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  1. *she would press PTT on her radio and she examines her map* “Anybody out there? Anybody else alive in Livonia? I’m in sitnik I think....I’m looking for some companions to survive in this region....” *she releases PTT*
  2. Maria was born to a Hispanic mother and a deadbeat Armenian father in East L.A. Growing up she had a hard time fitting in under the law, always getting into trouble at every corner. Her run-ins with the law inevitably landed her jail time, where she became close with multiple members of the Armenian Power criminal organization. It was here that her connections with the 24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII gang grew. Surviving initiation was rough but all things come with a price. Finally having a real family and power, she agreed to head out on a new business venture, with the goal of setting up a drug operation in Chernarus. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, the infection hit soon thereafter, and the gang’s power only grew.
  3. *She presses PTT and you hear a panicked female voice fill your radio* "Help us, please someone help us! We are in Kab near the water well, My friend is dying of sickness and we are starving. If anyone can hear my call for help, please please help us" *She releases PTT*
  4. *She would look around as she pulled her radio off of her belt. She then shivered slightly, pressing PTT* "Where is everyone? It's lonely out here....and frankly, kind of eerie. Where has everyone gone?" *She would release PTT and place her radio back on her belt*
  5. One life with one dream on repeat.

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    2. StellaRP
  6. It's officially okay to listen to Christmas music 🙂

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      No it isn't 

  7. *She presses PTT as she lays looking up at the stars on the roof of the PD* ”Hello? Does anyone have 9x19mm rounds? Duct tape, or glock 19 mags, or even batteries? I’m looking to trade... please let me know!” *She would release PTT*
  8. Katerina was born to a low-class family in the slums of Moscow. Growing up was rough, with her mother working constantly around the house to keep her five other siblings in check. Her father was a hard-working miner, spending long, strenuous hours to put food on the table. However, as time moved on more and more immigrants came to Moscow, stealing away jobs left and right. Her father lost his job and had to begin work in the factory. This much lower pay hit hard as the effects of poverty were felt in the home. Struggling to keep happy Katerina mixed in a with a local white supremacist gang. Here she met Konstantin. He would disappear for a few years, and Katerina would work her way up the gang hierarchy. When Konstantin returned, he promised a land of endless opportunity for them, Chernarus. They set off to exploit the civil-war ridden nation for weapons to sell. However, soon after entering the nation, the infection hit and they were all stranded. They still have the gang, and together they plan on making it big in Chernarus.
  9. Katy was born in Glasgow to a mother he never got to know as she was thrown straight into the foster care system with her brother at a very young age. Growing up she was always shy and quiet around other people. When her brother was sent away to military school she was alone and sad. After her brother finished school he took a break for a year from school and together they moved to Amsterdam where she got into the rave scene. Katy thought it was obnoxious but kind of liked it, but not as much as her brother. After her brother''s gap year in Amsterdam he decided to go back home and try look for a job, Katy followed behind him. After her brother searching for a job for 3 months he got sick of being rejected over and over again so he decided to join the Royal Marines he excelled through his training and was at the top of his troop on all levels. Katy was once again, lonely without him. After passing training he was deployed to Helmand province in Afghanistan, Katy followed her brother and they both saw a lot of fighting and the corruption of the British Military after his first tour he got back home but decided to run away from the Military and make his way to eastern Europe where he made his way to a little place called Chernarus with Katy. After being in Chernaurs for a month one day they heard screaming from the outside and seen a bunch of men eating police officers and attacking other civilians. They both grabbed their bags and ran north towards Berezino and tried to find a group of people that can help them during this outbreak.
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