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  1. Don Wong had the knights helmet on and i was in the green raincoat
  2. Why the verdict is not fair: I was out the country with work and could not reply Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Was asked to work away hence why i didnt reply to the questions What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned as i was enjoying playing the server What could you have done better?: Told a member of staff i was working away
  3. DaMonkeyGod

    S1 BadRP/Metagaming NWAF fire station 9/18/17

    he said it in teamspeak then i muted and went into voice chat to hear what was being said in game
  4. DaMonkeyGod

    S1 BadRP/Metagaming NWAF fire station 9/18/17

    ok well, we were at the north west airfield and Don Wong spotted a player running around and said he wanted to rob him, so as he initiated we helped in voice chat telling the player to get into the fire station and get down, when he did this me and 2 others left don wong to do the talking as he was the one who initiated and we didnt know we all had to speak.
  5. DaMonkeyGod

    S1 BadRP/Metagaming NWAF fire station 9/18/17

    i have no evidence to show because i was not recording at the time
  6. My characters name is Gary Gibson ,he is 23 and was raised and was living in Manchester England, this was all up until 2 weeks into the outbreak when him and 99 other soldiers were dispatched just off the cost of Chernarus, after a wave of infected attacked Gary and his team in the city of Chernogorsk causing the US to retreat from the city as this happened Gary was separated from his battalion causing him to go lone wolf in search of his battalion or any survivors left. Before the outbreak started Gary Gibson was a NATO solider who had just returned from Afghanistan after a long 6 month tour, only two weeks after returning home, he received a phone call off a NATO general who informed him what was happening in chernarus, he was then told to pack his things and head to the Catterick military base and await orders, so after only just getting back home he told his wife to take care of there two children, he then packed his things and left. As he arrived he was put into a battalion and loaded onto a NATO fleet, little did he know this would be a one way journey. Gary Gibson is a friendly man, Whos only intentions is to kill the dead and survive it, weather that is on his own or with a group but he will not shy away from conflict with bandits and will kill if he has to survive