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  1. Super realistic tire tracks!

    Normal day
  2. Sudden Computer Crashes After Launching Dayz

    Try removing all launch options, if you don't have any, try verify integrity of games files. If none of these helped you, it could be an internal problem. Rebooting your PC may work, but there's also a risk on losing everything. Try watching this video: I think it's going to help you!
  3. My Spotify Playlist [DayZ Dreaming]

    Very nice playlist bro! Well done!
  4. Server Restart

    How often does it happens? And if I drop something when the restart happens, the item I dropped will disapear?
  5. Memory ERROR

    I fixed but I don't know for how long, I changed my resolution: From fullscream to Windowed mode.
  6. Memory ERROR

    Gives me the error always when I'm near to someone.
  7. Memory ERROR

    I tryed launching in x64, it gave me the same error...
  8. Memory ERROR

    Just when I'm near to someone, my game crashes with the following message: 0x000000000008. Memory cannot be read. Help me!
  9. Joining Groups

    I get rejected when trying to join any grup, what should I do to be accepted?
  10. Andrew Strafeh

    His name: Andrew Strafeh, 37 old man with a terrible past, before everything started he was a soccer player, playing for Sweden, then everything changed, he was recruited to the Army and then transfered to Chernarus,where he was in charge of the local prison. His wife died on a firefight during a store robery, her death made him very depressed, he almost commited suicide. Some people say that he never laught again after her death. Later on, he was accused of helping inmates, something he did not, he was arrested and jailed until the Infection arrived Chernarus... The guards did not tell him about the outbreak until 11th, when his Dad died due to the virus, and the justice had to told him. He was kept there in quarentine, but he managed to escape somehow with other 2 prisioners, who later died due to starvation and sickness. He managed to find himself supplies and a place to rest, until he was raided by bandits and almost died, but his will did not died, he found better supplies to survive, and is using his skills to help the others and his own, looking for one day to die, as a HERO.