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  1. Aleksander is an average son of a working class family from Saratov, Russia. He graduated from school around a year before the outbreak and is called into mandatory conscription. He is sent to a military base in Samara for initial training, which he, unfortunately enough, completes just before the outbreak happens. Thus, as Russia decides to bring the Baltics under its control as a preventive measure against the infection, he is deployed to Livonia with the 105th Logistic Support Brigade. His unit operates in the region of Nadbór as part of a Russian advance to push the front line further west, when the two French nuclear air strikes hit the Russian operation control and cause chaos and turmoil amongst Russian troops. As Aleksandr's platoon retreats into the lush hinterland of the Nadbór region, in an attempt to escape further air strikes, his best friend Vasily, as well as his platoon's lieutenant, get killed during a Livonian ambush. Aleksei, panicking, deserts and seeks cover in the basement of a nearby farm house, where he runs into a civilian family hiding from the war. Out of anxiety, he forces the family at gunpoint to surrender clothing and canned food to him, something he could not have imagined doing under normal circumstances. He packs everything he can carry into his bag, burns his Russian uniform, and continues to run, away from the war, deeper into the forrest. From here on, he tries to survive the chaos of this new life, frightened and on his own...
  2. Really enjoyable, organic survivor RP! Thanks a lot @CapitalistNick, keep it up, hope to continue that storyline with you soon!
  3. Any old comrades still around? 

    1. Basko


      Ofcourse come join Redwood, we are hiring 😉

    2. Daisy


      Yes, join Redwood 🙂

    3. SheepyMcSheepface


      idk if Axel's ideals are really compatible with the Redwood folks 😄 ... however the radio can of course be a useful propaganda tool :trolle:

