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  1. *Yuri jumps up as he hears a voice actually replying on the current frequency. He quickly grabs his walkie talky, pushes the PTT down, but then holds for a second, reconsidering what to answer, before speaking:* Да, товарищ Аякс, я думаю, вы правы, непреодолимость меры предосторожности стоит тонны лечения. Давайте не будем обсуждать имена людей, вы никогда не слушаете. Петров узнает, кто я, если товарищ рассказал вам о ... *his voice would cut for a second, he then would spell the letters out loud* Роман Леонид Михаил - мы, возможно, никогда не встречались, но если вы действительно с Петровым, мы стоим на одной стороне. Товарищ, я чувствую, что настало время для людей подняться. Я не могу больше объяснить радио, Петров должен знать, кто мы, вы можете сказать ему, что мы поддерживаем постоянный поток сигарных принадлежностей. *you could hear Yuri's dirty laugh* Где я найду славных товарищей?
  2. *Exhausted from ascending all the way up the highest hill in the direct vicinity, looking to maximise his walkie talkie's reach, Yuri bumps down to catch a breath for a short while. After a minute has passed, he presses the PTT and begins to talk in Russian* Товарищ Петров. Я не знаю, периодически ли вы настраиваете эту частоту. Один товарищ сказал мне, что я, скорее всего, доберусь до вас так, если вы еще живы. Я слышал, что ситуация в нашей любимой родине вызывает беспокойство, и врагов народа много. Помните, что вы не все! У нашей причины еще много сторонников. Я продвигаюсь на Юг, чтобы помочь вам в решении любого вопроса, стоящего на пути правления пролетариев. Если вы живы и слышите мою передачу, пусть все, кто жив, знают, что время людей должно прийти сейчас. Товарищ, я жду, пока ты подтверждаешь, что слышал передачу. Я стараюсь контролировать все частоты, используемые движением народа, но я не знаю о приеме. Но судьба принадлежит людям, и мы встретимся и будем бороться за будущее людей! Слава народу! *Yuri slowly releases the PTT, looking at the sun setting in a dark orange colour behind the hills in the west. After a while he would switch his radio to another frequency written on a crinkled piece of paper and repeat his message, then monitor the frequency for a while to then carry on with the next one noted down*
  3. Yuri Kalinin

    Yuri Kalinin, son of Ivan and Natalya Kalinin, was born in a long and cold winter, a short year before the collapse of the USSR. His was a simple family, his father Ivan was employed in the then state-owned quarry in Solnichniy. It was no great job, but during the communist rule it was a rather secure employement and it was enough to get by. However, just about a year after Yuri was born as the family's second son, the USSR collapsed, and Chernarus became an open, market-driven economy. The quarry was privatized in 1992, and everybody was enthusiastic about the economic upswing. An upswing that never actually happened. It was not even a full decade into the plant being privatized, when in the winter of 1999 a roof collapsed due to heavy snow, and, more importantly, skipped but much needed renovation investment. 14 workers, including Yuri's father, were buried by the greed for ultimate profit. Tough times followed, but still my mother somehow managed to get me and my older brother through our youth, earning just enough to survive by cleaning the appartements and houses of others who had been luckier with the new free world. My brother finished secondary school and began his duty in the Chernarussian Defence Force in 2006. The political unrest in their home country heated up just after Yuri had finished school as well two years later. With the economy going South, extremist voices were given more importance, and especially nationalist opinions seemed to pick up importance very quickly. For Yuri's family, despite having lived in Chernarus for generations, the situation became more and more uncomfortable as ethnic Russians. They had a bad feeling and it appeared to be more than rightful. It was one of the first warm days in 2009 when Yuri's mother went out to get some groceries. In front of the corner store she used to go to for decades, she was held up and brutally battered by a NAPA goon squad, for no reason but being a "Russian slut". Five days later, she passed away in the hospital in Berezino, succumbing to a head injury received on said day in 2009. Hearing what has happened, Yuri's brother Artyom deserted from the CDF, knowing they were more or less allying with the NAPA, took his younger brother, and the two fled North towards the Russian border. Wisely, Artyom had purloined two AK74Us, and while they were trying to get North through the forests, he did his best to teach his brother how to operate, maintain and use it if necessary. The brothers reached the Russian border, but while attempting to sneak out of the country they ran into a Chedaki platoon. Both of them were eager to avenge their parents' deads - the father murdered by capitalism, the mother murdered by fascists - but the Chedaki only allowed Antyom to join them. They had no capacity or will to take Yuri with them, as he had no military experience at all. However they helped Yuri to get across the border, where they linked him up with the Russian Leninist Militia, a group of - from time to time quite rigorous - political activists supporting the cause of the Chedaki. Yuri spent the next few years in Russia, first helping to smuggle funds and weapons into Chernarus during the civil war, and after the war had ended, he made significant contributions to the formation of an underground organization of idealists who were quite unhappy with the state of their beloved home country after the civil war. However, also due to the Chedaki's deeds, their political influence was minimal and they had little chances to change the world for the better... Yet, when the infection hit the country and the capitalist society appeared to collapse, the game changed. This might be the time for the heroes of the revolution...
  4. Great to have you back @NinjaGriffon! Had a great time tonight, thanks to @justmate and @Cosmo too ("Die, son of a b****(capitalist!)" - simply bljatiful RP!)!
  5. *Axel, scratching his head, would listen to his radio coming to life. After a couple of seconds a smile would appear on his face. He'd press the PTT and calmly reply with a ponderous voice, however not completely able to hide his amuesement about the reference* Uuuh ... I guess ... A spectre is haunting Chernarus ... *static* ... the spectre of Communism! *He'd release the PTT but leave his radio on the same frequency to hear whether somebody else would join in*
  6. Group goals overhaul

