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  1. Josh Walker or (the name he was given at birth) Dimitri Rozhkov was born on the 2nd of June 1991 in Novodmitrovsk, Chernarus. His birth family (the Rozhkov's) noticed rather quickly that they wouldn't be able to give their son the home he deserved so they chose to him up for adoption. So they came in contact with a nice family through their adoption agency. Josh's "new" family lived in Minot, North Dakota in the US. The Walker's (his adoptive family) was thrilled about another son, the mother in the family had been through some sort of accident and couldn't get more children. The Rozhkov's had him for about a month after his birth and then the Walker's came and picked him up. Chernarus had no international airport at the moment so they had take a flight to the closest airport in Russia first, so they then could drive down to chernarus and pick their new son up. The Rozhkov’s lived outside of Novodmitrovsk, in the mountains so it wasn't an easy task to find it. But they eventually found it and brought little Dimitri back to the US. His new family named him Josh Walker (after one of their grand fathers). He grew up in the US with his adoptive family and it wasn't until he was 9 years old he got to know that he was adopted. It wasn't really that big of a deal for him but he was kind of curious of how his birth parents have had it and if they missed him. He started to ask questions, but his adoptive parents were not able to answer all of them. That made him wanna visit his birth parents. But he knew that he couldn’t just fly there as of now, so he decided to wait until he was older. After a while so did Josh forget this and just lived his life. He had always been a bit bullied by the Walker’s other son but he didn’t really give a damn about, until he eventually started to just hate his “brother”. They went into bigger and bigger fights and so one day Josh just snapped and almost killed his “brother”. His brother went into a coma and stayed in it for 11 days. His adoptive family then sent him to a military school. After he had graduated from the military school he then joined the army at the age of 18. He then left the army at the age of 21 to seek out his birth parents and reunite with them. He knew that Chernarus pretty recently came out of a civil war and he wanted to see if his parents were alright. He went there in 2012 to go looking for his parents. He eventually found out that his parents hadn’t made it through the civil war and that there house hadn’t been sold, so he decided to buy it and move in. When he got to hear about the infection in 2017 he knew it could be dangerous but he didn’t want leave his parents house there so he chose to stay even tho his survival chance was small. He now roams the land of Chernarus and kills zombies while he tries to survive in the harsh environment.
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