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  1. Been awhile since I've RP'd so was nice running into @JkpFrog and @MichTheMedic last night. Cheers for the RP, tho half the time my character didn't know how to respond to things haha
  2. *A fiddling with the PTT could be heard, some strange words as a quiet female voice could be heard as Rubei attempted to get the radio to work. She wasn't used to this type of radio, having used a phone most her life.* "Salut!.. Not seen a soul in Zagoria, Heard broadcast about something up Nord." *She seems to speak some english, but with a hint of an accent.* "People were friendly there... good to see people again, poate..." *Her last word seemed a bit off, though crackling noise could be heard as she fumbled with the radio trying to hit the PTT.*
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/89893-s1-stary-sobor-nvfl-conbat-logging-2018-04-24-2101/?tab=comments#comment-1663561 Why the verdict is not fair: This is my 1st time for any kind of ban or warning and I was not really given any sort of warning just an immediate 3 Day. I understand the punishment system and the rules, but it was unintentional CL. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am sorry I didn't take the time to OOC my AFK but a IRL emergency is always going to take priority over a game. I just got back onto the server and am not used to the rules. In this case it would have been a quick return if not for human nature calling at the worst times. And, I was unsure whether to log back in because of active RP, usually have to wait a bit if you DC and not part of active RP and things didn't seem hostile. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A removal of Points and a Ban Lift would be ideal, but would really like the ban lifted at least to continue RP (report took a week and feels irrelevant now, since I've thus moved on with RP). As I would be OK with just a warning. What could you have done better?: I could have taken just that extra second to scribble out AFK or something. I gave a verbal shout to the person I was with in TS but they didn't get the chance to relay the message.
  4. Traveling with @Kouketsu through town, hear commotion so go into a house real quick which happens to be a house one guy stumbles upon us in. Interact with them for a bit, ask us who we are and why were in the house. Say were just looking through the house. Proceed to ask about gun registration. I get called by real life in the middle of it and have no time ooc afk, household emergency asking me to help them and then mother nature calling. I DC while AFK.
  5. *A sigh escapes her lips as she pushes the PTT button, wondering if anyone's on this frequency.* "Hey.. I heard you on this channel, been waiting to hear you back on it." she laughs softly, "Kind of don't really know where I am at.. decided to wander away from the coast. Maybe find someone I know.. probably not though. Don't really know where anyone really is at the moment. Afraid to go to Svet." *She lets out a sigh before letting go of the PTT button. She leans against the wall as she sits on a bed, her backpack on the floor next to her. She keeps the radio in her hand as she slowly closes her eyes.*
  6. *Trish checks the radio again.* "Maybe we can sell some steak later on.." she smiles softly, her breath heavy as if she'd been running awhile. "I know of a barrel, but not sure if it is still there.." "I still have mine on me.." she laughs softly, "Hopefully see you around.."
  7. *An exasperated sigh escapes her lips, after fumbling through channels she hears a familiar voice.* "Hey Jamal.." her 'hey' seems long and drawn out and then there is silence for a moment. "I surprisingly have not run into wolves, despite trying to. But other things have developed... I'll stop by where we met." A small laugh can be heard, but her voice returns to a dull tone. "It'd be good to see a nice face.." she adds, then the transmission goes silent.
  8. @AngryIrish Oh, you finally got whitelisted Welcome. Hope to run into you
  10. Ew it's Peg <3 Haha, hope to meet you in game girly >^___^<
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