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  1. Ashes awoke. Vision blurry, smoke in her lungs. As her eyes adjusted, she saw black flakes floating in the air around her. Ashes. Vision and mind foggy, she realized her body hurt as well. Much of her body was covered in ash or smut. Something heavy was on top of her and she attempted to roll it off of her. Much of the body fell apart, crumbling into ash. Ash crawled out from the rest of it, trying to move around but it was hard to see. She looked at her hands, her arms had burns and scrapes on them. Getting up she stumbled forward, tripping over things. Bodies, most turned to rotting flesh or ash. Scared, she continued to stumble forward, coughing as the smoke in the air was heavy. She raised her hand over her eyes to try and see. Dust, soot and ash all around her. It was hard to breathe. Much of the flames around her had broke, though a few things were hot and continued to burn despite the flames being extinguished. Rubble all around her, she ended up crawling forward through it trying to escape the smoke that still filled her lungs. Coughing, she emerged from the ruble. She could see buildings all around her, some charred or destroyed from the fire. There was a shape in all the rubble, it was hard to make out with all the smoke. A plane. Plane? She couldn’t recall how she knew what it was called. Her head hurt. Where was she? Who was she? T-t-things around her in the air. Ash. Ash. Ashes. Ashes fell from the sky. She looked up, the ashes fell onto her face. She felt her head, something moist covering most of the side of her head. Her head hurt. Her lungs hurt. Her body hurt. She wandered away, scuffling her feet along the ground. Dust, soot and ash picking up underneath. Holding her body, she walked through the city with the darkened sky full of ash and smoke. ----------- Visions like Memories ------------ Her mother’s smile. They were sitting in their backyard, Khloe had been playing and she ran up to her mother. Her mother gave her a smile. She loved her mother’s smile. It warm and bright, and just made her feel a sense of warmth, home and safety. Her mother was the most beautiful women she knew. ----------
  2. Lena never belonged, from the day she was born. Her mother didn’t want her. She had set up an adoption with a couple whom she thought would be perfect for the little girl to grow up with. They backed out last minute, didn’t show up when she was born and Lena’s mother didn’t want to see her. She couldn’t take care of a child. Lena was never officially given a name and thus the hospital named her, giving her mother’s last name. Lena was put into foster care. She grew up in Ventura, a small beach town north of LA. Place in the middle of nowhere. No one knew her. No one cared. She constantly fought with her foster parents and they even tried to switch her to a different home. Lena had friends but didn’t care much for them. She tried to find escape through music and games. As soon as she could get out of the home, she went to L.A. to follow a career in music. It took her awhile. She ended up working at a liquor store. She ended up being a sit in drummer at a bar, something she got one night while getting a drink at the bar to try and drown her sorrows away. She had almost hit rock bottom but the bartender at the bar mentioned that they were looking for a part-time drummer. Lena also got into online gaming, specifically shooters. She was pretty kick-ass, and the friends she met were surprised at how good a girl was, but now a days girls playing shooter games among others weren’t as uncommon. Lena got a gig with a band and they were headed to do a show in Russia. Lena had never traveled to another country before and leapt at the opportunity. So, there she was on a plane headed to Russia… when the plane’s engine failed. They ended up somewhere between Europe and Russia. A few guys from the band survived. They traveled for a while and got to a town.. But people weren’t people anymore. It was like from one of the games she played. When coming upon the people that weren’t people.. Some of the band didn’t make and then eventually as they tried to survive, Lena was left alone. They found guns from what looked like a military checkpoint.. or was. Lena learned how to survive; this kind of world just made her tougher.
