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  1. About: Lucia Grace Smith (Or Gray which was her maiden name) was born May 5th, 1997 in the small town of Milford, Mic, U.S.A. At only 22 years old she is wanted in America for robbery, auto-thief and even some accusations of murder. Crimes that have been committed alongside her husband Travis Smith whom she is madly in love with. They have been wanted nationally since they got married and left home. Lucia is a girl who is Loyal and tough. She’s a sharp girl who is smart and knows how to manipulate and get her way. Lucia doesn’t stand for being treated with a lack of respect or being treated unfairly, yet she treats people unfairly herself. She can come off very demanding and even sassy at times, and only really takes orders from her husband. Early life: Lucia was brought up in a somewhat stable home, Her father, Joseph Gray, was a hard working farmer. Hrf mother, Anne Gray was your typical housewife. and her older brother Nathen Gray was someone she would end up hanging around with a lot as a kid. Aside from being terribly poor Lucia’s childhood was pretty normal up until the age of 12. She was successful in school, she had good friends, and a close relationship with her family. But her life changed when she met Travis. Her new next door neighbor. At first she didn’t think much of him and only saw him as someone her brother hung out with, but over time he eventually began to grow on her and he became the center of her world. She became very isolated toward anyone else but her new friend, whom didn’t seem to be the best influence on her. Teenage years: At the age 13 Lucia became more and more close with Travis. As she grew into her teenage years she developed a crush on the older boy, trying to impress him relentlessly and by doing that, the innocent girl finally got his attention. They began dating at only 13. It was her first relationship. Their relationship started out innocent enough as Lucia and Travis were still both young. Lucia became very dependent on the older boy and was still extremely isolated from her friends allowing only Travis to influence her. And he did so, but not in the best ways. Teaching her to shoot guns, and trespass into places they shouldn’t be. He taught her how to shoplift and encouraged her to sneak out with him late at night. Slowly the innocent girl became less and less innocent by the day. They’re small petty crimes started slowly became a consistent thing. Travis was Lucia’s first and only love and she has always been very quick to try to impress him. As she grew older and older it seems her dependence and bond with Travis only grew stronger and bigger making them almost one person. They were always together. Becoming an adult: At 18, Lucia almost instantly married Travis and their petty crimes grew to become somewhat more serious they began robbing small stores, trying to make enough money to survive as they were both poor. They crimes continued to auto-theft, Travis taught Lucia how to drive all kinds of different cars, she’d wait outside while he’d rob stores and race away once he got the money. Not long after they were married they began seeing wanted posted around their town and towns near them. It was then they decided to leave town and try to start over, however they really didn’t have money. Therefore the robbing and hold ups continued as they drove across the states, taking it each day at a time and making money to survive. They found themselves consistently stealing new cars, living at motels, and even sleeping in the wilderness. Years went by as they continued their same pattern, having many close calls, almost getting killed, almost being arrested, getting recognized but somehow they managed to get through it together. How she got to Chernarus: Finally their luck started to turn around, they were wanted nationally and it seemed they were cornered as they were currently in Florida. Travis learned of a small bank in Florida that they could easily rob and had an escape plan to get away, sneaking on a cargo ship, and starting over new with their fortune in a European country. They didn’t exactly know where they were going but they didn’t care, they just wanted to be out of America. And Travis always seemed to have things figured out. She trusted him. The robbery was a success and sneaking on the boat was easy enough. They had enough food and water to last them the trip and more. That’s when a wicked storm hit their boat, knocking them around relentlessly. Their newly stolen money fell overboard but Lucia didn’t seem to even care as she was scared for her life and her husband's life. As the hours went by the storm wouldn’t let up. They were knocked around Lucia held onto Travis tightly shutting her eyes. Before long they were knocked off the boats with practically nothing. As they fell into the water they saw an island in the distance and swam towards it. This would be prison island right off of the mainland of Chernarus. As she finally crawled onto the small island she immediately went to Travis checking him for any injuries. When they both looked to be okay they found shelter until the morning and tried to figure things out. As the days past found themselves on the main land of Chernarus, learning how to survive all over again. Killing the infected, defending each other and finding gear that was left behind. Months past and They have been settled in for around 6 months at this point and had the basics of what to do down. Now all they had to do was continue to do whatever it takes to survive. She is determined to keep herself alive, and keep her husband, whom she is madly in love with alive.
  2. I was born in America and ended up in Chermarus after a nightmare vacation with my brother. My family has all passed. I grew up in a loving home however my parents passed at a young age, my older brother took care of me most of my teenage years bu I lost him to the infected. I was a collage student but never got to finish, I finished high school and spent time tutoring younger kids for extra money and doing community service to help people in need. I was studying history in collage of other nations but had high hopes of one day becoming a writer. I would write short stories for friends to read as a hobby. I had good grades in collage and in high school. I had a lot of friends and enjoyed being with them. I would play piano as a hobby and sometimes would sing but I was too shy to sing with other people around me.
  3. Ive read everything and I cant find it, Can i have a hint?
  4. Where do I apply for the password
  5. Did you guys delete my radiosalt account yet? Or are u guys still workinh on it?
  6. I dont have team speak, I pmed one of them on the website. I also appreciate how fast you guys respond. Its currently 4am here and it only takes a minute for you guys to get back. Thanks!!
  7. Same for me. It says I haven't played dayZ long enough when I have!
  8. I dont know where to apply. I made an account on the website but I dont know where to apply in order to play on the server.
  9. I made my account on the website already, I don't know where to apply to get on the server itself
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