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  1. After seeing my portfolio of coding skills above, could I get an IT job at £100k+/year with you? @Roland you hiring?
  2. Optional spawn point. Used through the website maybe or ingame interface - like how the clothing store spawns work?
  3. I got you, fam. { mySpawnLocation = whereMySleepingBagIs; mySleepingBagCountdown = TwentyFourHours; myGame.start(); } var myGameArea = { canvas : SleepingBag("canvas"), start : function() { this.canvas.length = HumanAdultBodySize; this.canvas.width = LargeEnoughForOnion&@George ; body.insertBefore(this.canvas, body.manNodes[0]); this.frameNo = 0; }, clear : function("2_Men_1_Bag") { this.clearRectum(0, 0, this.canvas.width, this.canvas.height); } }
  4. Sleeping bags that can be used as a spawn point. Can only be used once every 24 hours (to stop abuse), and NLR always applies.
  5. Looks good, thumbs up! Are the Notes logged? I foresee heinous crimes against Skyrim and her people. (IGNORE - just saw the screenshot)
  6. Ahh damn! Your good friend Zanaan told me you were from Thailand, I don't know why he told me that. Shame, best cancel those plane tickets.
  7. DayZRP Podcast tonight at 8pm. We are trying to do these weekly with guests and staff interviews. PM me if interested in participating in a future episode. Join the discord https://discord.gg/BKWtfCE Watch the stream
  8. As someone who was pleasantly surprised with and thoroughly enjoyed Justin Bieber's album Purpose... I was genuinely looking forward to a new one from him! And then yesterday he drops Changes! After listening to most of it in the car drive home this morning from the birds, what a fucking load of whiny pussy-ass shit. Every song sounds the fucking same, the lyrics sound like they were written by @Fae when she was 13, and I'm so fucking disappointed JB! I expected more from my heterosexual life partner. But - Lil Dicky has a verse on there which is hilarious.
  9. Reported for invalid report
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