  3. Been awhile since I've RP'd so was nice running into @JkpFrog and @MichTheMedic last night. Cheers for the RP, tho half the time my character didn't know how to respond to things haha
  4. *A fiddling with the PTT could be heard, some strange words as a quiet female voice could be heard as Rubei attempted to get the radio to work. She wasn't used to this type of radio, having used a phone most her life.* "Salut!.. Not seen a soul in Zagoria, Heard broadcast about something up Nord." *She seems to speak some english, but with a hint of an accent.* "People were friendly there... good to see people again, poate..." *Her last word seemed a bit off, though crackling noise could be heard as she fumbled with the radio trying to hit the PTT.*
  5. Salut! Mă cheamă Rubei. Eu sunt din Romania. -------- Rubei was born in Romania, her family well off. She tended to get most things she wanted as a kid, and being an only child she was pretty pampered. She was a daddy’s girl. However, her father did a bit of work and dealings behind the scene, somewhat similar to how a mafia might work. This afforded him and his family a higher way of living...but it also came with risks. Some he risked and was able to protect his family. Rubei lived a pretty normal life; though, she had a passion for art. From a young age, her parents saw that she had a creative soul and was able to buy her whatever her heart desired… from art from popular artists, to supplies to create her own. When she was 12, she had her own art gallery in Bucharest. A few even having bought a number of her pieces...though she wondered if her father bought them, or coworkers of his to make her feel accomplished. One of her more popular pieces was a painting of a forest with a speck of red, which was a girl in a red raincoat standing in the middle of a forest. She even showcased much of her work online, getting a bit of a following and she spoke a bit with people from other countries online. Despite being a somewhat popular artist in her city, she didn’t have much close friends. Online, she learned a bit of english...speaking with a few people through voice and befriending them. She even wanted to visit them sometime; which her parent’s would most likely not have a problem with. However, one evening, people broke into their home. Rubei hid in her parent’s room, hearing ruckus from downstairs. Gunshots. She was scared. Things calmed… and her father came upstairs grabbed her telling her to take whatever she could. She went to her room, grabbed a bag with a few things. They went downstairs, towards their front door. Gunshots in the wall. In the hallway, things were amiss… and as she was pulled out of the house she saw her painting destroyed on the floor. They ended up going to a country called Chernarus. It was...more rural than Rubei was used to. They were here...hiding for a year or so before the outbreak. Rubei concentrated on her art; her life thrown astrew. They had a computer, though not the best… she was able to keep in touch with friends. Everything in South Zagoria was new to her, she didn’t like it here. Things were starting to get back to normal for her. Then… the country was thrown into chaos. Rubei’s father tried to protect her and her mother. He tried to pay for their safety. He thought that he had a safe place for them, but raiders raided their place and her father and mother got into a gunfight. Somehow infected got into their camp with all the gunshots. Rubei tried to hide. Her father told her to run but she wanted to stay with him.. Scared. The raiders ended up shooting her father and mother right in front of her. Scared, she just stared at them… blood splattered on her face. One of the raiders looked at her, “Run girl!” he demanded, offering her some mercy. She was frozen. But, had he really offered her mercy? He had just killed her parents, the only people she had left in the world…. But her feet kicked in and she ran off into the forest, a blur of red as she disappeared into the trees. Since then… she’d been surviving on her own, most often scared of others but knowing she can’t survive on her own.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/89893-s1-stary-sobor-nvfl-conbat-logging-2018-04-24-2101/?tab=comments#comment-1663561 Why the verdict is not fair: This is my 1st time for any kind of ban or warning and I was not really given any sort of warning just an immediate 3 Day. I understand the punishment system and the rules, but it was unintentional CL. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am sorry I didn't take the time to OOC my AFK but a IRL emergency is always going to take priority over a game. I just got back onto the server and am not used to the rules. In this case it would have been a quick return if not for human nature calling at the worst times. And, I was unsure whether to log back in because of active RP, usually have to wait a bit if you DC and not part of active RP and things didn't seem hostile. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A removal of Points and a Ban Lift would be ideal, but would really like the ban lifted at least to continue RP (report took a week and feels irrelevant now, since I've thus moved on with RP). As I would be OK with just a warning. What could you have done better?: I could have taken just that extra second to scribble out AFK or something. I gave a verbal shout to the person I was with in TS but they didn't get the chance to relay the message.
