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  1. SheepyMcSheepface

    What do you want from us?

    I am a huge fan of your lore work - in fact, I created a character for one of the lore events concerning the BPR about a year ago - and it worked so well, I continued playing him, he is certainly my "main" character now... He would not have worked this way at all though if the lore was less thought-through, less detailled or less well developed. IMHO, you give us players amazing RP opportunities with the background information you provide, and I truly wish more players would consider a more lore-focussed playstyle. I never felt like being limited by the lore, the opposite is the case honestly! For me, the detailled background information (and when people actually adhere to it ingame) create a wholly different level of immersion than the random, spontaneuous banter, trade- and campfire-RP. 90% of my most memorable RP servers here have evolved from Ilya meeting other "close-to-the-lore" characters, such as CDF, NAPA, UN, WHO etc. ... For those characters, all the background on those factions helps to immediately develop a tension and a much more realistic feeling of conflict, fear, emotion, and so on. I would absolutely love to see the background lore to become more present in the everyday RP on the server, to become more meaningful, and especially to also affect characters apart from the ''old'' factions... I dont think this would limit the RP possibilities of anyone at all, compared to how it can enhance RP and immersion, but that is just my opinion... which unfortunately does not count too much probably, as I wont be able to play for quite a while anyway. Still wanted to leave my thoughts here, just because I am a big fan of the lore, and I think the server deserves to see more of what @Phatal and you have in mind, @Major
  2. Had a truly immersive night at the campfire with the Redwood Radio folks today! Thanks a lot @baskorthuis, @JobScholten and @Venob0ss, really enjoyed that tonight & looking forward to more! Cheers
  3. SheepyMcSheepface

    Chernarus IRL

    Great work, bratr, keeping homeland safe from foreign fake Pipsi! Slava Chernarus
  4. SheepyMcSheepface

    Chernarus IRL

    Its true! I think a very big chunk of why we still play this sh**show of a game is due to the amazing map design. The map being an such accurate model of a real-world location makes it just incredibly immersive, which transports a lot of the "feel" of the game, and even makes it somewhat enjoyable to just wander around without a lot of player interaction ^^ and we have a lot of that in bloody DayZ ^^
  5. SheepyMcSheepface

    Chernarus IRL

    I hope you dont mind me hijacking your thread As @ThanosRP said, I have been there about two years ago ^^ it was an incredible roadtrip, well worth the ride! Do it! It just felt super strange & amazing at the same time, driving through this random region somewhere in the Czech Republic, being able to navigate as if you grew up there... We went in November, and the "immersion" was incredible, with deep fog "at the coast" and clear weather up "North" here are some more impressions: Found some Pepsi, a copy version of the very famous Pipsi brand: Ústí nad Labem (aka Chernogorsk), where we stayed for the first night: The bus stop at the Dubky Apartments: On the road through the valley from Ústí/Cherno to Chuderov/Nadezhdino One of the small dams, you'd find a similar one at the exact same location in DayZ: Up the hills, approximately where you'd find the intersection of the roads to Rogovo & Stary Sobor ingame: The "dirt road" to the little compound at castle Zub (the houses are pretty much the compound, on the hill to the right is the castle): Ilya has cereals for breakfast at castle Zub: We have cereals for breakfast at castle Zub: Inside the castle: The view towards Green Mountain (you can really recognize the tree line & the shape, as well as the villages where Pulkovo, Pogorevka and Rugovo would be located ingame, while the radio tower is on a different hill than ingame (which is outside of the game's map area ^^): Back at the "coast" again: Elektorzavodzk factory The rocks North of Svetlojarsk (was quite dark already, sorry for crappy image quality): Then we drove back to where Berezino is ingame, and up the road with the little military checkpoint and the double bend - taking a right turn at the first intersection will lead you to? ... Correct! Gorka! And then further down the road, into the triangle... Everybody should recognize this place : Ruined house, exactely at the same place as ingame (in a slightly less decayed state, though ^^) Whe continued on the road to "Kabanino", then took a right turn through "Grishino". The road down to the "Northern Highway" was very recognizable again: We then spent the night in Decin, which is by the way a lovely place to try a few local Kvass ... Next morning, heading back home, once again along the Northern Highway, this time with light to take some pictures: Novodimitrovsk blocks look somewhat familiar The small castle at Svergino: Even the bloody car dealer between Novodimitrovsk and Severograd is a thing in real life, too: Driving through "Severograd": And then, finally, trying to escape South Zagoria via the Grozovoy Pass: ^^ ------------------------- Hope you like these pictures, definitely go there yourself, it is an increadibly experience! And maybe bring some better photos than me if you need some tips for where to get good beer & food, hmu!
  6. SheepyMcSheepface

