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  1. Jak Onions POV: We are involved in a small firefight with Muslims. We observe them moving in and around the mechanics compound. So we are under the assumption that the mechanics are working with/harboring/or otherwise assisting the Muslims. We all take positions on the rooftops covering the mechanics shop. I am covering the tower in the complex from the hospital roof. @G19RP runs up and initiates multiple times from many angles all around the small compound to ensure everyone hears. I see two men run up and into the tower to take cover crouching behind the low wooden wall, I can see them both clearly with guns in their hands. I count to 5 giving them an opportunity to comply to G19, they do not. I light them both up and then, go for cover as I start taking fire. I dip out of Severograd to the west, and work my way around the north treeline over the top of severo and in through the east. This is about a 30 minutes gap after the battle has concluded. I change clothing and head back to the mechanics shop trying to get inside their compound. I get told I have 15 seconds to leave. I leave the front gate and go to hide in the apartments next door. I get lit up even after following their orders. Possible Rule Break? Technically they have kill rights on me for another 90 minutes, however they had no idea who I was... and I complied with their demands, yet I still got gatted. Is this a rule break for invalid kill? Or do they get off on a technicality even though they had no idea who I was? Because if they didnt have kill rights on me for 2 hours after gunfight, that would have been an invalid kill. EDIT: After reading the logs posted by the lovely @Xehara, turned out that I'm a terrible shot and a liar. I can't aim for shit it seems.
  2. until

    What server?
  3. OnionRP

    Reminder to everyone

    What's the point of doors when ya'll ghost in past locks anyway?
  4. OnionRP

    Metagaming rule trial

    Solid copy, you handsome devil. Thanks for getting that cleared up. Loving the updated rule!
  5. OnionRP

    Metagaming rule trial

    I like this @Roland, but if the talkie is visible on your chest rig, arguably it is always on without having to use the PTT. Meaning you can do so without using your hands (hands being up [surrendered]). SO there is no confusion, can we continue using the radio IF it is visible on our chest rig, without the use of our hands?
  6. Rules are simple; 1: Ask the person who asked the last question ANYTHING you want. Remember to "@" them. 2: You must answer honestly unless it compromises your privacy (for example; you dont need to answer "Whats your address?". Remember to quote and "@". Ill start, ask me anything.
  7. OnionRP

    Metagaming changes

    For hostile situations this should already be a MUST surely?! This week I've had a couple of hostages (and even someone take me hostage), who will take a few seconds between answering questions or responding to me because they are clearly talking on Discord or TS3 with their groups. It's not fair play, ruins everyone's immersion, and causes a firefight (ending any RP) when his/her teammates show up completely by chance when they had absolutely no idea where they where taken or even that they were taken in the first place. It's cheating and it fucks up the flow of role play. And anything @Roland and the admins can put in place to deny people the access to play with an unfair advantage, I am all for. +1000
  8. OnionRP

    Ladder Bad

    I would file a report for attempted KOS against the devs.
  9. OnionRP

    Double Stamina.

    I don't really have much issue with it. I know it's a game, but IRL, no way in hell could I all out sprint more than 100 metres with a plate carrier, gun, rucksack full of canned foods, ammo and ducktape. I could jog for a long while for sure... but sprinting, hell no.
  10. OnionRP

    Combat Logging

    I completely agree. I would not expect a hostage to wait around for 30 minutes. This is not something I would deem report worthy.
  11. OnionRP

    Increase default hotkey slots available

    Nice quality of life idea here Peril. But I've had to vote 'No' on this one. My reasoning is; this is a survival role playing game. Where the mechanics are meant to be challenging, semi-realistic (whilst maintaining a fun factor), and the environment it's set in should remain unforgiving, albeit I would actually like to see the game be a little more tougher. PvP is the only REAL threat to life at the moment. However I digress. The extra slots on military vs civilian clothing is intentional. Think of them as utility pockets with ease of access. For example I can keep my bullets in the pockets on my jeans (hotkey slot) for quick access when reloading the magazine I'm holding. But if those bullets are in my bag, I'm going to have to stop, rummage around for them, and then load them into the mag. Which is why (to my knowledge), there is limited hotkeys dependent on the number of pouches/pockets you have on your uniform. This is important to me, and I would hate to see the advantage a soldier would have, versus a kid in shorts and tshirt in this respect dissipate.
  12. Was good fun lad! We will play again soon xxx
  13. Thanks @Roland. Understood kiss xxx
  14. In your opinion, does this include if someone breaks down walls and locks to get to the loot? Obviously I would want to RP rather than KOS, but if they break into a locked area, steal loot/cars etc, then run/drive off where shotting is the only option, would that constitute a rule break?
  15. I have a question in regards to the latest report linked below and would also like the opinions of the community on it; NOTE: I have no affiliation with this report or anyone associated with it, I just thought it was an interestint point for discussion. I would be interested in @Roland's POV on this also. Say for example, someone opens the gate to our yard in Stary (which isnt locked) and blatently takes a car from our 'drive way' whilst we are 50 metres away outside of voip, and drives off up the road. Because we were not in voip or text range to initiate, does that mean that i do not have kill rights to protect what is ours, even though it was blatent theft? The thief could argue in a report that "Oh i didnt know it beloned to anyone, it was just parked up in what i assumed was a car park". Looking forward to the discussion! Kiss kiss xxx PS; I dont want this to be an attack about the verdict of the report! My aim is to find the definition of the line between KOS Invalid kill, and having kill rights in this situation.
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