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  1. Video As Per Admin Request i will get with kriss and try to help him with what i had to do to upload.
  2. Chewy

    • Chewy
    • TehZombyBeard

    You only need to post the section that's relevant to the report if that shortens your video down 😛 They dont need to see RP that happened 15 mins before that, unless it's relevant- for example.

    1. TehZombyBeard


      its all relevant lol, i was captive for that long, but im compressing as we speak so that should help, if need ill cut the end off and just post up to where the others posted

      Thanks chewy!!!!

  3. im working on it, its over an hour of footage and since you guys want it unedited or cut its taking longer than expected, my internet isnt the greatest where i live and I've been uploading for about 14 hours now and its still only about half way.
  4. Kriss wasn't wearing Blue checked, and the individual who WAS wearing it is a completely different individual, Kriss was wearing a white check shirt, regardless man, i feel the identification process could have been RP'd better, thats all i have left to say on the subject, any other posts from me will be by admin request or my official footage of the event in question.
  5. Perhaps im just not reading or understanding correctly, but as far as i understand thats the first time he was even near Pav that day, he may need to be the one to confirm that seeing as i only logged about an hour prior to this incident.
  6. Because that same Asian man had been in the base earlier and we conversed with him. The child described what he was wearing and what gun he had, and it matched the man I, along with many others had talked to earlier that day, hence why we knew. I was just reviewing the footage i have of Kris encountering this kid, and he wasn't wearing anything similar other than having a Mosin when we met you guys, all different clothes, also i can post that footage if needed of the encounter with the kid, or even a screenshot. it will just be after my initial evidence is posted This is a Screenshot of that encounter If you compare clothing you will see that its nothing alike and the description from the kid would have been such.
  7. Seth Hatcher - POV After meeting the three men with no hostilities in Zelen, We proceeded to Povlovo base for my Medication. Upon arival they spew off a bit about religion or some crap, we decide to leave, they wait till we are all in the car and initiate making us leave one at a time, Server Crashes. My video starts when they initiate, server was down several minutes so i didn't leave the server screen in because i was chatting to my wife during that time.its over an hour of footage and the upload time is ridiculous so hopefully ill have it posted by tomorrow After the server came back up we resumed our positions as if it hadn't, they proceeded to make us exit one at a time and lined us up at the fence, one guys shoots at another and is killed, Ninos character then comes out of the compound, at first she seems to recognize Ken but then quickly realizes with assistance that no one knows what he looks like, they then take me and ken into the hospital, shots exchanged, ken dies, im loaded into a car and me and one other are taken away and questioned then released. Edited for typos
  8. Seth himself remembers very little before he was institutionalized, Its crazy the long term effects of prescription anti Psychotics, but what he does know about his past is all from a manila folder that doctor Botkin use to keep in this filing cabinet. Seth Hatcher, born January, 24 1985 ASPD and DPD But as Seth understood it, A fancy way of saying, A kid who killed and ate his Single Mother at the age of 16, Not long after Moving From Florida, but again, this was all in the chart, Botkin explained to Seth several times that if he wanted to get better, he needed to accept what he had done. Funny how Doctors seem so invested in their patients getting better, But i doubt that was what the good Doctor was thinking as Seth Ripped the flesh from his face after the outbreak when he was "Rescuing" his patients from an all but abandoned psychiatric ward in South Zegoria, At least he died knowing Seth knew exactly what he had done all those years ago. Now in a world of Constant Chaos, Seth can Finally have a shot at living, That is, if The hunger Doesn't grow unbearable, Always gnawing at the back of his mind, just like the juicy red flesh of Doctor Botkin and his mother.
  9. 0fc5316bcf5dae950267d85a9e30d53b.png

    @Para I think this man needs a TS description 😉 

    1. TehZombyBeard



    2. OskuRP


      Im just kidding...or am I?

    3. TehZombyBeard
  10. Honestly the longer this report is up the dumber I Feel, as you can hear in the voice chat White name posted, it didn't take long to realize that i misunderstood a few things and clearly felt like an idiot for even bringing this to report, I Was Wrong, Period, we talked and both agreed that it was silly to waist staff time to resolve what we already resolved, thus my request to close this report, at this point I'm just worried about my reputation to the community, I don't want to be known as "That Guy who posted that Dumb Report that one time" , so Regardless of if you have to ban me or what ever, i honestly just want it Closed. Thanks
  11. When u feel dumb AF because your misinformed.

    1. Kill0


      I know the feel

  12. UndeadRP

    did..did you just walk into an active firefight after being called into it, a firefight that had been active for about 30 min at this point, then report when you were killed? Just trying to figure that one out.

    1. TehZombyBeard


      i was unaware of the length of it or anything, we passed through the are and where called back


    2. UndeadRP


      but... but you were called back into an active firefight. Of course someone is going to assume you are in the fight. Especially if you passed through earlier. Why would you run back into a fight and then report someone for shooting you?


    3. TehZombyBeard


      and as i said i was leaving, i had not shot, i had nt been hostile, i was literally gtfoing when i was shot, so yes


    4. UndeadRP


      But... but.. you ran into there in the first place, with your gun out. How would anyone know you were ''leaving to vybor''. Why wouldn't they think you were just trying to move positions. There had been shots ringing out in the area for 30-to an hour at that point.  And you knew it was a firefight.

      and weren't you in their comms during the firefight?

      Like how were you called in

    5. Lori


      You werent leaving though. I was in the coms. You were actively trying to move forward. You guys had just decided to join in and yo uwere the first death a couple of minutes after.

    6. TehZombyBeard


      not me, i didnt even speak to you personally until after i died

      its honestly what ever at this point, im done caring, its over with and done


      talked it out with the guys i needed to and figured it out.

  13. Server and location: Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-05-05 around 04:00 or 04:30 Your in game name: Michael Cross Names of allies involved: @anonymous @MasterDovakiin might be 2 more but idk their forum names off hand Name of suspect/s: n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): video soon Detailed description of the events: We where asked to aid a group in a situation in Kab, I have not been yet officially accepted into the group i was rolling with , but instead on a trial period due to not being removed from a current group. I went to Kab and was watching from the barn area, decided to head towards Vybore and was shot and killed by unknown , i was not initiated on, i was not with my official group, i was not acting hostile in any manner. Video evidence should cover the ins an outs.