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"I Am The Architect Of My Own Destruction"

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  1. Slava Chernarus!

    1. Conor


      Slava Bernarus.


    1. Conor
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      this is why you're gay

    3. Conor
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      thank you ❤️


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      a classic

  4. Of course you're in it @Terra You're our real Mascot!
  5. Thanks for the roleplay @ScouseViking! Ya funny dude!

    1. Jade



  7. Thanks for the rp tonight guys! Had a blast!
  8. PoV of Lawrence De Jesus: After running for a bit I see a guy in white running along the river so I stopped him by saying "hey" and asked him if he had any food. Which he did and gave me some. Not long after @Conor meets up with us, since he wasn't to far behind me. We decided to move into a building since it started to rain. We all introduce ourselves and just started to make small talk in one of the buildings when @Ducky and @AndreyQ appears. Not long after they both show up @AndreyQ initiates on @JJRambow, which he does comply. When he was complying I took out some duct tape and decided that it would be best to duct tape them and searching for a radio. I asked him if you had a radio on viva // if i found one. He put //NO. After that we cut him loose and we move him up northish from Brena into a nice wooden around. As @AndreyQ was talking, i heard over the radio that 503 was rocking up in Brena. We then moved @JJRambow more north, to debug. @AndreyQ crashes while he was talking so I made sure that @JJRambow was aware that he did crash when I // him stating such. While waiting for @AndreyQ to get back in, I was talking with the hostage, trying to reason with him saying that the 503 are bad people and so forth. Not long after I hear a shot and I get hit from, I think it was a shotgun but I don't know for sure. I just starting shooting and trying to run back as I was blinking red and I was bleeding. I patched myself up to stop the bleeding but because my health was down so low it didn't take long for whoever shot me to find me again.
  9. Words from the wise. Great guide! I feel much more knowledgeable already.
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