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  1. This will be my last post on this sight publicly, im not done with the game or the server, im just done with the drama. Being able to speak is one of the most fundamental parts of being a human being. Frankly ive been silenced and warned, and even banned for speaking my mind. Yes some things ive said could warrant the warnings, But a much larger scale of statements ive made have been respectful and well thought out, yet because the beliefs i state are opposing to those in power here , they are removed and i am pointed. I now refuse to contribute socially to a website that silences its people of free speech and sentient thought. I will not be a Sheeple.

    I know this post itself might be warned or removed, but to that i say, its my profile, if individuals dont like what they see, no ones making them sit here and read it.

    1. Samti


      If you don't agree with the points given to you make an appeal that all you gotta do. if we truly wanted to take away your free speech we wouldn't even give you the chance to make an appeal.

    2. Zomby


      its not about the points lol, i dont give two fucks about 3 points, i care that every time i give my opinion im silenced

      if im gonna get points i want it to be over something good, like telling someone to go fuck a kangaroo or some crap.

      And furthermore this post is legit so my friends know why im not posting, so unless your on my friends list or my followers, there is really no "NECESSITY" for your input, thank you

  3. *James holds his PTT* "Why do you gotta talk in riddles MR Falk, i dont know where he use to live, i just wanna find his grave and say my goodbyes" *He pauses before addressing the other gentleman* "And Pavel you said it was, It does my soul good to hear he had so many who cared for him while his family was absent, thank you. If you want to talk i frequent a place they call Eden" *You hear gunshots in the background as the radio goes quiet*
  4. *James hold his PTT* "Listen, regardless of facts or assumptions, I do wanna know one thing, wheres my brother buried, i need to pay my respects" *Again he would let out a sigh..... then a pause of silence before static returns*
  5. *James holds his PTT* "Well, this is turning out aint it..... is this true, Mr Falk? " *James releases ptt*
  6. *James hold his ptt* "Its good to hear people had some faith left in my brother, judgin by his journal, he didnt hold much stock in himself tward the end. Its unfortunate to hear bout those who aint around no more, could held some info ill never get now, Alan spoke highly of both you and Lupe mr Robbie, well at least in the beginin for Ms Lupe, he cared a great deal bout you both from what i can tell, Says yall just up and left in the end tho" "As for you other fella, you still aint told me the nature of yalls business, im tryin to find out what lead my brother to these dark thought he was writing on" *He would sigh sadly a moment before letting the radio fade again.
  7. *James returns to his radio* "Yessir, younger brother to be exact, you say he worked for ya huh? who might you be then? *James releases the button on the radio, eager to hear more from the men*
  8. *James hold his PTT* "Robbie eh, You the kid he wrote about then, yall was camped up with the pack for a while. Brothers name is Alan Ford, he mentioned though people callin him Coyote or some shit for a bit, Ring any bells?" Releases his PTT*
  9. *James pulls his radio from his vest pocket and holds it to his mouth, pauses, then pushes the button before a deep southern accent fills the radio waves* "My name is James Ford, Iv'e decided to reach out there to whoever might be listening. I am the younger brother of a man named Alan Ford, Some of you might'v met him, might of even hated him, But he was my brother and i need some answers as to how he met his end." *He would pause momentarily and let out a deep winded breath* "Iv'e spent the better half of 2 two months going over his journal and I am aware he had enemies. I assure you his battles aint mine and I'm only lookin for answers. I have a list of names and organizations from his writings. Again I'm only lookin for information on what happened to him and possibly a conversation about things that could of gone down." *You would hear sheets of paper shuffle as he starts listing off names* *Alrighty lets see here.... OK um.... there it is" "Ivan Malkovak... Bobby Kalo.. An irish fella called Cullin?...lady called Lupe... Man named Falk.... Selena Fox.... doctor named Rose?..... and a kid named Robbie.... and as far as organizations he mentioned, it consists of the District, Anarchy, The Pack, some folks names..... The green Lizards?.... and what looks like a Emo band called ..Black Roses?" *He finishes the last statement almost as if he was asking a question* "Anyways i dont know how much of that even makes sense to any y'all but fuck it, any help ... well.... helps, Y'all take care out there ya hear, and ill have the radio on" *You would hear the sound of metal clanging as the radio goes silent*
  10. FOR Now, essentially most of us are burnt out, not going into details but its a lot, i know personally i intent to return fully when a bit of change has happened, until then i may hop on here and there. Thank and much love!
  11. i believe you are misconstruing what im saying, im not claiming bias, im trying to point out where people would see suggest bias verdicts, and suggesting why this happens and giving my opinion on why i believe it happens. its all boils down to the Flexibility of the rules, one case of Kos might differ from another and Vis Versa, But if the rules are clear and unambiguous there should be no question of it being a break.
  12. Trust is a hard thing on the Internet, Thats why i feel the rules should be revamped to be as strait forward ad possible, that leaves little to no room for Questionable Bias, or the ability to claim ignorance to a break.
  13. i see where you coming from, BUT, just because your not in a group with someone doesnt mean you dont have OOC Bonds or friendships that could cause a Bias judgement. agreed upon, theres too many loop holes and undefined rules, this is one of the main problems i continuously see in rulebreaks and reports.
  14. i also have to agree here, Whats the point of having IC Radio, Comms, or otherwise if they cant be used as if they are in game IC????
  15. I feel this rule has a lot of leverage, it should either be specified or be open for flexibility. This among a ton other rules are left open ended thus setting people up for failure. Moving on, Lets not all sit and lie to ourselves, that report was pushed so hard to get people banned, it changed direction 3 time and honestly was bullshit. If your gonna ban people for breaking rules, Your rules should be 100% without a doubt made clear and unambiguous. In my opinion this would make sure there is no bias nor favoritism in reports as i feel far too many reports have reached a verdict due to... Also as far as the lying, Moody said pont blank that the RP was dont OVER TS and in game, so where did he lie? Thats all
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