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  1. I was born in America and ended up in Chermarus after a nightmare vacation with my brother. My family has all passed. I grew up in a loving home however my parents passed at a young age, my older brother took care of me most of my teenage years bu I lost him to the infected. I was a collage student but never got to finish, I finished high school and spent time tutoring younger kids for extra money and doing community service to help people in need. I was studying history in collage of other nations but had high hopes of one day becoming a writer. I would write short stories for friends to read as a hobby. I had good grades in collage and in high school. I had a lot of friends and enjoyed being with them. I would play piano as a hobby and sometimes would sing but I was too shy to sing with other people around me.
  2. Ive read everything and I cant find it, Can i have a hint?
  3. Where do I apply for the password
  4. Did you guys delete my radiosalt account yet? Or are u guys still workinh on it?
  5. I dont have team speak, I pmed one of them on the website. I also appreciate how fast you guys respond. Its currently 4am here and it only takes a minute for you guys to get back. Thanks!!
  6. Same for me. It says I haven't played dayZ long enough when I have!
  7. I dont know where to apply. I made an account on the website but I dont know where to apply in order to play on the server.
  8. I made my account on the website already, I don't know where to apply to get on the server itself
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