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  1. Billy is a guy that grew up on a farm in the united states. He was always interested in Russia. HE found out by his father that he had a little bit of Russian blood in him from his great great grandparents. He wanted to go see the country were some of his bloodline came from in the past. Although billy picked the wrong time to leave. It was only a few days after he got there things went to hell. He witnessed his some of his younger siblings be taken by the undead. This scared him for life and he was never the same after. He and his father fled way up into the mountains were they live today and don't take kindly to strangers.
  2. I am a man that has come to chernarus to visit the place some of his ancestors lived. AS I got here i noticed things were a little odd. I went to the hotel i was staying in and watched the news when I got there. After that I realized what was going on. I had to escape and I did so as quick as possible. I tried to get a flight back home but it wasnt possible, the airports were closed. I now have to accept the fact that this is my home now and I must hunt to survive and kill if needed. I will help those in need but if they back stab me they have another thing coming.