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  1. Zac Wilkins

    Zac was born in Pompano beach Florida where he grew up in a single parent household. When Zac got out of highschool he got himself into quite a bit of trouble due to the people he was hanging out with. He and his mom agreed that the best option for him was to get out of Florida in order to get a job and a life. This was when Zac joined the army. He did one tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq. In Afghanistan Ziggy saw quite a bit of action as he was stationed in the Korengal valley and he struggled to readjust to a normal non- military life after his two slightly calmer tours in Iraq. Despite his superiors suspecting Zac to be suffering of PTSD he begged his CO for a chance to go and help out in Chernorussia when the news of the pandemic got out. They obliged and Ziggy got stationed off of the south coast of Chernorussia. When the Marine raiders were eventually overrun in Cherno and Elektro Ziggy and two of his friends managed to get away and headed to the international airfield in the northwest. They thought there might be a posibility of extraction from there, but once they arrived they were bitterly dissapointed as there was noone there to help them. They stacked up on supplies and decided to head west to see if they could find any survivors to join up with. The three comrades got to Severograd where they helped local factions to fight against the Mujahadin fundamentalists. Zac survived and narrowly escaped death, while his two friends, who had not seen action before, were killed by the muslims. Zac talked to some of the other survivors in Severograd and they together went east to the city of Svetlojarsk where they settled down and vowed to protect the settlement with their lives in order to start building a new society, no matter the cost.