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  2. Yeah you can have it It's been 35 degrees for the last week so I've been playing motorcycles and, being English, walking around with my top off, drinking cans of stella in public and fighting alpha males.
  3. Amazing group! Deserves to be approved immediately!
  4. Congrats to all of the boys! Well deserved lads! Time to turn into a bandit group... THE GRAPE PEOPLE WILL RULE THIS COUNTRY!
  5. Welcome to the bogan whitename @Ricey
  6. Onion

    The Tsepovs

    Good role play from these guys! Looking forward to seeing what happens moving forward
  7. Onion

    The Pedlars

    Good ongoing role play with these guys! Deserve to be made official! They are open to discussions and ideas OOCly to move our lore forward and keep role play fresh, whilst still continuing to provide fantastic RP ICly. Good luck chaps.
  8. Welcome to @KorhaBB & @MysteryBB! Goals updated and new goals added up-keeping with our ongoing role play with @Dan, @Shroud & @Mason. Top role play from these guys and their groups.
  9. Top kek group. Very good dynamic role play with this group and had alot of fun watching out relationship unfold. Best mates last week. At war this week... lovers next week...???
  10. *Takes a deep breathe and sighs with disappointment. He presses on the PTT* "Good morning sirs. With all due respect; fuck the pair of you. There is no place in Chernarus for the trade of human slaves, Josiah. And Mr Tsepov, with multiple warnings; you still continue to support these scum, putting money and business before the safety and prosperity of the people of Chernarus. In a time of need and desperation when we all should be coming together, you are instead using this situation to your benefit in an attempt to make petty ill-gotten gains. Unfortunately, as the RAC have proven time and time again that they do not give a fuck about this land or it's people, it is up to the people to make a stand against you and your bullshit. I may be a foreign dog pig to the CLF, but I have grown to love this country and the people that reside here. Dispite the bullshit rumours people here and the terrorist name of which they have been branded by the true evil here, the fight they wage is true with good intent. Me and my people will support them until the people of Chernarus no longer need us. Whilst you talk the big talk and seem to enjoy swinging your cock and balls around, I think you overestimate yourselves... and you are certainly underestimating us. With that said; Whilst there seems to now be a bounty on my head, please feel free to attempt to claim it my brothers and sisters if you are down on your luck and need dirty slave trade money to keep you going. Or alternatively, you may reach out to me or my people and we will welcome you into our house with open arms and provide you with everything you need, including a purpose. As we have done for our dozens of citizens already. Josiah, get your house in order. Your name will be forgotten within a week Mr Tsepov (//@Shroud), it is still not too late for us to come to terms. My contention is not with you, but I will go through you, if I have to, to save the people of Chernarus from those slaver cunts that you are trying to protect" *Releases the PTT, closing his eyes again waiting for this dirty fuck ass hangover to dissipate*
  11. Thanks matey boy. We have some updates coming shortly to the lore and the direction we are taking the group. Will update these tomorrow.
  12. *Presses on the PTT* The bounty for Noah has been removed. The bounty for Josiah is on temporary suspension pending a parlay. *Takes a sip of earl grey tea and releases his PTT* *He takes the gun off his shoulder, puts it down on the dresser and leaves Stary without saying a word to anyone.*
  13. *Mr Onions presses on the PTT* "Mr Onions here. 5 AK's for Noah Russo dead, and 10 for Josiah of the Pedlars dead. Rewards are doubled if each are delivered alive to Stary. Their crimes include enslavement of men, women and children, extortion, murder, kidnapping, grievous bodily harm, harbouring criminals and supporting the RAC. If delivered to Stary, they will be trialed and if found guilty will be executed to death until they are dead and not alive anymore." *Mr Onions releases the PTT and sends his love*
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