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  1. Hi guys new here but thought i would drop in and say hi, hoping to improve my role play by playing on dayzrp as i'm quite new to it.
  2. A bricklayer from the UK Frank travelled to Chernarus to work on a construction project then the outbreak started and the infected started to attack. Some time went by and Frank as come to the terms that he won't be going home any time soon. He started to get hungry and lonely once his colleagues vanished or past away. He decided he would not survive sitting around waiting for help so started hunting small game, Eventually he go used to shooting rifles to hunt larger animals so the food lasted longer. He still as very limited knowledge of guns and ammo and stays in the wood with a tent moving places from time to time when the infected find him of looters come looking for food. He as never killed any body or even shot at someone, Frank is relatively friendly but will do what he as to do to survive, after all this is the apocalypse! Living and travelling around Chernarus he as gained some basic map knowledge so can get around with out an issue but some times when the sun vanishes from sight a compass comes in handy to stay on the right track. Usually Frank will stay low key and travel alone unless he trusts someone enough to travel with them.
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