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  1. I feel you... But as I am a mean human being, I'll take someone down with me. How about @pijkaCZ?
  2. Lost in his thoughts, Ilya leaned against the cold concrete wall, distractetly tuning different frequencies on his radio. Suddenly, a very familiar voice spoke back on one of the old Volki frequencies, leaving Ilya startled, staring at his small handheld radio as the man speaks. A few moments passed as Ilya processed what he just heared... Then he raised the radio, pushed the PTT and replied, with a slight tone of anger in his voice: "ублю́док, Fedorov. You are right, it has been long time. You have to explain a lot. How do you dare preaching about taking rest, товарищ? это пиздец. Meet me at свобода контрольной точки." Ilya released the PTT and, with a grim face, started to pack his few belongings into his backpack.
  3. Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Was absolutely thrilling for me as well, thanks a lot for going with it! It’s exciting because it all developed from a more or less random wrong time wrong place situation a few months back, but became a pivotal part of my character’s story, while you probably never were aware of it... we were already pretty close to catching you once, but then @pijkaCZ pk’ed after a firefight in Vyshnoye, and soon after you disappeared from the radar
  4. @PatZ Really enjoyed that, thanks man! Great way to resolve the situation without shooting/initiating btw.! Cheers!
  5. Had a really athmospheric encounter and travel time with @High Brah today. That night time survival RP was intense! Thank you
  6. Operator Bio: Born and raised in Innsbruck, Austria. Received basic training during his military service at the Austrian "Bundesheer". Was then employed by a private air transport charter provider, mission planning and escort of dangerous or high value freight. Headhunted by PC during a mission for the corporation in 2008. Operator assessment: In general a reliable, loyal asset. Exhibits a Can-Do-attitude, crafty problem solving and solid communication skills. However, the asset is not recommended for high-clearance or leadership roles due to lack of qualification and certain disadvantageous traits: - Sub-par results at shooting range, lacks tactical knowledge and discipline - Exhibits unruly, rebellious behaviour at times. Appears to have disciplinary issues, lack of seriousness when handling assigned duties. (See appendix 1) Current assignment: Asset has been dispatched to the Chernarus operation, entrance into the mission area by boat with team 5. Arrived in the country on Sat., Feb 23rd, but was separated from his team due to operational difficulties. Assumed MIA. Appendix 1: Got penalized during an operation in Africa, for willfully contaminating the air filter of a superior's gas mask with a foul-smelling serum, apparently after private differences between the two arose. Gained the operator the nickname "Skunk".
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    a beauty!
  8. Finally got to RP with @GaryCash again. You pulled me into that RP immersion immediately. Thanks a lot for that short but intense meeting
  9. Increadible thread. The video version of the lore is amazing and works really well to convey a mood. Wish you all the best and I am really thrilled to see how our groups are going to interact with each other ?
  10. SheepyMcSheepface

    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    Borov flicked away the stub of a cheap Chernarussian cigarette. He slowly raised the handheld radio, and with a sly smile on his face, he pressed the PTT and began to speak. "сюрприз. Did not expect you folks back. I would lie if I said I missed you, but I could use the paycheck, это пиздец. This is Operator боар, status green. I await your contact at checkpoint IV." Borov released the PTT, leaning back on the old bar chair, lighting another cigarette.
  11. This character is KOSable! Any death will result in a PK for this character. ————————— Background bio information on asset Carnivore, civil name Josip Zumthor 1987-2004 Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, as son of a wealthy family. Father Swiss, mother Serbian. Enjoyed excellent education at a private school. 2004-2005 One year mandatory service, Swiss Armed Forces, 2nd Alpine Specialist Detachment. 2005-2009 University education, HSG Business School of St. Gallen, MBA in Finance & Investment. Career since 2010 First years at Credit Suisse bank, ascending the ladder quickly. Recruited by private investment bank Julius Bär in 2012. Involved in a variety of smaller contracts between 2012 and 2015. The fun starts in 2015 when he is a central figure in orchestrating a multi-billion-CHF heavy deal with the pharmaceutical company Better Tomorrow. Objective of the business is to expand into the GUS market, specifically Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Takistan and the civil war shaken Chernarus. Business is good, market shares go up, Zumthor & Bär evolve as key strategic partner for Better Tomorrow in the region. Early in 2017 BT suggests a deal bigger than anything before. However, this time, the business is less about pharmaceuticals in their traditional sense. Zumthor plays a pivotal role in the deal, enabling the rollout of the so-called operation Carnivore. The high-risk/high-reward deal however isn’t precisely great for PR, consequently Julius Bär terminates further transactions with BT. As Zumthor is requested to take a leave, BT, or “the cooperation”, makes an offer he cannot reject. Zumthor is now an asset of the cooperation, specialized in business strategy & finance, for both clean and classified operations. Due to his questionable morale when it comes down to profitability, rumors say that his codename is not solely referring to that career changing deal. May I introduce? Operator Carnivore ————————— Operator Carnivore, 2nd Chernarus Operation, Potius Cras. Asset report Jan 2019 After the corporation's 1st Chernarus Operation did not yield the expected results, a new team is deployed to the small country early in 2019. After the initial scout unit was able to secure a perimeter and set up a preliminary FOB in South Zagoria, a helicopter is due to bring in some of the corporation's HQ staff involved in the Chernarus operation for a first site visit. Carnivore is on board as well when the helicopter is subject to an unidentified attack and subsequently downed over a hilly area of South Zagoria. A ground team is able to secure the crash site, however operator Carnivore is not among the identified victims. It must be assumed that he survived the crash and departed the crash site before the ground team arrived. For the moment, Carnivore is presumed ALIVE and MISSING. A S&R Team is deployed.
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    Potius Cras

    Hell yeah. For science! ... (Profits)
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    Sheepy we are back, its time for the Boar to return



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      The boar is on his way south.




      I'll get my PC back next weekend (i think)... 

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      Dude I’m so hype, hell yeah!!  I think we will see more returning soon too, the words getting out

  14. So we are showing off some Ireland shots? I'm in! Hope you like those ?
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