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  1. Props to @Amerdan whom I met in the northern airfield, who was very patient to someone who can't use a mic. And skillfully went right into it again after some troubles with his own mic, very immersive and a professional save. Shame that zombie got me in the head. Hope you enjoy the loot.
  2. A Tapping [Open Frequency]

    -User was cautioned for this post-
  3. Thank you to @Gowbe and one other person who I didn't catch the name of who was my first introduction roleplay on this server. And did his best to take care of Tanya as she fell ill. It was a good introduction!
  4. A Tapping [Open Frequency]

    *Another strained groan permeates through the airwaves. Her voice is gravely and rough, the single act of groaning out loud seems to strain her. Perhaps a minute passes as Tanya wonders about how to word her predicament. Eventually the tapping begins again, in two acts this time.* - .- -. -.-- .- / .. .----. -- / ... -.-. .- .-. . -.. *Tanya rubs her forehead and grunts, admitting that took some effort. She starts tapping another message, a longer one this time.* .-- .- - . .-. / ..-. --- .-. / ..-. .-.. .- ... .... -... .- -. --.
  5. A Tapping [Open Frequency]

    *There is a long pause as Tanya considers. Her lack of medical knowledge leaving her more ill than the illness itself as a twinge of fear runs through her stomach. Not knowing what exactly is wrong. Eventually the tapping begins again. Two words this time.* .-- .- - . .-. / ... .- ..-. . - -.--
  6. A Tapping [Open Frequency]

    *A subtle groaning permeates the silence at first as the radio comes alive, Tanya rubs her eyes wearily where she is sat before she begins. To whomever may listen a gentle rhythmic tapping begins. Three 'verses', with a brief pause inbetween.* ... --- ... / -.- .- -... .- -. .. -. --- / ... .. -.-. -.- *This repeats a few times-*
  7. Tanya Martin

    The mute child of immigrant farmers. Tanya Martin, the daughter of a poor Asian American family that moved to Chernarus, lived her young life in peace at a farm in the Shadow of The Black Mountains just a few hours away from the South Zagoria region. A peaceful but boring childhood, Tanya spent most of her time in the garage. Experimenting with her father's tools and whatever components she could scavenge from around the farm or acquire from the closest towns. The young girl working in silence on all sorts of odd things when not helping her father work the fields. It wasn't until the early twenties that Tanya finally began her own life, finding hire and apprenticeship at a train yard garage in Chernogorsk, tending to the maintenance vehicles and machinery required to maintain a smoothly running transport system. Two years into her apprenticeship, disaster struck. And the world she and everyone else knew collapsed quicker than anyone could have prepared for. And no amount of train yard maintenance could help. By week two, there was barely a train yard to speak of. It was a graveyard, and in the back, hiding away from the riots was a young woman armed with nothing but an axe and a few day's worth of food and water. How she survived that mess and the following storms, nobody has ever been told. On the 22nd, she packed up and left. She's still out there, wandering the land. Everyone she knew dead, including herself as far as she is concerned. A masked silent wastelander, trading whatever she can scavenge for food and bullets. She comes and goes with the wind, always looking for something. Although nobody knows what, or who, or why. She never tells.
  8. Greetings from Norway!

    Noted, and apologies! Oh and thanks!
  9. Greetings from Norway!

    *edit* Please don't talk about the correct answers. Huh, that question must've really ran circles around me then. Thanks for clearing that up. I managed to submit on my third attempt at least though! Misunderstood the wait times.
  10. Greetings from Norway!

    Alas, I failed again. And maybe I can ask here, since I am not entirely sure about this question. And it feels like poor form opening another thread when I am not even a whitelisted member. This might just be my english skills failing me, but I went back to look at the rules to make sure I got the question right and even so I failed. *edit* Its not allowed to post whitelist questions and to talk about the correct answer. When you need help please come into Teamspeak and join the "Waiting for Staff Help - Channel". In any case I'll try again tomorrow, since this was my second attempt so the wait time is eight hours. Thanks on beforehand for any help provided! Edit: Help figuring out why I can't work out this question that is, not with the questionnaire. That'd be against the spirit of things.
  11. Hello! Recently got back into Day Z after quitting in the early early days of the arma mod. And the first goal was to find an RP server. This seems like my kind of place, so figured I'd say hi while waiting on the whitelist to cooldown, I got the wrong date on the questionnaire. Which I should've double checked really since I read it yesterday and figured I remembered, my own fault but I digress. I have about just under two decades worth of experience with roleplaying, but admittedly this is my first attempt in a game like this, usually I'd stick to WoW or tabletop. So do forgive me if I make some mistakes early on. So yeah, hi to you all from the land of snow and polar bears. Hoping I'll get to play with all you of you soon enough! If not consider this my farewell thread to save space. Everyone loves a good two for one deal.