  4. Thanks a lot @Craig, that is a well written piece of lore! I really like the possibilities you are giving us with that war backstory, should be easy to create that immersion with the lore provided & with how the map looks! I am really looking forward to reading more details that I can use ingame to refine my characters knowledge of the country
  5. Before things happened, Maty lived what one would call a fairly ordinary life. His father was a mechanical engineer working for a local building company, his mother was a teacher at an elementary school. Maty finished school in 2015. He began working as a barkeeper and waiter, planning to save money to be able to go to University. When the first news about the infection aired in Livonian television, Maty was not too concerned. Stokowsko was far in the North, away from the more frequently travelled capital, and they knew the government had everything under control. Everybody thought this was just another epidemy, and that local governments were overreacting with the whole locking down of airports and borders. Life went on more or less as usual. What they were not anticipating was Russia's next move. Maty was at the bar, there were fewer people than usually on a Friday night, but apart from that, it was a normal, sunny evening in late Summer 2017. Around 7pm, all of a sudden, sirens started to howl all over the city. Mere seconds later, the shelling began. Maty could not recall what happend exacteley in the next 20 minutes, it was just sensory and emotional overload. It was extremely loud, explosions went of seemingly everywhere around them, panic broke out, windows were shattered and glass fragments flew through the bar. After the first shock had passed, someone yelled that everybody should come and hide in the basement, where the bar's refrigerating room was the best shelter they could get. At some point, the shelling stopped. Maty and the others had no idea how much time had passed since it started, it could have been minutes, maybe hours. At some point, there had been a blackout, and it had been pitch black since then. They climbed out of the basement and realized that night had fallen on the outside world. Using his phone's light (and the last 20% of battery), Maty tried to find his way back home. Of course, the bus system was dead, and his family's house was a few kilometers away from the bar, so he walked. Not many people were on the streets that night. Thick, oppressive smoke from distant fires made it hard to see and breathe. The roads were covered with debris. It was already dawn when Maty reached the street of his family's home, but he did not recognize it at first. The street numbers 48 through 57 did not exist anymore. The houses were levelled to the ground. All that was left was a big pile of debris, rubble, and ashes. Thick smoke and dust stood over the street. Maty's family used to live in number 51. Maty slowly processed what he saw. He felt miserable. Nauseous. Void. Weak. Not knowing what to do, or where to go, he just sat down on what once was a sidewalk. He just sat there, blankly staring into space, for what felt like ages. He was eventually found by a group of first responders and brought to a hospital. They did not find any physical injuries, but had to confirm that his home was destroyed and his parents were both missing. Maty got relocated to a provisional refugee shelter in a school. Nobody really knew what was going on, although rumors were that Russia had attacked the Baltic states. Some people were even talking about a nuclear strike on Lithuania. The refugees spent the following days confused and scared, waiting for something to happen, but nobody knew what that something was going to be. After about a week, the NATO forces arrived at town, confirming the rumors about a Russian attack. Reports of skirmishes at the border region and a Russian invasion dropped in. Distant artillary fire could be heared, coming a bit closer every day. Another week passed, then an official announcement was made that the Russians were retreating, and that Livonia's indipendence was no longer at risk. These news seemed to cheer up everyone for the day, but that joy did not last long, as the next day, the NATO forces were evacuated from the city without any official information being passed to the civilians left behind. It did not take long for rumors to go around again. According to these rumors, the western part of the country, including the capital, had been overrun by this weird infection, and apparently the country was in complete mayhem, there was no more government, no more law and order. About a month after the first attack the organisation running the refugee shelter announced that they were running out of stocks, and that every physically healthy refugee would have to leave the camp by the end of the week. By now, groups of scavengers, bandits and infected were ruling the city, rather than a big power. Maty banded together with Lukasz and Kyzrsztof, two other guys at his age. They decided that it would be their best bet to escape the city and head for the more rural areas, where there were less evil people and potentially more sources of food. The safest route seemed to be the main road towards the region Nadbor.
  6. Ooof @GaryCash ... Big ooof. But hey, at least you have proven again that, no matter what you receive from others in terms of RP, you have this infailable talent to give each and every situation a hilarious plottwist Love you
  7. "This is Kur'yer for Jaguar. Wrist tablet status negative. Please confirm status of Operator Borov is MIA? I will proceed to rendezvouz with Lead then, approximate ETA 8-10 hours. Will advise arrival at rendezvous location. Over." @Elijah Johnson
  8. "Operator Kur'yer speaking. This is negative. Document is personal handover only. I request to speak with Tidal or Jaguar for clarification. Please excuse for stalling rendezvous, but I have order. Over."
  9. *He waits for a while after the frequency has turned silent again, then looks through his notes, gathers his thoughts and pushes the PTT again* "Affirm, курьер, Kur'yer." *He glances at his notes again, before proceeding* "I live for A Better Tomorrow. This is what I work for. We all should. I have been off grid for month or two. Report to command that Team Sputnik needs to make contact. Operator Tidal should be informed. Over."
  10. Awesome, keep them coming! I think content like this really helps with character building and immersion, for yourself as well as the people you RP with
  11. After having climbed the radio tower in a hope to increase the range of his transmission, the man took a moment to catch his breath and take a last glympse on his notes. Then he pushed the PTT of his handheld radio and spoke with a heavy Russian accent: "This is Operator курьер, Team Sputnik, Russian Regional Division. I have classified document for Operator боар. Personal handover only. Advise meeting point. Over."
  12. Congrats on the approval Gary & folks I am excited for what you have to offer this time around! I'll be looking for you!
  13. This character is KOSable! You may kill him on sight anytime, nobody will ever be reported for killing this character. He will be permakilled by any player-inflicted death. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Kazim grew up in a worker family in Norilsk, Russia, during the hard years after the fall of the Soviet Republic. His father being an alcoholic and his mother dying before Kazim could remember, his brother Jurik was the only real family he knew, and the only person he would trust. Jurik and Kazim helped each other to get through the toughest episode of their lives, both of them took their hits, but always, the brothers where there for each other. While Jurik soon earned himself a name as the "Boar", spending his first prison sentence with 17 years of age, Kazim was of a comparatively slight build, rather introvert and silent, but more strategic and thoughtful than his brother. Some people even joked about the two being "the muscle and the brain" (word is that those people bought themselves some sound beating from Jurik). Kazim was also the only one whom Jurik would tell the details about his new job with "the corporation". When Jurik was dispatched to Chernarus in 2018, Kazim knew the Operators' names from Jurik's team, the mission information Jurik had gotten from the corporation (not much detail, to be fair), and that Jurik was promised to be transferred back to Russia by Christmas 2018. Since then, Kazim had not heared a word of his brother. Losing faith and patience, he decided to follow up as soon as spring fell, knowing it was going to be a long hike. It did not matter. Kazim was going to find out what happened to Jurik, and he was determined to seek justice if something bad had happened... ---------------------------------------------------------------- His list of names:
  14. I am a huge fan of your lore work - in fact, I created a character for one of the lore events concerning the BPR about a year ago - and it worked so well, I continued playing him, he is certainly my "main" character now... He would not have worked this way at all though if the lore was less thought-through, less detailled or less well developed. IMHO, you give us players amazing RP opportunities with the background information you provide, and I truly wish more players would consider a more lore-focussed playstyle. I never felt like being limited by the lore, the opposite is the case honestly! For me, the detailled background information (and when people actually adhere to it ingame) create a wholly different level of immersion than the random, spontaneuous banter, trade- and campfire-RP. 90% of my most memorable RP servers here have evolved from Ilya meeting other "close-to-the-lore" characters, such as CDF, NAPA, UN, WHO etc. ... For those characters, all the background on those factions helps to immediately develop a tension and a much more realistic feeling of conflict, fear, emotion, and so on. I would absolutely love to see the background lore to become more present in the everyday RP on the server, to become more meaningful, and especially to also affect characters apart from the ''old'' factions... I dont think this would limit the RP possibilities of anyone at all, compared to how it can enhance RP and immersion, but that is just my opinion... which unfortunately does not count too much probably, as I wont be able to play for quite a while anyway. Still wanted to leave my thoughts here, just because I am a big fan of the lore, and I think the server deserves to see more of what @Phatal and you have in mind, @Major
  15. Had a truly immersive night at the campfire with the Redwood Radio folks today! Thanks a lot @baskorthuis, @JobScholten and @Venob0ss, really enjoyed that tonight & looking forward to more! Cheers
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