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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."

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  1. Georgia Banks

    Georgia Banks

    Apologies in advance, keep the volume LOW.



    1. BeanMama


      lmaooooo horrified screams > uncontrollable laughter

    2. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      @Wynne Exactly!

    3. DerrickStorm


      Who in a right mind would think "Let's stop, I wanna see that bear"...

    4. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      @DerrickStorm I know, you're right, but.... I figured we'd be safe in the car... and I hadn't seen one before. 

      im an idiot GIF

    5. DerrickStorm


      @Georgia Banks only once I said "yes" to let's go bear hunting. It was night, I had no nvgs, my shooting skills are very low and if I rock a saiga... welp, just froze... Quoting @Fenrir I don't wanna get "bitchslapped by a yogi..."




    6. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      @DerrickStorm That's epic! At least you were safe!

    7. DerrickStorm


      Me - yes, I was safe. My teammates - If I've stareted shooting they wouldn't be. My Pants - not safe at all...

    8. Kattsura


      Omg, I couldn't stop laughing & scared for you all but funny. 

      powerpuff girls laughing GIF



    9. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

    10. Kattsura


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