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  1. I know this. I still don't understand the issue. All I would like is an explanation.
  2. Dripping mate. It's literally hotter than the surface of the sun.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: OOC hate apparently... I'd like someone to explain to me how what I said can be interpreted in any sort of harassment. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Please see above. Ludicrous. I have also requested Oliv in TS to explain this to me, however he has ignored my request. Hense this appeal. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A public apology from Oliv... and I'd also like for those 10 points to be lifted. What could you have done better?: Not ever post in this forum again?... that's the only thing I can think of, if posting 'Well done, this is great' will get you 10 warning points.
  4. OnionRingOfDoom

    Interview with a Community Member: Stargirl!

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  5. OnionRingOfDoom

    Interview with a Community Member: Stargirl!

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  6. I will forever remember our tip top RP. You're a gem to this community. <3 Much love. Done. Looking forward to this beer you yank bastard. I appreciate the love. No doubt I shall return in the future. I will put more effort into hanging with you on my relapse. New phone who dis? We had some friendly back and forth. Carry on doing what you're doing! I swear to keep clear of the smack haha. Thank you for the support and kind words! I'm all good at the moment, apart from the obvious grievance. I felt myself falling back into the trap, so this is a step to avoid that. I expect to see your name in red when I return. MATE! We always had a laugh. You are one of the good ones! Keep doing you and be chill my bro! o7 You can have all of my heart any day. Be good dude. And thank you for the love. We've had some good back and forths, but I do regret just not having a proper chat with you and getting to know you. You seem like... atleast... a half decent human. Maybe next time. xxx I'm glad we had a chance to meet! Best of luck here, and stay clear of the politics and kids that are oh so abundant. Be good! Thank you for the kind words. No doubt we will see eachother again in the future. Let me just get to Senior at work and put a ring on this chick and I'll see you again Thank you Brady. Best of luck with everything here! We will talk soon. <3 Taryn Tearan Cheeranne Tyrein Duran Duran, You the man now dawg. Take care of the kids for me. Appreciate the words, and we will talk again Much love o7 Thank you for your prayers, but feel free to send money too! :') I appreciate the words and gesture. It's good to know that someone I only met once or twice to give a care. Stay good, you are one of the good ones. Much love Sophie. We are getting fucking married one day. That is all need be said. <3 xxx Last words; This community is usually used as sources of bringing people together, rather than difference and conflict. But the conflicts do happen, and the irony is that every group and clique has something to say about tolerance and respecting others. Everyone is here together, no matter what race, creed or colour - which is fucking incredible. The need to look after a fellow human being here is far more important than any cultural or religious differences. And that's too far and few between in the world we live in today. It is vitally important that we all should participate and cooperate for the sake of the wellbeing of the whole community. We have only to look around to recognise the benefits of this positive approach. There is certainly much more to be done and many challenges to be overcome. Some people feel that their own ideals and thoughts on how this community should be operated are being threatened. They all need to be reassured that there is so much to be gained by reaching out to others; that diversity is indeed a strength and not a threat. But there is every reason to be hopeful about the future. I certainly recognise that much has been achieved in my 6 months here. I believe tolerance and fair play remain strong DayzRP values and we have so much to build on for the future. It was for this reason that I particularly enjoyed my time here. Playing and occasionally misbehaving with you all - completely at ease and trusting one another. How lucky we all are for having somewhere where we can do this openly and freely. I hope you all, will be able to enjoy this happy companionship for the rest of your lives. Everyone. Peace out!
  7. Dearest Guys, Girls, @JimRP, As some of you may have noticed; Onion has been taking a break. A much needed break. And for those who care, I'd like to explain what's been happening as I consider a good amount of you my friends. If you don't give a sugary titty fucking shit (@Jamie), the rest of this post won't be of any relevance so assume these are my final words and goodbye xxx. Moving on... I enjoyed the complete experience here. But like many of you, I suffered from anxiety and depression blah blah blah many years ago. To the point of wondering around town, late at night, out of paranoia that a group of people were trying to break into my home and hurt me (this was the day I stopped smoking weed). And I know it's not a good place to be. It's almost like your trying to climb out from a black hole that keeps falling in on you, but you can see the speck of light in the distance. I understand what a lot of you go through. How it feels to be in such a foggy somatic detachment that you don't even know yourself anymore, almost as though you are a spectator of your own life. And the scariest moment is when familiar scenes start to look foreign. Then you are left with nothing but senses and sadness. Back then I realized that the only person who could change my outlook on life was myself. And I motivated myself to finally climb to that speck of light. I pulled my finger out of my asshole and kept pushing for happiness and freedom from the prison of my own mind and neurochemical imbalance. I made a life plan year by year, then month by month, to week by week, all the way to day by day. This means that every single day I accomplished something. Leading me 2 years into the future where I have a decent job, a good circle of reliable friends, and even rebuilding the lost relationships with my family. Then I joined here. It started off as fun. Then it became and everyday bit of fun. Then it became a chore. But at this point, DayzRP was a big part of my life. One of the largest. And my work was suffering heavily, because all I could think about what this forum and the people in it and the community as a whole. And I left work early and rushed home to jump online most days. Sitting in my home office ignoring calls from my friends who were beginning to get worried about me. I felt myself slipping back into that state I was in 2 years ago. Then I lost 2 family members. I won't go into this as the wounds are still pretty fresh. But this is the reason for my... disappearance. Then there was the Great Black Fang Drama of 2018, everything fell apart, trust was lost, misplaced and abused. And honestly, I was really cut deep emotionally by it, even though I don't really know any of you guys. This was the point at which I said to myself "FUCK THIS SHIT YOU'RE TURNING INTO A FUCKING MELT YOU LIL' BITCH". I've had some time away to reflect and sort myself out. And I've made a lot of progress. I'm putting all my effort back into work and it's starting to show again. I've met someone, and I'm incredibly positive about the future of it. And I've started getting pissed up and sniffing gear from the porcelain of night club toilets on the weekends with my pals again :'D haha. I have decided that this just isn't the place for me. Nothing but mad love and respect for you all. Take care. All of you. Please. But I need to go adult now. Much love xxx Onion
  9. You are right Mexi. You're always right. <3
  10. Who hurt you @Hebi Kotei? :'( Wanna talk about it?