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  1. Clearly, I am no match for your level of ignorance. Once again Noah, I am extremely disappointed that there are young men out there who deem this behavior acceptable or funny. I have stated my side, and I will leave it up to the admin team. "I was unaware that there was an option to decline Rape RP without getting killed." <--- THIS is what I said.
  2. Noah, had I logged off during your "RP" situation, that would be breaking a rule, combat logging. And just so we are all aware, I DID say no to you, several times. The only part I was unaware of was that I could so no via OOC chat and you couldn't kill me for it. You have shown nothing but disrespect and complete disregard for any of the rules in this community. You were not allowed to rape, force feed OR remove my clothing without receiving OOC consent via in-game text chat. In regards to your dishonesty, you; 1. Forced me to suck your dick. 2. Forced me to suck Davids dick. 3. Stuck your finger/hand in my ass. 4. Told David to "go down there and sexually assault her" 5. Forced David to "take the front" while you "took the back" Please tell me how all this can be summed up as "suck my pp"
  3. Hi Noah, OOC, that is a lie and you know it. What you attempted to "RP" was disgusting and extremely disrespectful. There was zero quality behind what you did. In my opinion, you broke multiple rules, not limited to the rape. I would like to state that Noah is not being honest in his response, and leave it with the admins. Thank you.
  4. Server and location: Server 1, Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (2019-07-14, 12:51 Your in game name: Georgia Banks Names of allies involved: David Loans @TheHippo Name of suspect/s: John Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: David and I were in Zelenogorsk, we met John and were helping him to find some ammo for his M4. John was with us for about 15 minutes, I stopped to fix my shoes and he told us both to get on the ground and tie ourselves up. We complied. He took us into the small industrial shed and told us we were going "to join the cause" he then force fed us human meat, against our will. He demanded I strip my clothing, I said no, so he took my clothing off. He then told me to get on my knees and he RP raped me, he threatened to kill me if I didn't comply, in addition he attempted to have my friend RP rape me. I was unaware that there was an option to decline Rape RP without getting killed. I said no in-game. Also, he killed David as David offered his life in exchange for my freedom. I believe he has broken rule 3.7 by force feeding us human meat, (without consent) rape RP. (without consent) Also bad RP for removing my clothing. (Without consent)
  5. Georgia Banks

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    I downloaded it, and have been playing!! Thanks!
  6. