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  1. Commander

    The Saints

    Looks good, let me know if yall need anything else. Can't wait to meet you boys in-game
  2. Go ahead, I sent you a DM with a updated yellow border.
  3. Commander

    The Saints

    Dew told me to hook you boys up with some shitty graphics so here you go Good luck btw
  4. Y’all homies are something else appreciate the feedback lads. I got some more graphics in works for the group
  5. Ayyyyyyyyy let’s get it boys.
  6. Slava Chernarus. Good luck, thread graphics look good
  7. +1 to the berets. Something about it. Green berets will be worn by non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel while black berets can be worn by commissioned officers and higher up leadership (Major and above) wear officer caps.
  8. Been a little while and made some more...
  9. Work in Progress
  10. Oh my... Very unique and a little bit edgy I would say. Good luck with this group tho
  11. Let's get this on a shirt
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