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  4. Welcome to DayZRP! You will most definitely enjoy your time here! ?
  5. Hi Reixaupe, your backstory for whitelist needs to be a minimum of 1000 characters. Good luck with your application! ?
  6. Hey Ducky, A lot of them have decayed/despawned already, but yes, we will remove those that remain to prevent the clipping. ?
  7. Of course, I realize how this looks, the HUD being turned off at that moment, however, if you watch my stream, I try to have the HUD off all of the time as I think it looks bad on the stream. In fact, the entire time leading up to this interaction, my hud was off. I turned it on only to check the status of my injuries and answer when asked if hungry/thirsty. After not being able to get in the car, we were running to Sitnik, HUD would have been enabled due to energy being used running. As stated before, I was not in contact with anyone other than the people physically around me. I had no idea that anyone would be coming and I assure you this was not done with any malicious intent or intent to delay. I am usually very good at maneuvering without HUD prompts. As for the delay, or randomness of me playing my injuries, I hadn’t played an injury to the head prior to this and was googling concussion on my phone. I am aware that this was not the best roleplay of a head injury. I do not feel this was a rulebreak, I do feel I was unprepared. It was my first, picking symptoms from a list that were able to be acted out or emoted in game. Yes it was inconsistent, I am committed to being better next time I am hit in the head. Below is a list of symptoms I had in front of me, I will highlight the ones I attempted to emote. Again, admittedly, not fluidly enough. I have every intention of doing more research regarding symptoms in order to have a more realistic and immersive reaction next time. And I apologize that my inexperience broke the immersion of my captors. Physical Headache. Nausea or vomiting (early on). Balance problems. Dizziness. Fuzzy or blurry vision. Feeling tired, having no energy. Sensitivity to noise or light. Slurred speech, weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination. Repeated vomiting or nausea. Loss of consciousness Emotional/Mood Irritability. Sadness. More emotional. Nervousness or anxiety. Mood changes or swings. agitation (feeling sad or angry for no reason), combativeness, or other unusual behavior. Problems remembering, concentrating, or making decisions. Slowness in thinking, speaking, acting, or reading.
  8. As I believe there are several rulebreaks happening before the reported situation I will extend the POV, given that all of the events prior to this lead to the situation at hand. 1:05:56 - I crash due to a grenade, as do all of them, seen in this DM. 1:13:45 - I spawn back in and die. - The gate that they had to saw through got removed in a crash, and they then proceeded to use this crash to push into my position, where I was trapped behind a door and instantly shot and killed me. 1:24:34 - I respawn near Grabin. I randomly run into Pacho who is there to meet Hector and some other people. I decide to stay with Pacho because I know him. 1:56:10 - @HDragon randomly shows up out of nowhere, and while 'defending' pacho and I from zombies, hits me with an axe, which seems like an accident. 1:56:57 - Another Irish suspiciously shows up. 2:00:12 - More Irish show up. 2:02:50 - Initiation drops. - First of all, how did @HDragon find me only 25 minutes after I spawned? Suspicious that he just so happened to run up on Pacho and I? Shortly after, I get hit with an axe in the head, bleed and lose blood. I tell them that I am hurt. 40-50 seconds after @HDragon shows up, he just so happens to have brought a fully kitted teammate to Grabin, like he already knows that I was there. At no point does @HDragon double mic possibly calling in teammates to aid him, also only 40-50 seconds prior to this had he talked to me to a point where he could positively identify that it was me. Anyone could have used my character model, and anyone can wear orange armbands, so it seems very odd that he so happens to have a fully-kitted guy at hand in Grabin where I am. More Irish show up, despite no-one audibly double micing calling people in at any point. The RP continues a bit, at which after the initiation drops, which in my eyes is invalid. Initiations have to state a clear threat and demand, and all they yelled was "Hands, hands, hands!" which other people have been hit for before as invalid initiation, they didn't threaten me, my back was turned, were they initiating on me or Pacho? To be safe, I put my hands up anyway. So then theres a while where I'm held in the house with Filomena. I like Filomena IC we were developing a friendship. I'm playing as if I have no idea that our ceasefire is off.. because I died and I don't know as I hadn't had the chance to speak with anyone from KoG after my death. Yes I fainted, I was playing my head injury, I had been shot, and hit in the face with an axe. I am sorry if this is seen as excessive, it was part of my play. I was deafened in discord for this entire interaction. I had no idea if people were contacted to help. I had no Idea if anyone knew what was happening. I understand that this could have been seen as me stalling for people to arrive but, as far as I was concerned, no one was coming. Everyone I play with was either recently killed or on the other side of the map. Yes I laughed when Filomena crashed, NOT because she crashed, but because DAYZ and I couldn't believe the timing. It was a tense situation and DayZ always seems to crash at the absolute worst moments. It was a you gotta be kidding me moment. I didn't want to leave her as I hadn't had time to msg her OOC to clarify that Callahan had come along and taken me. I did NOT AOGM here, and I did NOT abuse her crashing. Her partner told me to come with him or die <not a quote, something along those lines.