    Much love! Think it helps with both coming up with great Goals and taking them into Action ICly to think of the SMART concept when writing them! Regarding the Time-Bound Thing: maybe it would be easier to define Goals somewhat along the lines of "urgent"->"short-term"->"Long-term"->"continous/ongoing" instead of setting a fix deadline? Maybe more realistic/achievable than having to define precise dates for "high-Level strategy goals/missions"?
  7. At my parents' for Christmas and New Years eve, wish all of you merry Christmas and happy holidays! Will be back in the first week of January to make 2018 the year of the revolution
  8. Computer giveaway

    Hmm. Sign me up still. Let him watch
  9. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Down with capitalism in this community! Redistribute the Ranks to the people!!! I'm in
  10. *Being in the forests in the North on an order to get supplies for the Collective across the border, Axel’s radio had no reception for a while. As he reaches the top of a little hill however his radio comes to life. Continuing up the hill, Axel listens to Petrov’s transmission, yet as he realizes what the commissar is saying he stops – a frozen expression in his face. After having heard Petrov’s complete transmission, Axel sets his backpack down, and feeling the urge to stop and digest for a moment, he leans against a tree and thinks. After a while, he switches his radio to an open frequency, and hoping that his words would reach the right addressee, he pushes the PTT and begins to talk, whereas you could tell his hesitation from his faltering voice* Ahoj Petr, This is Axel Kubinski speaking. We met once, under ... uhmmm... circumstances. We are, you know this, two men who have some differences when it comes to politics. Yet I know that you are seeking the best for your motherland's people, and so do I. A motherland's people, currently at nothing less than a crossroad of history. You know as good as me that there are groups of people out there who are more than just a threat to both your motherland and its people. Who are headed to taking a very dark turn on said crossroad. And I hope you realize just as me, that despite our differences, both of us seek to act in the interest of the people. *you could hear Axel taking a deep breath before he continues* Petr, we have to talk. The days of the civil war, just as the reasons you fought your own brothers for, are gone. I believe if we want to overcome the threats of today we have to overcome some shadows of the past. If you hear this, and if you are up for a civilized conversation with someone you share your goals with, let me know. I am capable of going anywhere in this region within a day or two, I have everything I need on me. Just let me know a place where I need to be. I can be there alone and unarmed if you require me to. From the little I got to know you I rely on you not being the kind of guy who blatantly murders an unarmed man reaching out a hand. I put hope in your sanity and reason, we can only shape the future if we overcome some shadows of the past. Let me know if you hear this and if you are down to talk! *Slowly, Axel’s finger releases the PTT. He picks his backpack up again, and, buried in thoughts, continues on his way with the radio in his hand, awaiting an answer*
  11. Comrades! A beautiful day for the cause this was! "We might get this working if we find some missing parts and power source - but let us enjoy view on glorious city of people first!" "Now back to work - lets get those pieces" ... Axel gladly took the shotgun seat, poor @NinjaGriffon has to sit in the rain... FOR THE PEOPLE! "Watch out, it is *** slippery up here. I bet this thing is not built after (East) German quality management standards!" Glorious Alexander and Alexei recycling the imperialist and fascist insignias for making warmth for glorious fighters of revolution! As the sun sets behind beautiful hills of glorious South Zagoria, glorious fighters for the revolution return home with all the parts needed to make radio tower ready to use again! Inb4 glorious propaganda for the people!
  12. Haha, thanks man, glad you had a good time too! I was nervous as hell, from the beginning on I had the feeling of having made a big mistake running up GM alone wearing my armband and beret fully visible, especially after realizing one of you had an eastern European name and could be ex-CDF/NAFTA possibly! Felt imminent danger all the time and Kricket showing up with mil gear and an AK out didn’t ease that! Great tension between wanting to continue the campfire talk and expecting the situation to go south any second, thanks for the good time @Wolfstorm23 @Kricket!
  13. "Let glorious commissar @Cosmo drive", they said... ... "glorious commissar drives like real russian" is what I say...