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  1. 10/10 graphics making the thread look clean. Good luck with this
  2. 10/10 as always. The one who inspired me to start graphic design. Good shit Lonely
  3. nerd profile.

    1. PandaOG


      fix it.. thank you

    2. PandaOG


      Woah thanks for the new shit my guy

  4. Just saying, I would definitely change the colors of the graphics because it is very hard to read with the black on dark orange background. Anyway, good luck tho ps. for $30 i can do your graphics. gimme your money
  5. If you watched the video, in the new update for DayZ the cold weather will be increased up north in Chernarus anyway due to the newly added ski resort. So even if Namalsk was on a second server it doesn't matter because the community will have to deal with the cold winter in Chernarus anyway. It will just be a bit colder on Namalsk.
  6. This thread is old, but once it comes out, would everyone like it?
  7. had to go back to my 2015 dayz gallery.. rip mod you were the greatest
  8. Very nice Ducky. Good luck with this
  9. You're one talented mfer. Good shit man. These are
  10. Anatoli, also called Papa by his large family, was born in Chernogorsk in 1986 right before the collapse of the Soviet Union. His family was wealthy due to the past generations of crime. Work in progress, gotta rank up in Siege real quick...
  11. Does it count if I joined in 2015 but immediately got banned for being a child
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