  7. Traveling with @Kouketsu through town, hear commotion so go into a house real quick which happens to be a house one guy stumbles upon us in. Interact with them for a bit, ask us who we are and why were in the house. Say were just looking through the house. Proceed to ask about gun registration. I get called by real life in the middle of it and have no time ooc afk, household emergency asking me to help them and then mother nature calling. I DC while AFK.
  8. The sun was bright. Much too bright, I raise my arm over my hand to shield my eyes. I cough, gasping for air. Covering my mouth as I cough, I find blood on my hands. I look around and find smears of blood on the floor of a house I’m in. I see what looks to be a body across the room. I scurry backwards on the floor, pinning my back against the wall. Scared. Not sure what is happening. Who I am. Where I am. “T-Talia.. R-run!” I hear a voice in my head. I place my hands onto either side of my head, where is it coming from? I begin to hyperventilate. My eyes move to the body on the other side of the room. W-who is that? Are they alive? Should I check if they are? I begin to scoot closer to the body, half crawling towards the body. I raise my hand and shake the person’s shoulder, as I do their body rolls lifelessly to the side. Their face rolling towards me...unrecognizable. “S-s-scared! Gone forever! C-can’t h-hurt usss..” This isn’t the same voice as before. I stumbled backwards, half slipping on blood on the floor. I subconsciously run to the door. The light from outside burning my eyes. My legs carried me, while my mind couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Trees all around me. I stumble on branches, scraping my legs but I get up and just keep running. Before I know it, trees tower all around me. Heart racing. Staggering to catch my breath. I look at my hands again. Covered in blood. I keep going. Hearing running water I run to it, collapsing into the water and washing my hands. My arms. Then I look at my reflection...blood splattered and smeared across my face. Had I killed that man? -------------------------------- Natalia, but most people call me Nat. Raised in Indiana, but moved to Chicago for school. Studied architecture, among my other enjoyments of art and reading and writing. Came to Chernarussia on vacation and to visit an old friend, whom I hadn't seen in awhile since he'd been living in South Zagoria and I'd met him in Chicago one evening when he had business there. He told me about the old architecture of some of the buildings in Chernarussia, along with the castles themselves. My parents were farmers. Humble people. I knew how to turn and toil the land, but did not follow in their footsteps--- forced away from them because of other reasons than pursuing my own dreams. -------------------- PERSONALITY: - Reserved - Quiet - Sneaky - Untrusting - Emotionally unstable ---------------------- Theme Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0qHWM8ZKdU
  9. *A sigh escapes her lips as she pushes the PTT button, wondering if anyone's on this frequency.* "Hey.. I heard you on this channel, been waiting to hear you back on it." she laughs softly, "Kind of don't really know where I am at.. decided to wander away from the coast. Maybe find someone I know.. probably not though. Don't really know where anyone really is at the moment. Afraid to go to Svet." *She lets out a sigh before letting go of the PTT button. She leans against the wall as she sits on a bed, her backpack on the floor next to her. She keeps the radio in her hand as she slowly closes her eyes.*
  10. *Trish checks the radio again.* "Maybe we can sell some steak later on.." she smiles softly, her breath heavy as if she'd been running awhile. "I know of a barrel, but not sure if it is still there.." "I still have mine on me.." she laughs softly, "Hopefully see you around.."
  11. *An exasperated sigh escapes her lips, after fumbling through channels she hears a familiar voice.* "Hey Jamal.." her 'hey' seems long and drawn out and then there is silence for a moment. "I surprisingly have not run into wolves, despite trying to. But other things have developed... I'll stop by where we met." A small laugh can be heard, but her voice returns to a dull tone. "It'd be good to see a nice face.." she adds, then the transmission goes silent.
  12. @AngryIrish Oh, you finally got whitelisted Welcome. Hope to run into you
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