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  1. SheepyMcSheepface

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    Axel Kubinski never stopped fighting for the revolution! Add me to the roster, tovarish!
  2. This is collateral damage of @Roach's stupid apology. Guess I am playing the game now (duw) Edit: Re-considering this, I'll drag a random civilian down with me: @Daisy you are literally back in the game
  3. We are all kinda taking a summer break, so please archive for now
  4. Thanks a lot! Blown away by all the positive feedback, it is much appreciated! ----------- Edited the thread, some progress on our goals has been made. I also included a link to @Pain's really well written journal entry, where he documented the first couple of days of Gagarinova in South Zagoria, hits the nail on the head with the "feel" and "athmosphere" of the group so far (thanks a lot Pain looking forward to any update!)
  5. Wow! Stuck on trains for a few hours and a dead battery, and the next morning I cant find my thread in the group ideas anymore HYPE! Thank you all so much for your support, you cannot imagine how I jumped around like a little kid when I saw this! Yes yes yes yes! @[email protected]@[email protected]@Cosmo Lets goooooo! Edit: Thanks a lot for jumping in @Pain!
  6. @G19RP @Lady In Blue thanks you guys, means a lot!
  7. Thanks a lot guys, thanks a lot, appreciate all the kind words! Aaaand I am very excited to be able to update the roster once again as @Cosmo has joined us to see who dies first! You are a very welcome addition, old comrade
  8. Daisy definitely plans to get back she's just still super busy with IRL stuff but wanted to hop in game with us this week. If it doesn't work out I'll remove her from the roster until she can actually get back to DayZ.
  9. Thank you, appreciate it a lot! I am more than looking forward to hearing from you! @all I added a few words on recruitment which will be done both ICly and OOCly. Please dont waste valuable time with fancy application forms etc., just send me a quick PM or poke me on TS and we'll figure everything out in a quick talk
  10. I am very excited that @Pain will join our struggle to survive! Welcome to the group, lets go! Roster updated
  11. Thank you everybody Glad to be a first-mover Thanks a lot! Thrilled to meet anyone on the hardcore group tbh! Gonna be interesting thanks for the kind words! Haha, that is what I was aiming at, thanks a lot! My guys here can confirm I put a lot of thought into the song selection ^^ had a couple of songs in mind but somehow loved the irony of the song's "accidents can happen" and the group's "any accident can kill you" theme
  12. - Carl Sagan You were scavenging the building for supplies, but there is only one exit? It might cost your life. You angered the wrong people? It might cost your life. You were hungry and allowed yourself eating from an unsafe source of food? It might cost your life. You simply were in the wrong place, at the wrong time? It might very well cost your life. Be reminded, your chances of survival are tiny enough. Any mistake might cost your life. 21st July 2017, Miroslavl, Chernarus Just over two weeks into the catastrophe, the CDF and UN forces decided to abandon South Zagoria, resulting in waves of refugees desperately trying to make their way West, towards Miroslavl, the easternmost foothold of civilization. The Chernarussian government however sealed off the region hermetically, on the one hand in an attempt to curb the spread of the infection, on the other hand, because the CDF did not have the strength to deal with and supply larger numbers of refugees. Only during the first days of the military's chaotic retreat, some lucky survivors were able to slip through and reach Miroslavl. The refugees did not receive direct aid from the present military, but those who were able to make it into Miroslavl before the CDF was able to create and hold onto the blockade were tolerated inside the clean zone. Mid August, Gagarinova 171, Miroslavl, Chernarus Even before the country drowned in chaos and destruction, the six-story apartment block at 171 Gagarinova street was a handyman’s special much rather than a prime property. The building was a relic of the Stalinist times, and its condition clearly showed the lack of investment ever since. Beginning with the emigration wave after the fall of the Soviet Union, too many of the building’s apartments stood empty, resulting in mould and decay taking their toll. Broken windows and rotten insulation material caused a permanent drought, the tap water was of brownish colour in the two lower stories and basically non-existent in the top four ones, and an objectionable odour was stuck in all rooms that were not overly-exposed to the outside elements. Now, just over a Month into the infection, Gagarinova 171 was somewhat of a new home to a group of about 20 survivors, most of them locals, but also some foreigners, who had chosen the building on their search for shelter from the storm raging around them. After the chaos and suffering of the last few weeks, after what people had to watch and endure, the drafty rooms nearly felt cosy, and the tatty old mattresses on the floor were the most comfortable thing people had slept on in weeks. Sooner than one would have assumed, the new life became routine, and the survivors started to settle in and arrange themselves with the new situation. Without a lot to do otherwise, the people of Gagarinova 171 grew closer and started helping each other with this and that, from preparing meals together, doing minor repairs on the house to improve their living conditions by a slight bit, all the way to simply keeping each other entertained. On a warm summer evening in August, they were able to bring an old tube tv and videocassette recorder back to life with the help of a car battery and Pjotrek, who had been an electrician in the previous world. They gathered in front of the TV, enjoying one and a half episodes of Masha and the Bear before the battery died. That night, they emptied the last bottle of vodka, the locals and the foreigners all together. Nobody ever spoke about it, but that night in August created a bond between them, and it was clear to the people of Gagarinova 171, that, if they were able to make it through all this at all, they would do so together. 