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  1. Zomby


    Reaching out to friends for advice.

    Ive been playing this server for a few years now, and in the last 6 months i feel ive seen the RP quality overall greatly decline.

    Its honestly felt like 90% getting attacked and 10% actually RP , at least in my personal experience.

    Im considering a break from the current way the server is going. 

    Honestly i feel that whats happening is PvP hungry people ruining a good community and game play experience for everyone else.

    I just guess im asking for opinions and weather or not i should give up on the hope it will get better any time soon.


    Much Love, 



    1. Eagle


      Saviors did nothing wrong.

    2. GalloWB


      Nowadays its all about how you play, have a big group and god forbid you try to start a community you get roped into PvP. If you wanna break man, break. If you wanna RP, try going solo or running smaller scale on groups. You can always join me, homie. ❤

    3. Zomby


      Im not saying anyone did anything wrong or right @Eagle

      im saying personally the server isnt providing any enjoyment for me personally atm, and i want to know if anyone else feels the same man.

    4. Hunter


      Take a break if you feel like it is getting stale. We all feel this at some point.

    5. Zomby


      im going to give it a day or two, have an idea to try and fix it for myself but if not ill probably go on hiatus

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