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  1. Shane Parker started life growing up in and around the city of Coventry, UK. Shane was an everyday kinda guy, had a mundane nine to five office job and was getting by as someone would normally do. Shane had a little family awaiting him every night after work that he would provide and care for, making sure all their needs were met. Shane had recently been told that, as there was a chance of promotion in his current job, in order to progress through the company he was going to need to go on a business trip to Norway. Now this isn't something Shane had jumped to likely as this would require Shane to leave his family for upwards of around three to even six months potentially as he was needed to prove that he was capable of opening and maintaining a start-up business out there, however, Shane's significant other would try to convince Shane that this was a good opportunity for the couple as the extra income would really help as he was the only one out of the two with a stable enough job and any chance of a promotion was a god send. And with that Shane eventually agreed to take this new venture and opportunity. Now, at this point in time there was a growing concern about a potential new virus that was said to be hitting the world, with this in mind Shane had already agreed to go on this business trip and didn't want to let his family down by not taking this up, and besides, this "virus" was new and it didn't seem like the government was all to concerned about it's existence at first. A few weeks past and Shane was in Norway, Nyheim to be exact, and the job was going just fine, sure Shane was missing his family a ton but they made sure to always call every night. Shane would often send some of the money he was earning from being away back home still so his family was still well off. Growing concern was brewing back home in the United Kingdom as they announced lockdown after lockdown to try and catch up to the rest of the world in terms of response to this up and coming pandemic, with this Shane's concerns were growing as the days went on. A few more days go by and the United Kingdom announce that they will be closing their boarders and with Norway becoming more and more closed off with everyday life, moral was really low for Shane and his ever growing fears about not being able to go back to see his family again were ever more prevalent. Fast forward a few years and Shane was still in Norway, stranded, alone. Tragically, Shanes partner fell very ill and their child had to be taken into care as there was no one at the time to take care of her. Eventually a vaccination was produced called the AVM-FLA-BETA which was said to relive the symptoms and allow the eventual opening up of society. However, this would only make matters worse for Shanes spouse as approximately 24 hours after her first dose she was experiencing severe back pains on top of all her other symptoms. This was only the start as eventually she'd turn into a rapid state and would eventually lead to her demise, this lead Shane with no way of getting back to be with his wife and child and ultimately lost them both. The world was thrown to utter chaos and all Shane had was himself in a seemingly strange place as he was mostly confined to his small apartment he had out there and no one left as it seemed the world was lost to this fast spreading disease. All Shane had left was to keep on going and eventually, somehow, make it back home again but for now he just has to keep on and make do in this new world he has been tossed into.
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