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  1. Age: 24 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: Because I love playing lore related characters and I care more about a "big picture" storyline rather than personal story, so I don't mind jumping into lore characters at the expense of furthering a personal one. What can you contribute with?: I am "easy to lead" and reliable, as proven before. I can create media & text and I'd say "sounding bureaucratic and official" is easy for me (I am German after all), so I guess I'd be suitable for a certain kind of government/authority/official body roles. Also I am perfect cannon fod
  2. It is always great when groups are created through IC events, naturally. Gives the RP a lot of weight and depth. While it is unfortunate that you decided to brush off every bit of input you got from hofer and me regarding the thread, I know you guys are very capable RPers and will do the idea justice ingame... and if what happens on the server is good, the pittiful forums dont matter, anyway Good luck & I am looking forward to continue the RP with you lot, gonna be epic.
  3. Aaaah, exciting to see you boys back in action, you'll do this justice! Epic thread, looking forward to running into you lot ingame. Although my heart will be bleeding in green, yellow and white when I see you do Chedaki.
  4. I may have lost again... But it was worth it @Hofer
  5. 20210405235035_1.png.79f47dbeb024d1b63cb6a85a1579b75b.png

    A single tree was standing on the hill overlooking the city of Zelenogorsk. The leafs were gently rustling in the wind, a drop of rain would fall, then another one. The air was humid. It appeard almost as if the land itself felt melancholic today.

    The fresh grave under the tree was marked by a wooden cross. Someone had placed a weapon in front of the grave, and a flatcap was leaning against the base of the cross.

    A photograph of a woman and two young men was pinned to the cross with a nail, below a name someone had carved into the wood.


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  6. Well... This has been made in the context of the current Chernarus lore, but as that isn't immediately visible I thought I'd post it here, too. Would love to see this little memory somewhere in the new map
  7. Strolling around South Zagoria in the coming days, you may or may not notice an unusual sight for times like these. Someone has hung posters at various places, such as the common trailmaps, notice boards or advertising pillars in the region. There was no political message. No flag or logo of any type. Just a stylized portrait of a young man and, in big letters, the word "REMEMBER". Those who knew the man once would however immediately recognize Boris Stepanov, the last leader of the Chernarus Liberation Front. @Hofer
  8. The RP yesterday was some of the most memorable and hardest I have experienced on DayZRP. Altogether overwhelming, emotional and immersive. In addition to that: @Timberwolf and @PaulB for following my shitty lead and living through the pre-battle anxiety with me. Also for staying by my side during the aftermath. Crazy stuff yesterday, my heart was pounding until hours after... @groovy dingo @MaybeleleLR @UniiLR @Spencerlb @Benry @MrDolly, everyone else from Spero who was there, and of course especially @Preacher Conspiring with you against our own bratr. The meeting before. Th
  9. Woah. Where do I even start, you all... Thank you very much for the overwhelming experience of gaming as the CLF... It was insane!!!! Over the past 10 months, we have written a blockbuster worthy narrative. I am blown away by the well rounded, epic journey our characters have been taken on. That it is possible live through player-created story like this shows the real strenght of this community, what makes it so special, and why, besides all the frustration that happens OOCly, it is worth to come back and roleplay here... At the end of the day, we may have given each other a little bit mo
  10. Age: 24 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I like the server wide "big picture" story aspect and would like to see the lore have more impact on "day-to-day"-RP. Good events are the best way to do that IMO and I wanna help & be a part of that. What can you contribute with?: Besides being loyal and reliable to do whatever the lore team wants me to do, I am good in organization and have some experience as Gamemaster / Dungeonmaster in Pen & Papers, so I know how to play an NPC and how to engage players as an event character. I am usually calm and a good backgr
  11. Thank you for clearing that up! I really hope to meet you ingame so you can make your own picture of what we're doing instead of regurgitating negativity. And please encourage the dozens and dozens of people to bring up their issues with us, either here or directly via discord/PMs! We dont bite! The last thing we want is OOC frustration for anyone, so if you (or all the people whom we have affected negatively apparently) are down to talk I'm sure we can figure out what specifically lead to the bad impression and adapt what we're doing in a way that makes our time here more enjoyable for e
  12. Hey @AlwaysGamer, In another group's thread you labelled us pvp monkeys and although your feedback wasn't aimed at us, it is concerning and disappointing to hear we are perceived as such. We strive to provide lore- and story-driven RP. It is only natural that doing so results in IC conflicts more often than not. However our goal has always been and will always be to use that conflict to fuel interesting and engaging RP. The last thing we are looking for is "cheap fights". I think the feedback that has been posted on our group thread recently shows that most people (who actually inter
  13. Oh boys, I was so close to logging and being a little bit pissed off that y'all interrupted the internal RP with @Jackfish but hell it was worth going on a little hunt and staying up late ^^ Loved the hostage RP from @Naatok and @SlipperyAgent tonight, was really fun to deal with you two, kudos for being such responsive & interesting captives! The following internal RP with @Jackfish @Hanro @Banksyy @SynO and @Nonplayer was pretty spicey too... thanks everyone for the RP tonight
  14. The frequency would come alive as a sigh could be heard from a younger Chernarussian man, those who knew him would recognize Krystof speaking with a sad, disappointed sounding voice. "Ahoj, pane Liska. Your words fill me with sadness - and disappointment. I genuinely believed that you acted in the best interest of the people. I trusted you when you assured us you were no part of Zavat's corrupt transactions and that you would do what it takes to guarantee stability and peace for the Chernarussian people. I personally supported you as the right choice to lead our country into a better fu
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