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"The station? No, big guy in bronze! Big guy from Bronx?!"

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  1. SheepyMcSheepface

    Potius Cras

    Hell yeah. For science! ... (Profits)
  2. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • SheepyMcSheepface

    Sheepy we are back, its time for the Boar to return



    1. SheepyMcSheepface


      The boar is on his way south.




      I'll get my PC back next weekend (i think)... 

    2. GaryCash


      Dude I’m so hype, hell yeah!!  I think we will see more returning soon too, the words getting out

  3. So we are showing off some Ireland shots? I'm in! Hope you like those
  4. @pijkaCZ "Uuuuh, I am wet... But I see no rain??" Also shout out to @Cosmo ... like in the good old days
  5. Event didnt go the way I planned it to go today but certainly had a lot of fun! Got shot rightaway, nearly died but @JesterInPeril did a great job saving me and some quite immersive field-medic RP! Kudos! Just minutes later I ran into @jhnekozrockz and had some good banter with him, too! Thx for the RP guys
  6. SheepyMcSheepface

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Ilya Kaprizov. Enlist me
  7. Great group, I really like both the design and the writing! Think that font works amazing with the colours and the theme of the group! Plus the group sounds very "realistic", like something that could actually happen. Really looking forward to how you guys play it out ingame! Best of luck folks
  8. SheepyMcSheepface

    Add night time to the server

    Yeah, +1 for the nighttime. Maybe schedule the nights for when server population is lower to kinda simulate how people "hide" when it gets dark and "get up" when the sun goes up again?
  9. SheepyMcSheepface

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Slava! Great to see this group back
  10. SheepyMcSheepface

    Gonna try to hop in game later today

    *Having received the mission debriefing, Spore turned around and mumbled with a dangerously silent voice* "It is high time that this whole mess of an operation in Chernarus gains traction again... Orion, get a connection with Tidal up as soon as possible!!" Best news of the evening! Glad to see you are back Gary! Can anyone confirm whether gas masks spawn in .63?
  11. Tomek was born in Novodimitrovsk as son of a simple, rather poor family. The environment he grew up in were the grey, opressive blocs in the town's suburbs with a high share of ethnic Russians. As Chernarussians were a minority in the neighborhood, Tomek experienced bullying, mistrust and ethically rooted hate already early in his life. He grew older and finished school in the summer of 2008. As he did not really have a perspective what to do with his life, and tensions in his country heated up more and more, he joined the army in January 2009. He had just completed his basic training when the ChDKZ surfaced and massacred two CDF platoonsat the Severský Základni base. After the war breaking loose, he was assigned to Kápitan Pavlenka's 3rd company of the 16th Chernarussian Infantery Batallion. His platoon under the command of Porucík Moravek was deployed to perform various missions in the mountainous Western region of South Zagoria. Everyday's life was calmer in the army until the outrbeak happened. At first, Tomek's platoon was deployed to the border region again, but this time to seal South Zagoria off from the rest of Chernarus, to limit the spread of the infection and refugees. The 16th held the positions for nearly 7 months, but eventually the supply situation worsened to such an extend that an order to retreat was given and South Zagoria was left alone. However, the command was looking for volunteers to join the 502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya on reconnaisance missions to South Zagoria, and as Tomek hated the sitting around and waiting, he gladly enlisted and was reassigned to a platoon of the 502nd under Kápitan Fedorov's command. Soon, he was on his way back to the cursed region of South Zagoria.
  12. SheepyMcSheepface

    Sorry, but it is my time to go.

    Really, really sorry to hear. Watching your videos was inspiring, hunting you with @Wolfstorm and the PCC was thrilling. Your pk of Ken was probably the most iconic moment during my short DayZRP ride so far... You will be remembered even though we did not really know each other I guess...
  13. Friendship drinks with @OskuRP @Ghost Of Pado @KyleRP really enjoyed the short encounter, thanks guys!
  14. *Hearing the first response to his radio message, Jaromir grinned faintly, then turned around and, putting on an air of innocence, said to the man next to him: “I told you, only ungrateful kozomrds left alive in this shithole of a region. Nothing to worry about really, let us carry on with…” Suddenly, the frequency came to live once again, interrupting Jaromir. The two men turned to the radio to listen to the weak, coughing voice.* A grim “Kurva” slipped out of Jaromir’s mouth. Pressing the PTT of his radio, he replied in a much friendlier tone: “Dobry Den, survivors. We forwarded your call, be assured the government is doing everything to provide you with medical aid and pharmaceutical supplies. Please monitor this frequency where we will give out information on where and when we can provide the supplies. Brave people of South Zagoria, do not worry, you are not alone nor forgotten. Stay alive out there, the Chernarussian government is bount to rescue you.” *Jaromir released the PTT and mumbled: “That is unfortunate…”*