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  1. Yora Ilyich

    Yora Ilyich and his family ran a small tavern jsut outside of Msta. They did quite well, even through the civil war as the soldiers enjoyd the services the tavern had to offer. Yora lived in the tavern together with his father, Petr, and his younger sister Anna. One day however, just a few weeks before the end of the civil war in 2009, a group of rowdy, partly camo clad men entered the establishment and drank, sang and spoke proudly of their conquests in battle, including how many people they had killed. Petr intervened as the locals in the tavern were unsettled by the graphic detail described by the group. In response, the men pointed an automatic rifle at Petr and forced him outside. They told Yora and Anna to stay inside, and after a few moments they heard a gunshot echo from the parkinglot. Yora then took Anna by the hand and ran into the forest nort of Msta. They ran and ran until they got to the town of Dolina where they were offered shelter by an elderly couple. At the end of the war, a few weeks later, Petr went back to the tavern to continue the family business, But Anna, who had noticed a change in her brother, went to work as a nurses assistant in Elektrozavodsk. The years passed, and Yora kept worked hard to be able to keep the family tavern open. He had very little contact with his younger sister, only the occational phonecall. More time passed, and Yora had run into some real financial trouble where he had been forced to sell the tavern and take a minimum wage job as a cashier at the convenience store in Staroye. He was too ashamed to tell his sister. Once the rumours of what was happening up north reached Yora he contacted his sister to make sure she was still in Elektrozavodsk. She was indeed, but she had been ordered to transfer to Severograd to help out with the epidemic. He told her to under no circumstance leave for Severograd and immediately got on the train to Elektrozavodsk to reuinte with his sister. They spent a few days together but when the reports from the north got even more worrying Yora managed to get Anna on a boat that was departing for Miroslavl. He used up the little money he had from his last paycheck to get her a spot on a boat, but could not afford to leave himself. He thought to himself that Annas wellbeing was more important, and he made a promise to his sister that he would survive and eventually come to Miroslavl and find her.