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  1. Zomby


    This will be my last post on this sight publicly, im not done with the game or the server, im just done with the drama. Being able to speak is one of the most fundamental parts of being a human being. Frankly ive been silenced and warned, and even banned for speaking my mind. Yes some things ive said could warrant the warnings, But a much larger scale of statements ive made have been respectful and well thought out, yet because the beliefs i state are opposing to those in power here , they are removed and i am pointed. I now refuse to contribute socially to a website that silences its people of free speech and sentient thought. I will not be a Sheeple.

    I know this post itself might be warned or removed, but to that i say, its my profile, if individuals dont like what they see, no ones making them sit here and read it.

    1. Samti


      If you don't agree with the points given to you make an appeal that all you gotta do. if we truly wanted to take away your free speech we wouldn't even give you the chance to make an appeal.

    2. Zomby


      its not about the points lol, i dont give two fucks about 3 points, i care that every time i give my opinion im silenced

      if im gonna get points i want it to be over something good, like telling someone to go fuck a kangaroo or some crap.

      And furthermore this post is legit so my friends know why im not posting, so unless your on my friends list or my followers, there is really no "NECESSITY" for your input, thank you

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