31st May, Gagarinova 171, Miroslavl, Chernarus It finally got warmer again, but morale had hit rock bottom. The people of Gagarinova 171 had lost two souls to the winter, an elderly Chernarussian couple, he passed away in early February, she did not wake up in the morning of the 3rd of March. The supply situation worsened each day, and there were no signs of relief anytime soon. At the beginning of it all, it had been easy to believe that they would only have to hold out for a couple of weeks, maybe months, before the government would have control over the situation again, but now, the tally in the hallway of the 4th floor counted 298 days since they moved in at Gagarinova 171, little reason for hope was left that the world would ever return to its old order. Everything seemed like day 299 would end just the way the big majority of the previous ones had ended, with nothing but a bad meal, boredom and staleness. But the daily trot came to a sudden end as a huge explosion cut through the silence of the evening. The people of Gagarinova 171 could feel the floor shaking from the blast, even though the epicentre of the explosion must have been a kilometre or two away from the house. Dust tickled from the ceilings. Everybody was scared stiff, and for a moment there was nothing but silence. Then, screams could be heard in the distance, and bursts of automatic gunfire erupted every few seconds. Someone shouted, as quietly as possible, making sure he could only be heard inside the building, that everybody should keep their heads down. Lying flat on the ground, the people of Gagarinova 171 held their breath as they heard a group of people passing by on the road below, yelling at each other in Russian. An automatic rifle fired again, sounding much closer this time. Another explosion went off in the distance, and for a brief moment a fiery orange glow fell through the windows, illuminating the walls and the people in the room, unveiling an expression of fear in most of their faces. The turmoil went on for about twenty minutes, which felt like hours for the people hiding in Gagarinova 171, but at some point the bursts of gunfire became less frequent, and about an hour after the first explosion, the dust settled and Miroslavl fell into a tense, eerie silence. It took a while before someone dared talking again, and it was merely whispering, but still the words tensely cut through the evening air like a hot knife. Slowly the people in the building got up again and gathered in the living room of apartment 3A to discuss the next steps. Not knowing what had happened, who had attacked and how many infected were attracted by the shots and explosions, they agreed that Miroslavl could no longer be regarded a safe place. Of course, they had somewhat used the time to prepare for a day like this. They had backpacks prepacked with the bare necessities, such as tents, some basic equipment and enough food for a week or two without supplies. They had made a plan of how to leave the town and head in Southwestern direction towards Novigrad, avoiding any other bigger towns or potential hazards. They were as ready as they could have been. They waited for another hour or two, until the darkness of the night could give them the most cover and protection. Then, it must have been very late on the 31st of May, if not the first hours of June already, after spending over 300 days at Gagarinova 171, they were on the road again … 1st June 2018, Dálnice from Miroslavl towards the North-East, Chernarus … from that point onwards, a lot went wrong. At first they nearly ran into a huge hoard of infected coming into Miroslavl on the way the people of Gagarinova 171 wanted to vacate the city, forcing them to divert into a forest to the North. The incident delayed them by an hour or two, and when they were ready to continue on their way, a thick, oppressive fog had fostered. Soon they found the road again, but due to the commotion and low visibility, they did not realize it was the one heading Eastwards.  They did not notice their mistake until the sun rose in front of them. Realizing they were heading in the wrong direction, they turned around, and shivers ran down their spines. On the horizon they could see a thick pile of black smoke, and they immediately knew it was Miroslavl. They looked at each other with grim faces, and everybody knew that there was no turning back. They would carry on Eastwards, towards the deathtrap with the name South Zagoria. IC GOALS: Short Term: Find all necessary components to build an improvised water distillery to make unsafe water drinkable [1/1 cooking tripod, 2/2 pots, 0/2 water-proof bags, 1/1 sewing kit, 1/1 sharp knife] [Day 355] Acquire a walky-talky with power source for every group member to enable communication when split-up [2/5 walky-talkies, 2/5 batteries] [Day 355] Link up with group members they got seperated from on their way to South Zagoria [Day 355] Mid Term: Investigate about the origins of the attack on Miroslavl to assess whether it is safe to return or not [Day 375] Collect information on the state of the outside world and make a plan where to go to (aka. find out where the safest place in reach is), especially if it is unsafe to return to Miroslavl [Day 375] Establish a system of safe houses with food on stock (only applicable if we manage to find food to spare) [Day 375] Acquire weapons for every survivor in the group and teach them how to defend themselves [Current armament (whole group): Firearms: 4 in total, thereof: 1 automatic rifle, 2 handheld firearms, 1 sawed-off. Melee: 5 in total [Day 375]] Long Term/Ongoing: Connect with other groups in the area to ease the supply situation, but stay out of any conflict that could endanger our lifes [ongoing] OOC GOALS: Provide a high level immersion - not only for our own group but especially for the people we meet and interact with ingame. Stay IC all times means a lot of internal RP - however this group is by no means focussed on internal RP - we will actively seek to interact with as many people as possible and activley contribute to the lore and story of the server. We want to have a positive impact on the "report culture" in this community. We will seek OOC exchange with anyone who interacts with us to make sure that everybody interacting with us has an enjoyable and immersive RP experience. "Salt reports" from any group member will not be tolerated. All this should sum up to one principle that shall lead our steps: IT IS NOT ABOUT WINNING. It is all about roleplay, immersion, IC tension and emotion, for everybody, not only for ourselves. @SheepyMcSheepface - Thomas Harrach @justmate - Radoslaw Kovacs @pijkaCZ - Ondrej Pitek @Daisy - Lisa Kucera @Pain - Endeavour Gray Endeavours endeavours - journal thread. @Cosmo - Jakob Novak The goal of this group is to create an hardcore survival immersion, and everybody in the group should follow the same principles to hopefully achieve a new level of atmosphere and get the most out of the possibilities we have at the current state of DayZ. A few words on recruitment:
  13. SheepyMcSheepface

    Lets fuccing go boys

    I mean ... I guess one could create a thread where everybody can show off their character view counts... But nobody would do something like that, am I right?
