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  1. The problem, as with every new idea here, is that it's great for the first two weeks and everyone is motivated to push forward with it... but then as the staff lost interest in managing it, everyone else loses interest. Making these threads Rolle is great an all my guy, but you need the staff with the mentality to see it through and push it, not just for 2 - 4 weeks, but for the foreseeable future. The reason the other 'new' servers are thriving is because they have that new fresh feeling that all the staff are motivated and excited to work for and improve. Otherwise, we will be
  2. But how many great TV shows and movies do have some sort of racism in the story. Don't restrict roleplay. I've never played a racist character ever, but I don't agree with restrictions on what is or isn't allowed. Let's ban slaver RP as well whilst we are at it actually. And hostile RP, lets just ban it. That'll make @Roland happy for sure ?
  3. Woah woah woah, hollup a second. If I get taken hostage by Russian characters because I'm an Englishman, I can just say (//hey i dont like whats going on right no) and then they MUST stop? But now you're going to say that it's because the person is gay. But I disagree. Ban the words faggot and nigga and tranny, sure. But I also want the words paki, brit, yank, spic, kike, sand monkey, etc etc etc also banned if that is the case. It CANNOT be one rule for one set of people, and another rule for another. It's everything, or nothing. If someone here is OOC racist, homophobic, or so
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Now, I have NEVER done one of these, and I am no stranger to a few points. But you must be the most pedantic and petty person in the world to think that I am actually impersonating a member of staff there. It is clearly a jokey was of saying 'hit me up in a DM', and just as unnecessary as the post made by the ADMIN that I am referring to in it. There is no drama or 'beef' between Hofer and myself and I would consider us 'pally' and happen to think he's an incredibly attractive man and the best admin, obv
  5. Born at a young age in Chernarus, Jak grew up with his father as his mother left before he was born. As a farmer, Jak's father specialised in grapefruit production. However the family never made much money as grapefruits are suited to much warmer climates, and most the yield would die every year. As Jak's father grew older, he died until he was dead. Jak was alone, and spent more time playing Farming Simulator 2018 instead of actually farming. Jak ended up somehow being recruited into the CLF, and now his story actually begins...
  6. We are keen to continue this and get the ball rolling. Our group heavily relies on the footfall of traffic through our towns, however whilst the server is going through this quiet spell, interactions are limited and currently do not warrant waiting for hours to progress our lore. Most of our characters are going to go into "hiding" and start new characters ICly. But as a group we will re-emerge from our hidey holes in due course when motivation and traffic returns. Please archive.
  7. God fucking damnit. Can we just rename 'Off Topic', to Onions Troll Cave or some shit.
  8. Welcome @Duplessis. Glad to have you here mate. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. All staff here are friendly and non-biased. We welcome all pictures of chicken nuggets or other chicken related processed snack. Roland pays his taxes. Everyone here is friendly, warm, and are normal, logical, fully-functional adults with a vast array of social skills. And "roleplay" is just a suggestion.
  9. Edit; Shit, @Blisna beat me to this... sorry for stealing your idea. I'm a real piece of shit.
  10. HAVE FUN KIDS! I'm off for a few weeks!
  12. Yeah you can have it ? It's been 35 degrees for the last week so I've been playing motorcycles and, being English, walking around with my top off, drinking cans of stella in public and fighting alpha males.
  13. Amazing group! Deserves to be approved immediately!
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