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""Nobody exists on purpose, Nobody belongs anywhere, We all die."

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  1. Backstory Victor has spent the better part of his life as a loyal hard working Man killing targets presented to him by the Manarello Family. He never complained about his job, in fact he would follow out his hits with a smile on his face and a tune in his heart, After all, Its not really work if your doing what you love, Right? Victor was know, at least to those who knew him, to be oddly chipper, even while carrying out torture and slow executions. He would cut jokes with his victims as he tore the flesh from their faces in order to obtain information. But one thing would always be a consonant, Cohn would not stop until the job was done, And the job was always done with a smile. So far: (Will update as story progressed)
  2. Zomby

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    i believe you are misconstruing what im saying, im not claiming bias, im trying to point out where people would see suggest bias verdicts, and suggesting why this happens and giving my opinion on why i believe it happens. its all boils down to the Flexibility of the rules, one case of Kos might differ from another and Vis Versa, But if the rules are clear and unambiguous there should be no question of it being a break.
  3. Zomby

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    Trust is a hard thing on the Internet, Thats why i feel the rules should be revamped to be as strait forward ad possible, that leaves little to no room for Questionable Bias, or the ability to claim ignorance to a break.
  4. Zomby

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    i see where you coming from, BUT, just because your not in a group with someone doesnt mean you dont have OOC Bonds or friendships that could cause a Bias judgement. agreed upon, theres too many loop holes and undefined rules, this is one of the main problems i continuously see in rulebreaks and reports.
  5. Zomby

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    i also have to agree here, Whats the point of having IC Radio, Comms, or otherwise if they cant be used as if they are in game IC????
  6. Zomby

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    I feel this rule has a lot of leverage, it should either be specified or be open for flexibility. This among a ton other rules are left open ended thus setting people up for failure. Moving on, Lets not all sit and lie to ourselves, that report was pushed so hard to get people banned, it changed direction 3 time and honestly was bullshit. If your gonna ban people for breaking rules, Your rules should be 100% without a doubt made clear and unambiguous. In my opinion this would make sure there is no bias nor favoritism in reports as i feel far too many reports have reached a verdict due to... Also as far as the lying, Moody said pont blank that the RP was dont OVER TS and in game, so where did he lie? Thats all
  7. Zomby

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    @Roland thank, and sorry, in retrospect i should have
  8. Zomby

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    @Roland hey speaking of points, i have points i feel have been on me for months, do they go away ever?
  9. Zomby

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    Didn't this start as a No Time To Comply Report? Before it was edited?
  10. No more questions But yes I've used a megaphone and have heard them in game. Logic would dictate we wouldn't be shooting much past the field we where in due to megaphones being quieter based on distance, but i get it, some people might try and shoot through 2 hay fields divided by a decent tree line, but i get where your coming from. ill be here if admins need any info.
  • Zomby

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    My only question is that in your video evidence you can clearly tell where the megaphone is coming from based on your reactions to taking cover opposite side of the road, yet your claiming to not know where we where until you got shot at? Your video suggests you did know based on the reaction, before any shots, why?
  • Zomby

    The Revenants Media Thread

    Moodys a Skilled Sniper
  • Zomby

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    Mikey Cross POV Heading with the boys up toward Novey/Tisy summer camp, we see a few Vatos we recognize, we take position in the field maybe 100 meters from them, we let them close in a bit on the road, and moody uses a megaphone to make sure there is no confusion on them hearing the initiation, the three immediately run, showing they have no intentions of complying so we open fire, i flank south to try and cut them off , end up getting lost as it gets dark. Im sure i hit no one in the initial conflict so posting because i wont be in logs.
  • Zomby

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    *Group* "You got over watch?" *Me* "Thur Yeth Thur"
  • Before Mikey is what my mother called me when she was wasted or drugged. I ended up on the streets and out of school at the age of 16 by choice. My mother did not kick me out and it was nothing dramatic. I just got fed up with answering teachers questions, and then heading home to my mother and her questions. So one day I just didn't go home after school and the next day didn't go back to school. It was simple life in my eyes. I made some good friends out there, yeah they were not honest and would do anything to earn a dollar for a meal but there was something about them that I trusted more than I trusted my own blood. We eventually hitch hiked, haggled and lies our way across the globe. When the zombies happened I think people like me were more prepared than anyone else. We are use to the hard times and we are built to withstand the life that is now. Mikey - Life after Life Alone, but thats nothing new, food isnt as hard to find, at least i dont get arrested for breaking into the houses these days. Trust is still an issue of mine, most people are looking for an angle, help isnt free, i guess thats still a constant truth within the human condition.
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