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  1. ShanePVP

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    • OnionRP


    the image was pretty weird to work with so i did the best i can 

    merry christmas x

    1. OnionRP


      I love it! Thank you so much sir! Merry christmas! Xxx

  2. OnionRP

    Christmas Thread 2018

    Whatever looks best in forum display pic? xxxx
  3. OnionRP

    Christmas Thread 2018

    @ShaneKOS, anything you say, sir. Shave yo damn pussy.
  4. OnionRP

    Christmas Thread 2018

    Here's 2 whole beans. Plus more to come. I would like Christmas onion please x
  5. OnionRP

    KOS Vypor Military

    ONIONS POV: I was walking into VMC with @BanksRP and we get into a hostile situation with two gents. RP is going great. As we're about to leave, someone opens the door and peeks the corner with a shotgun raised. Banks puts him out. We assume they are both here to try and save our hostages. We secure the hostages, leave them with food and weapons, tell them to count to 60 and we jet off. We notice a guy in a yellow armband who was with @Hoomania, we are aiming weapons at him ready to shoot to kill. However he is running off, so there is no need to kill. We follow the tree-line out and make our escape into the forest. I would also like to report this as a "false report" for the reasons exclaimed by Banks above me.
  6. OnionRP

    A Great RP Experience immediately followed by an awful one.

    I have a question. If someone rolls up and approaches you, pointing a weapon at you, being aggressive (passive or otherwise)... if you got a chance to, would it be an invalid kill for protecting yourself against someone aiming a weapon at you?
  7. OnionRP

    S1: KoS in Stary - 2018-12-17, 19:53

    Jesus Enrique's POV: Myself, Mura and Shortround and rolling through the hills chilling herping and derping. We hear shots near Kab so head over. We see a man dead by the Church, seemed odd as there were no signs of a gun fight, or any sort of roleplay. Just one single shot, and a dead man in a high traffic area. OOCly we suspected KOS and start chasing this guy down. Shortround finds him by the pond in Stary but gets one shotted by shotgun as Shortround approached the man to question him. I rush over to pond (I am metagaming at this point to try find the guy, but I wanted to put him down asap so no others are KOS'd - sorry for this, but it seemed like a necessary evil), the guy pops out of a bush at me in the woods with weapon pointed, I get a couple rounds into him as I didn't put weapon on full auto cus I'm a douchebag, but the shotgun wipes me out at such close range. I then report to GM's and Admin's on Discord to get the dude removed from IG.
  8. OnionRP

    S1: KoS in Stary - 2018-12-17, 19:53

    Hi, I believe this is the same gentleman who just KOS'd a few of us in Stary. Would you kindly please ask a GM to merge our reports?
  9. OnionRP

    Test Subjects Needed (Open Frequency)

    *Smirks and confidently pushes in the PTT* Ok my friend. Sure. Ill help you holmes. Tell me where you would like to meet. And i will be there in two hours from now. Thatll be 7pm. I look reeeaaallll forward to seeing what youre doing here... *Releases PTT*
  10. OnionRP

    Message For Granola

    "This is Jesus Onion Enrique. Im looking for you... 'Granola'. Your services are required. Respond if you recieve this message." *He carefully places the radio on the ground after releasing the PTT. Locking eyes lovingly with Ricardo Garcia, sharing a sinister smile.*
  11. OnionRP

    Appeal TrollRP - 5 Day, 10 Points

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: My 10 points and 5 day ban for bad roleplay? That seems extreme Because compared to 3 day ban and 10 points for killing a complying hostage. the person I reported gets almost half the ban time for "invalidly killing me without RP". It just seems like the bans should be the other way around? I don't believe that was even TrollRP as I was genuinly attempting to speak in a foreign accent. As I speak in simple English once I realize the random encounter is English Speaking. it was meant to be a thick armenian accent, which transitioned over to english after my character realized they were english... which it did! What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i ask you to atleast discuss reconsidering. As the balance seems to be off, that the person I reported gets almost half the ban time for "invalidly killing me without RP". I would like the Ban lifted at the least. Points lifted at as well as ban at the most. What could you have done better?: I will emote that I am speaking a foreign language in the future. RESULT VERDICT EDIT: https://gyazo.com/af656b36c11af8d7bc6d5ed39eda9c1d
  12. OnionRP

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

    Who's Syther?
  13. OnionRP

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    Great idea! Maybe if you take too many you could pass out? Maybe even die?
  14. OnionRP

    S1: Invalid Kill/FailRP/KOS - 09/12/2018 21:50

    Oh yes, you're right. I had a blue armband. I was incorrect about that. Keeping this short because I'm not the one who needs to defend myself here. I couldn't have been more compliant. You asked me to run. I ran. You asked me to sprint. I explained why I couldn't but yet you weren't listening to your hostage when I was saying I couldn't (Could be because of the lack of RP). You asked me to drop plate carrier. I dropped it. I then sprinted as requested. I was playing it safe as I didn't want to die and had full intention of cooperating as you can see in the video. I asked if you knew who I was in the small chance that you didn't, as I was hoping to talk you out of your idea of kidnapping me. As I've stated, no idea who you lot where. Only when one of the lads said "it was probably District because they got beef". I denied saying "fucking retard". Which stands as still truth. As soon as you asked me to remove the vest, I said once that I like it. Because obviously I didn't want to lose a rare and hard to acquire item to a random kidnapping. Then you asked again, and I removed it. And you are exaggerating how long it took me. 5 seconds in a stressful situation with inventory freezing occurring frequently? Seems reasonable to me ? Yes, you're right, you asked me to tell them to stop shooting. How? You took my radio. I stop to put my hands up and get down so I dont get shot in the cross fire. Again, seems very reasonable to me. Something most people would do in real life I'm sure. Yes, you could have died, and I could have picked up a weapon and shot your team mates. But you were all privately discussing it on TS without double mic'ing. You all actively decided to take me hostage. That was your decision, not mine. So you deal with the consequences of what may happen. I was at the time you shot me, zero threat to you. And showed no signs of hostility, other than trying to remain alive. And since we are putting things in bold; as you can see in your video (timestamp; 0:01 - 3:46), you invalidly killed a hostage.
  15. OnionRP

    S1: Invalid Kill/FailRP/KOS - 09/12/2018 21:50

    - User was warned for this post -
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