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  1. @Frenchie and I have been having a few days break from DayZ for the sake of our own mental health You'll be seeing us shortly.
  2. I'm very open honestly, it's just the shut up or die spiel followed by 20 min of wall watching with 2 or 3 intermittent questions. Mind you I am not a very lippy person Icly, i do understand if the hostage is being a total idiot. I'd enjoy the odd enslavement, torture or something like.. More meaningful? Not sure what word to use exactly. Impactful? I've only been here two (DayZRP) months in the first three weeks here i had such great hostile RP, i was enslaved and sold followed by tons of interactions. Another day i was forced to hear a speech about Chernarussian nationalism followed by my eastern weaponry being confiscated. Just to name a few.
  3. You're 100% right gear is replaceable. I don't care about the gear, just about having fun. Who is to know what would be realistic behavior doing a zombie apocalypse? But i get ye' point. Whoa whoa no need to take personal offence, i did not mean nothing like that by it. I'm a salty fuck, but i hate no-one here.
  4. Literally 90% of all hostile RP situations I've been in.
  5. Make sure you've set your name correctly in the DayZ client. You ingame(DayZ) has to match your characters name perfectly otherwise you'll run into this issue.
  6. Maksim grew up just outside of Bor alongside his brothers. He supported Kozlov doing the civil war and did no appreciate the foreign meddling in his country. WIP
  7. Like @DuquesneLR says there is a lot of roleplay in the west around the NWAF. I've personally had lots of interactions with people like @C-J that scary mofo always showing up. Tons of random roleplaying also in the area with the new people Mr. Moon brought in, it's been quite good the last 2 weeks to be honest. Then again I might just have been lucky. I can hardly walk for 15 min without running into someone in the area.
  8. Thank you @Realize , so the sniper i was mistaken for was there aprox 40 min prior to my death. In fact it happend doing the 15 min i was offline all the way over in Lopatino. So @Litomatoma was being chased by a guy in the forest that you did not shoot? Then you decided to flank a sniper that you said your friend called out when he was shot, i assume approx 40 min prior to you killing me. That's a very long time before you flank the sniper. Admittedly it's very close to where i died so if the time between had been shorter like 20 min, i would've understood you mistaking me for the sniper.
  10. As mentioned above my friend was asking if i could provide support in case things turn sour. As such I'd consider it pretty standard to watch through a mounted scope
  11. I did not hear any gunshots near my location for at least 20 min, so unless somebody sniped your guy 3 min prior to you shooting me doing the 4 min i was afk. did hear a single gunshot from down near town aprox 20 min before my death. Who from your team was sniped from near my death location? Once @Litomatoma provide the name, can we get the logs with proper location?
  12. I have a Arctic 7 Steel series, the "chat" sound and the ingame sounds run on two different devices therefore I cannot record discord conversations. We're in a OOC channel doing this, we're having conversations with people not ingame at the same time me and @Hampze is ingame. I did not double the small amount of conversation i am having because I was alone, and it was kinda hard to distinguish between IC communications and OOC. In any case as the video shows i was alone, so it's victimless crime. The video will show me coming back from having been minimized for a good 5 min'ish. I restart my recording software and proceed up hill, somebody asks a question i sadly not remember but it's unrelated. In any case notice I am double carrying the combat belt as our intent is to trade the with traders in town. I am not at all aware I am in a potential combat situation, i do not hear gunshots. I do believe we heard gunshots 10 min prior to the recording, but it's not uncommon for the traders to be shooting zombies inside the compound. Shortly after 1:00 Johan asks me if i can provide any support in case something bad happens, as mentioned in the OP. My answer is in the video. I try to locate Johan in town, i fail to do so. I notice people walking around in the open near town, no guns are pointed in town and no shots are fired. 2 People are walking around quite unaffected, i assume no danger. Shortly after I am shot and killed by a unknown assailant, who turns out to be @Litomatoma who I have never interacted with prior to this encounter. I do not understand how gunshots being fired in the vicinity of the airfield giving people clearance to shoot anyone aiming down their guns. Especially as people are jogging around in town casually as you can see in the recording.
  13. Server and location: S1 | North West of Grishino | Aprox 565 / 10768 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-10-30 22:30 ish Your in game name: Jakob Wiel Names of allies involved: Johan Persson @Hampze Name of suspect/s: Don't even know the sound of the guys voice. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video evidence will be uploaded when i get home from UNI tommorw, it's past midnight and going to bed after this debacle. Detailed description of the events: I return from a small break, then i meet up with my lad @Hampze near Lopatino somewhere. @Hampze and I decide to head to Grishino to do some trading, we hear some gunshots near the airfield nothing out of the ordinary. We enter the airfield on the eastern side, make a quick way straight through not looting much as I'm double carrying a combat belt i wish to sell. We walk down towards Grishino, i go AFK for a little bit in the forrest near Grishino. In the mean town time @Hampze has gone down to investigate the town, i decide to walk uphill to give him some cover while we're checking that the town is safe. He asks me if i can provide support if needed, i tell him it's too far away to make a shot. All very standard procedure in these situations for us anyway. I'm a bit idly watching stuff on my phone and having a laugh so i don't notice footsteps near me. I hear a few gunshots before my screen tells me i am dead. At no point did I or my lad @Hampze initiate on anyone, and no point were we initiated on to my knowledge.
  14. Brov! These red cars are only here to PvP, i think admins need to ban them.
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