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  1. DonDon was born and raised in South Carolina and from an early age he was exposed to the great outdoors. His dad took him hunting, fishing and tracking every weekend from the time he could lift a .22. Don married his highschool sweetheart Emily after collage and around this time he dicided to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a South Carolina State Trooper. He has since worked for around 30 years in the force, untill a tragic highway shootout which left him with a slight limp and ptsd. This was enough for an honorable discharge from the force and a pretty healthy retirement. After cashing out the insurance money from the shooting, Don decided to go overseas to do some serious big game hunting, and this is what landed him in Chernorussia. When the outbreak occured he didnt hear about it for a few weeks as he was out in the desolate wilds without any contact with the outside world. He has since, decided to do whatever it takes to get back to his wife!
  2. Zac was born in Pompano beach Florida where he grew up in a single parent household. When Zac got out of highschool he got himself into quite a bit of trouble due to the people he was hanging out with. He and his mom agreed that the best option for him was to get out of Florida in order to get a job and a life. At this point Zac moved to Miami, but he couldnt get a job to save his life, he worked for a little while at a carwashers but couldnt make ends meet. All the while he also had to send money to his mother who had fallen ill and couldnt provide for herself. This was when Zac decided to reach out to his father. He didnt know much about him but he knew he was Swedish, and he had gotten a few letters from his grandmother in Sweden that hed never met. When Zac got hold of his father his dad was surprised but also very happy that his long lost son finally had decided to contact him. Zacs dad had sent letters and gifts for his son every year since he was born, something Zacs mom had never told him about. Zacs dad told him that he would pay for his ticket to sweden. After only two weeks Zac was in Sweden. His dad, Stefan, wanted Zac to meet his new family and had also lined up a job for Zac at a local grocery store. Zac was asked to, and decided to stay with Stefan and his family. After working away at his new job and starting to build a new life in Sweden, Stefan told Zac that his family would go to Charnorussia to meet Stefans wifes relatives, as she had grown up in the city of Electrozavodsk. Stefan and his wife wanted to know if maybe Zac would join them on the trip. As they had no kids of their own, Stefans wife Ivana had kind of "adopted" Zac as their child. Zac agreed to go with them, and so they went. Only a week after arriving in Chernorussia things started to go sideways. They heard rumours of some strange activity out north, and it would not take long before they started seeing military as well as refugees rolling in into the city. They had heard that all flights were cancelled and decided to see if they could get on a ship to take them anywhere but here, but before they could find one fighting broke out in the city. Shots were fired left and right and people, that acted insane, almost possessed by some otherworldly source attacked civilians left and right and consumed their flesh in the streets. Zacs grandparents house got overrun and the only person who managed to escape was Zac and a young boy that he had been told was his cousin. The boy spke no english but showed Zac a way out of the city. The two boys walked for days northwest bound to try to get to what Zacs cousin had managed to convey through signlanguage to be a military airfield where they might be able to get help. Once they got there however, no help was to be found. Only death, and destruction. They looked through the entire airfield and managed to find both supplies, clothes more suited to the rough climate and weapons for protection. Zac noticed that the uniforms they had found were USMC uniforms, and he convinced his cousin that if they ran into anyone they would say that they were US-Marines, and then maybe, if the people they ran into had bad intent, they would elave them alone. They ran around the airfield, and Zac found an old car that he managed to start. The boys drove their car even further north untill they got to military compound where they looked around for any soldiers that might be able to tell them what was going on, and where to go for help. The boys got split up, and Zac went around looking for his cousin for a while, untill he heard a terrible commotion. A pack of wolves were running through the forest, tearing down infected left and right. about 2 or 3 of them were sat still eating something by one of the structures in the camp. Zac lined up the shot and sprayed down all three of them, leading to the rest of the wolves running away in fear. He walked closer and saw what eh already knew, the remains of a young boy, dressed as a United States Marine lying on the ground. Zac turned around and threw up. He then ran, booked it towords the spot where he had left his vehicle. When he heard a voice. The voice belonged to a man in his 30s or 40s dressed all in black. He introduced himself as Alex Menendez, a MARSOC operative of the USMC. Alex started asking Zac a bunch of questions regarding his time in the military and Zac, in sheer panic didnt know what to answer. He tried to make up lies but he could tell that Alex could see right through them. A couple other people joined them and alx told Zac to put his hands on his head and get in one of the barracks. Alex proceeded to tell Zac that there was nothing tha the despised as much as people pretending to be marines, that it was an insult to the people who had bled and died for the United States Marine Corps. Zac realized there was no way out of this but honesty and told Alex the whole story of what had happened and why he decided to put on the USMC uniform. Alex was still noticably upset, but told Zac that they would be ok, on the condition that Zac trade the USMC uniform for all black clothes, and promise to never impersonate a MARSOC operative ever again. Zac agreed, he thought to himself that he would do anything to survive, and this was a tiny favour to ask if it meant that he could keep al lhis supplies and his life. After Zac changed out of the uniform into his new clothes the tone changed drastically, and Zac offered the men a ride in his Lada. The men agreed and they went on east where they left eachother on good terms after trading a few items, including the Lada for a 2 seat truck. Zac got in his newly acquired truck and put the pedal to the metal headed east. The men had told him that there was a newly established settlement in Svetlojarsk where he might be able to find refuge. On arrival to the city Zac instantly met alot of people that seemed like they were just ordinary people who had been scarred by the harsh conditions of the apocalyptic reality they were living in. Ordinary people, but noticably afraid. Zac asked a reverend what everyone was so afraid of and the priest answered that there were many external threats to people who were trying to build a society in this godforsaken part of the world. Zac shacked up in one of the houses close to the town square where the church was situated and carried on surviving off of the food he had collected on his journey and water from a nearby well. He explored the city during the days and when he ran into people he tried to help them with anything they needed, or trade items that he scavanged from the nearby villages. After staying in the city for a few weeks Zac started to see things develop there that made him uneasy. Alot of strange people started seeking refuge in Svet, but they did not all seem too friendly or even mentally stable. It had been months since the outbreak and some people had not seen another live human being since then which showed when they tried to integrate into the new society. Zac decided that this town, after all, did not turn out to be the safehaven he had hoped and decided to head out in search of a place where he could start building a place that was safe for all civilians that wanted a sense of community, at least untill, if, they would be rescued. A place far from bandits, fundamentalists and religious fanatics. But could he do it alone? And if not, where would he find a group of likeminded people? If only he could meet some of his fellow marines that survived, then he could start putting his plans in action. Together, the USMC can do the impossible.