    Do you play Military or Civillian

    For me, the most important consideration is that I want to be able to "fill my character with life" - and as I have no IRL military experience, I think I would not be able to RP actual military personell. Even during my time with Potius Cras, I never played the tacticool operators, but rather the businessmen or workers behind the operation, because that's something I can immerse myself a with a lot better... However, the character I really grew to like and enjoy playing the most is Ilya, a civilian becoming somewhat of a paramilitary thug during the civil war - so a bit of both worlds, without the IC and OOC ability to tacticool around. The character has really played out in amazing ways for me I try to portray that "mix" with my clothing style as well, I usually combine a tracksuit jacket or something alike with old damaged camo clothing, and I stick away from high-end weaponry but would rather carry a SKS or alike, at best...
  7. Dirk was a pilot for Tyrolean Air Ambulance, a charter airline from Innsbruck, Austria, specializing on medical transport flights. Usually, TAA avoided missions to ongoing crisis areas, but in this case they just could not refuse, as their client was a higher-up in the Austrian medical research association, who had been in Chernarus for humanitarian work. Apparently, the region they had been working at got shelled by artillery fire from unknown attackers, and TAA’s client got wounded by ricochet. Although his condition appeared to be stable, the lobby & Austrian ministry of social & health affairs insisted on bringing the client home immediately. Thus, Tyrol Ambulance Flight TO 74 had left INN airport in the early evening of July 9th, 2077, bound for Miroslavl airport, Chernarus. Dirk was first officer on the uneventful flight, which arrived at its destination at 02:00AM early on July 10th. The hotel in Miroslav I was certainly sub-par, at best, and Dirk & the crew did not have the best feeling about this mission from the beginning on. Consequently, Dirk had already been awake for a while, when his alarm went off at 7700 All. Despite their late arrival last night, he was almost glad that his minimum rest time was over soon, and they would be able to leave the country as quickly as possible again. The crew had pick-up at noon, and a taxi brought them to the airport. While the medical crew was busy with boarding the client & all necessary medical equipment, Dirk & his captain Frank proceeded with the flight planning for the return leg to Austria. Expecting calm weather, they planned a direct route through Russian airspace, allowing them to take less trip fuel, improving the take-off & climb performance of the Citation Bravo significantly. At 14:30 local time, the flight was ready for departure and proceeded to runway 27 for take-off at Miroslav I airport. After being airborne for approximately 20 minutes they were handed over to Russian ATC, but instead of clearing them for their filed route, the ATC controller instructed the crew to hold over waypoint LAMET, a few nautical miles be far entering the Sotchi airspace. After 30 minutes of holding, they requested further instructions, noting that their fuel planning would become obsolete. They were answered by another Russian person on the frequency, telling them that their IFR flight plan had been cancelled, and that the Russian airspace would remain closed for departures from Chernarus. The crew asked TAA's OCC for instructions via ACARS, and then proceeded on a southerly heading to circumnavigate Russian airspace via the black sea and then divert to an enroute alternate in Ukraine. On a second ACARS message, OCC informed the crew that they should not return to a Chernarussian airport under any circumstance. They were already over the Black Sea, South of Takistan, when they received the next ACARS message. Apparently, Turkey and Ukraine had closed their airspaces for traffic from Chernarus as well, threatening to shoot down any intruding aircraft. The message highlighted once more that the crew should not return to Chernov us under any circumstance. Without any other option, they attempted to make a landing at a Takistani military airfield, but were greeted with red & green signal flares, indicating that they were not welcome at the base. When the crew saw that light armoured anti-air artillery patrolled the runway, they knew the Takistani meant business and went for a go-around. In the early evening, after all other options had proven to be dead-ends, and their fuel reserves almost exhausted, they realized they'd have to make an emergency landing somewhere. They identified a extensive field in the coastal border region between Ta his tan and Chouans as the safest option they were left with, and at 20:30 local time, the Citation jet impacted the ground and came to a rest after a short, yet violent braking slide down the field. All persons on bord were alive with only minor injuries, yet they still had to figure out where they wee and what was going on...
  8. SheepyMcSheepface

    Metagaming rule trial

    Would make sense imho. Also, with emoting something on these lines, you give the others a chance to participate/react to what you are doing, you are not taking away the RP from them (as you would by just talking in discord without bringing it ingame). I think the new rule would be great if things like this were still possible when emoted properly. Also, I have used the *tapes down the PTT* in the past, but when attackers searched through my stuff I'd let them know as well: *you'd find a radio, ON, with the PTT taped down* ... This has led to great RP situations before so it would be against the rules now, right?
  9. Welcome back your Svet hotspot was my first RP experience here, only good memories looking forward to running into all of you again!
  10. SheepyMcSheepface

    The Time.

    Love the style of the thread and graphics... Also really got caught up by the backstory, great work! Looking forward to meet you Faolks ingame... Also having a really hard time with all these puns...
  11. SheepyMcSheepface

    • SheepyMcSheepface
    • GaryCash


    It is on me this time, I guess... Would you mind putting Carnivore back on the roster? ❤️ HYPE!

  12. I am really happy to see a group that is taking the Chernarus lore in this particular direction, I have been going down this path with my character Ilya for a decent while now, as well. I hope the best for you guys, if you do it right I am sure this could be amazing and offer really, really interesting RP opportunities I'll definitely keep my eyes open for you
  13. I feel you... But as I am a mean human being, I'll take someone down with me. How about @pijkaCZ?
  14. Lost in his thoughts, Ilya leaned against the cold concrete wall, distractetly tuning different frequencies on his radio. Suddenly, a very familiar voice spoke back on one of the old Volki frequencies, leaving Ilya startled, staring at his small handheld radio as the man speaks. A few moments passed as Ilya processed what he just heared... Then he raised the radio, pushed the PTT and replied, with a slight tone of anger in his voice: "ублю́док, Fedorov. You are right, it has been long time. You have to explain a lot. How do you dare preaching about taking rest, товарищ? это пиздец. Meet me at свобода контрольной точки." Ilya released the PTT and, with a grim face, started to pack his few belongings into his backpack.
  15. Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Was absolutely thrilling for me as well, thanks a lot for going with it! It’s exciting because it all developed from a more or less random wrong time wrong place situation a few months back, but became a pivotal part of my character’s story, while you probably never were aware of it... we were already pretty close to catching you once, but then @pijkaCZ pk’ed after a firefight in Vyshnoye, and soon after you disappeared from the radar
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