  14. You! Selling my beautiful voice to strangers in the internet! Thats what you call friendsheep? Shame Edit: @Daisy of course, of course, hit me up if you still need help
  15. Already as kid, Thomas loved being outdoors, hiking and adventure. After his A-levels, when all his former classmates prepared their trips to the Gold Coast, Lloret del Mar or Mallorca, Thomas and two close friends of him embarked on the trip of their life. They had taken extra-shifts every day in a local pub they were working at to raise the funds they needed, before buying a beat-up VW camper, which was supposed to bring them all the way to Kathmandu, Nepal. From there, they wanted to traverese the Himalayas by foot through the Kali Gandaki valley and the mysterious Kingdom of Mustang. They embarked on their journey on the 23rd of March 2016, just after Thomas had finished his compulsory army service. They headed eastwards, through Czech Republic and Slovakia into the Ukraine, then continued in South-Eastern direction towards Georgia. However, they had a pretty bad engine breakdown just after crossing the border from Ukraine to Russia. Thomas' friends were super frustrated and decided to fly home, but Thomas himself wanted to push for it. As he did not have enough money to carry on alone, he decided to work for some months before repairing the camper and getting back on the road. But finding work in Russia, without the proper visa and without speaking even a word of Russian, prooved to be impossible. As parts of his family had Chernarussian roots however, he knew a bit of Chernarussian, barely a few wirds, but he decided to give it a go. He took a long-distance train Rostov-on-Don to Novigrad. He took a hostel room for a few nights and decided it would be best to invest in some beers and make some connections. His first stop was a pub called U Klopýtnutí where he stumbled into Vojtěch, the owner of said bar. They had a few pivos together, and further into the night Thomas asked Vojtěch if he could work in the pub for some months. Vojtěch did not have work for him at the pub, but he knew someone who wanted to open a hostel in Chernogorsk, the biggest city in the South Zagoria Oblast. South Zagoria had been in the hands of a violent civil war and a following economic crisis for a few years now, but appearently the region slowly recovered and due to its gorgeous landscape and mystical historical sights and castles, it became somewhat of an insider tipp for backpackers looking for an outdoor adventure off the beaten path. It sounded too good to be true for Thomas, and soon he found himself in a Marshrutka to Chernogorsk. Thomas enjoyed life at the hostel a lot, he could be found behind the bar during the week and went on hiking trips as a tour guide for interested hostel guests, up into the Black Mountains or to the beautiful castles in the North of the region. One weekend in July, everything went as planned, they came back on Sunday afternoon, something had changed. On their way back to Chernogorsk they had to pass a significant amount of checkpoints, and there was quite some commotion in the small town by the coast. They learned what was going on when they turned on the little tv at the hostel bar. Although the CDF reaffirmed over and over again that Chernogorsk was a safe zone, the hostel phone rang late on Sunday night. It was Vojtěch, insisting Thomas to take everybody as soon as possible and bring them to Novigrad. Vojtěch suspected something to be fishy, and damn was he right. They left Chernogorsk approximately a day before the military decided to surrender South Zagoria to its fate. During the chaos, hick-ups and confusion of the following days they made their way South-East wards, but the group got split up somewhere on the way. Thomas was found by a UN detachment who identified him as a foreigner and took him to a refuge camp at Miroslavl, where he was able to get through the winter in relative safety. However, with the attack on Miroslavl, this safety was supposedly gone for good, and Thomas had to get "out there" again... --- --- --- Background is WIP. Will be refined shortly.