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  1. Roy Thompson, manager of the famous Richard "Dick" Banks, was assumed to be dead. Roy and Richard traveled to Chernarus for Richard's surprising last show in Berezino. They spent weeks scavenging in mysterious Chernarus forests until finally reaching Novy Sobor. The dynamic duo found shelter in a small home where they hid from "the things" for only three days until they were found. Roy sacrificed himself to save his friend, Richard by throwing himself at "the things" only to be shot by Richard. Richard left Roy thinking he was dead, but through miracles, luck and shear force of will, Roy managed to survive with a bullet next to his heart. Wounded and bleeding out, Roy managed to escape from Novy Sobor only to be captured by a group of bandits. This group was named the marauders. Roy told them who he was and because the leader of the marauders was a huge fan of Richard Banks, he invited Roy to join his group. Weeks passed before Roy realized his true purpose in life, to find Richard Banks and protect him until his final breath. Roy tells the leader of the marauders that he must leave to find Richard only to be laughed at. That night Roy left in the shadows leaving with just the clothes on his skin and the knowledge that he will be hunted for the rest of his life not only by "the things" but the marauders as well. But all of this does not matter to Roy so long as he can finally find Richard and serve him as he once did, in a previous life.