> so I went with him. Yes I was sassy with Callahan, just like Georgia would be. She is a sassy, stubborn individual. I have OOC'd to this point, letting them know I couldn't get in the car and that I thought we were all lagging when Filomena crashed. Callahan is running me to sitnik and brings up being raped. Now without being too much of a snowflake here, this is something I have had a personal IRL experience with so I OOC once more and ask him not to bring it up. At this point my anxiety is a little off the charts and then my chat is asking if I'm okay.. you know when you're not okay but you're faking it, then someone asks if you're okay and... breakdown.. all good. I used my breakdown in RP, G would be upset that she was captured by people who clearly had hostile intent. Yes when I first went into the cell I was quiet, but they were not talking to me. As soon as Filomena arrived we started having conversations, a lot of them. I was in this cell for over 3 hours. I never broke character, I responded when spoken to. I shut up when told to. I asked for food and water too much as I wanted to keep engaged with Filomena and being a nervous eater is part of my roleplay. I was still RP'ing my head injury, I was dizzy and all that. Methias then comes in and gives me some morphine, after this I pep up a little bit. I'd like to state as far as the badRP and "I could have injected myself into the roleplay" Firstly, every single time I was addressed directly I responded. And there were several times that I was NOT addressed that I spoke, however, after being put in the cell, I was told countless times to shut my mouth or die by several different people in this situation. The only person who never told me to shut up was Filomena. I value my characters life immensely and if I am told to do something or die, I will do it. (As long as it makes sense.) I will tell you right now, the last thing I wanted to do was go to Sitnik, but I didn't have a choice. I did go AFK for a few minutes as I had to let my dogs out, I told Filomena IC that I was going to rest for a moment and went onto the bed, then OOC informed her I'd be afk to let the dogs out. Yes I punched the gate when gunshots were going off, any prisoner held for this long during an active gunfight would at least try to shake the door. My mistake here in my opinion was not typing in chat something like *Frustrated, she shakes the cell door vigorously.* And yes I was being silly OOC with the chat saying I had fists of steel, I didn't think the door would open as easily as it did. ( I live in the prison and those doors don't open that easy) The door was 'open' for quite some time and at no point did I open it or intend to use this. Yes I talked to chat about rules and speculated that some people came back to an active situation. I was hearing voices that I suspected had been shot as well as communication IC from An Pobal saying 'open the gates, he's one of ours' - Speculation is not against the rules. I did not directly accuse, nor did I report. At 5:30:30 Callahan approaches me and tells me, despite being told OOCly, that he hopes I get raped daily like the dog that I am. Now I won't go into why again, but yes, this upset me, and yes I // timestamped it. At this point Filomena is gone, I'm *assuming* (pure assumption, not accusation) logged out despite not being given perms to do so. This actually disappointed me as her RP was most definitely the most enjoyable out of this entire interaction. Regardless, Eric then comes in and accuses me of trying to get out, I explain why. He accuses me of trying to run away from Filomena, I explain that I didn't. Then Eric tells me they are going to do a fox hunt, where I get 30 seconds to run away and then they will chase me and if I am caught, I will be killed. Yes, I typed OOC as I did NOT see this as a valid way to gain kill rights. The server then goes down. Yes I talked to my stream chat as I knew there were some more experienced players watching. I truly believed they were going to kill me and I truly believed they did not have the right to as I had complied with every demand they gave. Went AFK here for a sec to use the bathroom - msgd Hdragon on discord to let him know I'd be right back. (Please consider, this was an interaction lasting 5 or so hours, I am human.) Server is back up, I // Timestamp as I believe they are about to invalidly kill me. They lead me into and open field which I protest, but, they want me out of town. They were not addressing me during this run through the field. They were speaking among themselves about who would hit me first. Methias offers me some a piece of meat (RUINED) and beans, which another member of An Pobal picks up straight away. They then tell me to run bitch run. And call me names as I leave. Shots go off as I hit the tree line, I did at the moment say " God these guys are the worst. " Again, something I shouldn't have said and I apologize, but Callahans blatant disregard for a personal situation that causes me anxiety plus their, in my opinion, invalid demands, had me a little hot at that exact moment. I then ran through the woods for over 30 minutes to make sure I would break line of site so I could log. I was upset with HDdragon but had no issue otherwise. I dropped the fact that they left me with nothing to eat, I dropped the fact that their AOGM was what landed me anywhere near them in the first place. I cannot be held accountable for anything said in my chat while streaming. To my knowledge, no one in the chat was in game. Any OOC talk on my part was to the stream chat not discord. Yes, I felt some rules were being broken and yes, I talked about it with the chat. Yes after a nearly 5 hour long interaction I was a little grumpy and called some names I shouldn't have, for that I am sorry.
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    Shots of people, places and things that I like! ?
  10. Oh no no, no need... thank you for the very generous offer, I appreciate it.
  11. Patrick is mouthy as heck! Love it! ?? Thank you for making the prison tense up, again. ?
  12. Looks dope! Excited to see you guys bring this to life! Suggestion: Branch out to Livonia Day 1000 ?
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