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  1. StellaRP


    *she presses PTT* "Let me know when you're here and I'll come outside, my legs are weak" *She releases PTT*
  2. StellaRP


    *She would press PTT* "Change of plans, I can't get out of elektro, I need to rest in a house. I'm on the east side of elektro if you could meet me here, also I found a blaze and a repeater but they're empty and I can drop them when we meet" *She releases PTT and rests on an old bed*
  3. StellaRP


    *happily she presses the PTT* “I really don’t have much time left, I’m really hungry... I’m making my way toward Kamyshovo in search for food. I understand your concern for safety, I am unarmed and you’ll be able to see me easily. As for a name, my name is Stella. Thank you ahead of time, this is very kind of you...” *she releases the PTT with a new found sense of hope*
  4. StellaRP


    *she presses the PTT* “I haven’t had a real meal in weeks, just scraps where I can find them... if you have spare food please share...help another human out." *she releases the PTT*
  5. StellaRP


    *she responds* “I’m in Elektro now...at the church... I’m so hungry, I feel like I’m dying, it’s been...weeks without food. If you can help I’ll be so grateful....” *her quivering hands release the PTT*
  6. StellaRP


    *she responds* “I’m in Elektro now...at the church... I’m so hungry, I feel like I’m dying, it’s been...weeks without food. If you can help I’ll be so grateful....” *her quivering hands release the PTT*
  7. StellaRP


    *she presses the PTT and a faint voice comes over the frequency* “Please....food...Cherno....help....” *the shaking voice slowly fades out with static as she releases the PTT*
  8. Stella grew up in a small isolated town in Michigan living with her father Adam Hook. Her and her father lived in a cabin that he had built himself deep in Michigan surrounded by vasts forests. Stella’s mom wasn’t in the picture, she had passed away early on in Stella’s life, during childbirth. Stella never really understood completely the meaning of her mother’s loss until later in her life. She had always looked up to her father. A strong and wise man, he had taught her everything about survival. Stella learned to hunt, use firearms from a young age and make fires from scratch. All of these things became hobbies she enjoyed. Her teenage years were not very eventful, she was just an average girl whose life consisted of school, work and hanging out with friends. She enjoyed doing things like fishing and hunting with her friends, for-wheeling and camping. She was definitely and outdoor person. On her 18th birthday her father had a surprise for her. He wasn’t a wealthy man, Stella wasn’t even expecting anything for her birthday to begin with. When she got home from school he had told her they were taking a hunting trip to the beautiful lands of Chernarus. He handed Stella a brochure and she looked over it with excitement. It was something that looked as if it was out of a movie. The natures of the land looked extravagant. The trip was set up, they planned to leave after she graduated high school. The day came when they finally left home. Stela had never been in an airplane before and was quite nervous. Nevertheless, she was excited to be able to spend a few weeks out of the country with her father by her side. Their trip started off as expected, they stayed in a small house in Dubrovka, they enjoyed hunting deer and boar as well as other animals. The trip was a dream come true for Stella. But that changed after a few days, Stella and her father were on the way back to their house back in Dubrovka when she realized something wasn’t right. The town was filled by some weird creatures, they looked normal from a far, except for their strange hissing and groaning. Her father, being the caring man he was, approached a lady that had a strange posture and looked like she was in pain. He placed his hand on her shoulder and asked if she was okay, the strange woman grabbed his armed and lunged her head towards Adam’s arm and tore a piece right off with her teeth. Adam screamed, attracting more of the creatures towards him, where they started eating him as Stella watched in horror. She screamed at the creatures begging them to stop but to no avail, she took the rifle her father had gifted her for their hunting trip and started unloading it on the creatures. By the time she ran to her father who was laying on the ground, it was too late, his breathing was slow and he was bleeding too much. She held him in her arms as he spoke his lasts words to her. “Do whatever you can to survive, Stella... find help”. Stella didn’t know what to do. She was now alone in a foreign country with nobody to turn to. Stella set out on her own. Her only motivation was the idea that someone must be working on a cure and that it wouldn’t always be like this.
  9. *she would press PTT on her radio and she examines her map* “Anybody out there? Anybody else alive in Livonia? I’m in sitnik I think....I’m looking for some companions to survive in this region....” *she releases PTT*
  10. *She presses PTT and you hear a panicked female voice fill your radio* "Help us, please someone help us! We are in Kab near the water well, My friend is dying of sickness and we are starving. If anyone can hear my call for help, please please help us" *She releases PTT*
  11. *She would look around as she pulled her radio off of her belt. She then shivered slightly, pressing PTT* "Where is everyone? It's lonely out here....and frankly, kind of eerie. Where has everyone gone?" *She would release PTT and place her radio back on her belt*
  12. One life with one dream on repeat.

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