. Soon, it was figured out that a small clique of members were still buying from the Russians. Those 4 so-called ‘bratirs’ were found killed, execution style in the woods to the north in the outskirts of Mogilevka. The police never found out who did the crime, but the Russians knew who did it well enough. Eventually Dubky Parta used their contacts from other organizations to buy AK-74s and AKMs for cheap due to the surplus during the war. The hard-line members had a plan to run out the Russians in their city. They set up a fake drug deal in exchange for weaponry, and the situation ended with the Dubky Parta rolling up and opening fire upon the Russian mob. Two boys were killed in the gunfight, while a confirmed 7 Russians were killed. The boys extracted the used weapons and orange flags to hide the identity of the gang attack. They also managed to score some new weaponry. The police soon arrived at the scene and realized that it was another total to add to the gang crime statistics of the city. Spring of 2020 rolled around and the boys had a total of 34 men active in their gang and working, selling drugs, doing petty theft and robberies. The murders had slowed due to investigations by the police and the local special government police units. Slowly, the virus began in the city and spread quickly through the region. It was soon obvious that everyone was getting sick, and with martial law being enforced, the boys stopped their illegal activities and switched to help their community. They set up local food kitchens, and set up quarantine zones inside their apartment blocks. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to stop the virus. It was abandoned as more started dying off. It hurt the gang massively to kill those they’ve known their whole life however, it had to be done to keep them from the pain and suffering. Today many of the boys of Dubky remain in their homes within the apartment blocks with their adequate supplies and survival materials. They stayed within Dubky to keep their memories and the tradition of those who have passed on and those who are alive. They had been living in an extremely primal way, how they did before. It was a dog eat dog world to them, they had to be superior, stronger, and smarter to survive. That’s how they survived, their orange rags long gone from their neighborhood and balconies. Though they believed it was time to return to their roots, back to their identification for the chance to rebuild a society or a group of brothers. They found orange rags and began tying them around their arms again, with the same ideas as before. They had to come out on top of the primal world, they needed to be top of the food chain. Expel any other organizations away from the surroundings of our neighborhood. [Indefinite] Keep the Dubky apartment blocks and the city in our hands. [Indefinite] Work together to adapt to the situation and grow stronger. [Indefinite] Find and recruit 10-15 new members into the Dubky block. |0/15| [Ongoing] Eliminate the Russian influences that may still exist in South Zagoria. [Day 200] Setup a new area for drug and weapons trading near the city of Chernogorsk. [Day 130] Attempt to muscle ourselves into the drug trade and start distribution. [Day 150] Create communications with other groups around South Zagoria for business. [Day 130] Store weapons and drugs for personal uses and future business deals |93/300| [Day 170] Continue business relations with current contacts. [Ongoing] Deal with any other organizations who threaten or compete with the gang. [Indefinite] Provide high quality hostile roleplay for the community to experience. Promote the goals of individuals in the group. Create a new hotspot for roleplay in our controlled area for the community to experience. Make ourselves known around the community for our roleplay. The head figures and residents of Dubky: @YBN Echo Maxim Kaspar ★★★ Hood residents and gang members of Dubky: @YBN Panda Jonas Kozak ★★ @YBN Sc0ttie Yvgeny Malek ★★ @YBN Species DeMarcus Vitor ★ @YBN Voh Oleg Bilek ★ @groovy kase Alexandr Broz ★ @Ranger1 - Oskar Nemecek ★ @CocaineLane Herrman Slavik ★ @JoeyOG - Luka Kozak ★ @22ozer Alek Petrov ★ Renegades Everyone Other businesses/gangs ----------------------------------------- McCoomers & Co. Government forces/police Russian authority Hostile individuals ----------------------------------------- Politsiya S-GRU Joining the Dubky Chlapci is currently open for applications. This means you can either PM your application to @YBN Echo with the application template/questions provided below. After your application has been reviewed, you must find us in game and create an IC reason to join our group, or set up a meeting with the gang and yourself for us to get to know your roleplay. Our group mostly accepts Chernarussian civilian/hood characters however, we will allow for non-Chernarussian characters depending on the character’s background and how the character is played. Nevertheless, if you are interested in seeing our roleplay and paving the way for an invite later, feel free to contact us by messaging us. APPLICATION TEMPLATE ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— CREDITS Original logo made by @Angel, changes made by @YBN Echo Lore written by @YBN Echo @YBN Panda @YBN Sc0ttie LORE HAS ALREADY BEEN APPROVED BY LORE MASTERS
  21. How does a Chernarussian gang sound? Where my dubky bloods at

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  22. 1. National Renewal Movement of Chernarus ZBOR 2. Cerna Liska 3. Operation: Yggdrasil 4. Anarchy 5. Norsefire Party
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