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""Generally it is the Tortured who turn into Torturers.""

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  1. ZombyBeard

    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Seth hatcher... I executed mangus.... wanted to apologize for the lack of rp was dealing with my kid screaming so I didnt want to hot mic a fit. POV.. I was in the back during the mass execution dealing with ooc stuff. Come back to o e hostage and was told he shot one of ours. Tried to rp as best I could during that situation given my circumstances. I execute him because he killed one of my guys then go about my day.
  2. ZombyBeard

    S1 Kabanino KOS, RDM, Attempted RDM, Attempted Mass RDM

    To add to this report Seths POV and accusations for Rdm As Op stated we went to Kab for some RP. All was good and we where having a good time. I go to re-log and hear that someone's been shot. Over radio it seems already like a KOS. Upon relogging my charms water is red so I get to the well, I'm about to drink when I hear 2 VSD shots, one landing near me. I take cover and realise I've been hit so I bandage. We then try to find the accused who feels North and eventually is lost. Not sure if he logged or just evaded. I Believe whoever killed @Ponyboy Not only KOSd him but attempted to RDM myself and others judging from the amount of reports coming from this area and general time frame
  3. ZombyBeard

    RDM/Near bash/S1

    Seth Hatcher - POV Me , @Avery, and @TReed99 where at NWAF doing some looting and internal RP, We hear shots From Bash and decide to go investigate and maybe RP a bit seeing as the shots sounded like Zombie Control. We spot a man in the woods near bash and go at try to start a friendly conversation with him, i then see another guy peeking at us. So i ask the first guy "Hey is that your friend". Which im immediately met with the response. "Yea probably. I ask why he doesnt come over and say hello, still trying to spark some RP. Im then told he doesnt say hi because "We are trying to get to Novya and we dont have time for any Pit Stops" My character respond having been offended with. "ok fine then asshole we dont wanna talk to you either, Come on guys lets go these guys are dicks anyways" We start to leave and notice we are being followed so i go to talk to one guy i see following us. He points out im being chased by a Zombie and to watch out I Shoot the zombie, then hear on radio this guy just shot me From @Avery About 8 - 10 seconds after hes shot i hear the guys initiate and i try to defend myself seeing as by being already shot they seemed to have no interest in letting us live. I then Drop to 3 frames and get gassed.
  4. ZombyBeard


    Just waiting on the ban timer like....

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      f for my boy

  5. ZombyBeard

    Invalid kill 2 day ban 10 warning points

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I understand how the initial initiation is invalid, and i have no argument with that, but seeing as in @CaliforniaRPs initial POV he states that he was initiated on near NW and told to drop his gun and leave the area, and then is caught returning to the area. i feel my kill is valid. IN my POV i state is see him peeking a tree looking tward town, im about 300 meters and i see his movement like hes pulling something from his inventory. At this point hes a threat that could be pulling a gun and finding a flank. I shoot him there. The logs show he has shot one of my allies, his pov confirms my group initiated on him near NW and the geography suggests he was returning to kab Because if he was heading away north, then told to leave, why would he then head back southeast instead of continuing north? This is an example using generalized areas basted on my IN Game POV X- his initial point A- Where he was initiated on B- where i saw him behind the tree Y- my position This looks like a flank to me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I Feel original report was neglected for 2 weeks then hastily met with a verdict due to it being open so long What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban lifted and points removed What could you have done better?: Communication with my Group
  6. ZombyBeard

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    From my Pov U looked like u where taking cover and eyeing the town, i was about 200 meters north of you. Anyway im going to stop bogging this report now, just wanted some things clarified and i thank you for that.
  7. ZombyBeard

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    Thanks for clarifying man. Im pretty sure i shot you while you where behind a tree, your the only person i took a shot on, and the only kill i had was a man in a press vest peeking from behind the tree near the barn to the north east of Kab.
  8. ZombyBeard

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    Also shot my Ally with his M4 about 4 minutes before i killed him, the same m4 they made him drop I'm guessing, is that his complete POV?
  9. ZombyBeard

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    Alan Ford POV After the hostilities in Noviya we collectively decided to stage a counter assault on Kab. Once set up at the north east tree line i can hear the initiations commence and then start making calls via radio about what i can see, i also scope for people flanking positions and counter sniping i see a man running what looks like a flank from north kab to east, i wait to see his actions because i don't want to mis-ID, he stops behind a tree facing the town of Kab as if to get a vantage view and i see his body move as if hes reaching for something from his inventory. i fear hes going for a gun and planning to flank to the south so i take my shot while hes still behind a tree, he goes limp. i continue making calls until we are told to pull out of the area. End POV I would also like to ask that if he was complying with leaving why did he go from near the airfield to the north to almost dead east of Kab to what seems like a closer placement to the fight, when if he had just continued leaving the way he was it wouldn't have seemed like he was trying to get back into the town.
  10. ZombyBeard

    Terms of Surrender (Open Frequency)

    *Alan holds his PTT* Hmmn recent events got me wonderin if this is what that feller was getting at when he tried to have me turn on my brothers, Hey Commie feller, This is Alan, Ya know, The cowboy u talked with at Vybore Military. Was this what u was talking about when u said things where going to "Happen" soon?? *He chuckles a bit* Even if i did have no spine or sense of loyalty, Why the hell would i join a losing team at the end of the fourth??? *He would seem to hold the radio a bit away and muffled you would hear* Hey Moody, you wanna hear a story bout what happened at Vybore...... *the conversations muffles and eventually the radio falls silent*
  11. ZombyBeard

    Novaya Petrovka

    *Alan Would hold his ptt* "Listen here Joan of Arc, i dont know Who the fuck you are or what kinda bible thumpin Mumbo jumbo your spouting on about , or any thing of your fancy smancy god fire witch craft, but i'd like to know exacty what gives you the god damn right to judge the people here. Were just trying to give people hope and security, and your talking about fucking Knights and man in the sky?! Shit i think people can decide for them selves whos Crazy or Damned. I know anyone listening in prolly has already. He would chuckle a bit and mumble something about "Bible thumpin loonies" before the radio goes silent
  12. ZombyBeard

    Novaya Petrovka

    *Alan takes a drag from his cigarette as he listens to the mud slinging on the radio, exhales and pushes the ptt* "Must be some real insecure fucks out there to be speadin these kind of lies.... hell, ask anyone who actually traded with us what they think about us, and as for these liars on the frequency, feel free to leave the safety of anonymity, grow a set of testicles, and come on by and talk, you know where we is." *Alan takes another drag before releasing the ptt*
  13. ZombyBeard

    The Red War (Open Frequency)

    *Alan Would hold his PTT, You would hear the amusement in his voice* "You Fucks are funny, yall been killing innocent people and justify it by callin it the greater good..." *Would pause a moment and exhale deeply* "You haven't the slightest clue what kind of shit storm you walked into, i can assure you that we have no fear of a group of men who would flee from 2 men in Bash, or abandon one of their own to be taken, and further more, if that feller we had reflects anything about you guys, then none of you have a chance, He folded like a wet paper town under pressure, so please by all means, keep pretendin you got a big dick over the safety of your radio." *He would chuckle a bit before the radio falls silent*
  14. ZombyBeard

    Savior's Media Thread

    I died!
  15. ZombyBeard

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Alan Ford IFF
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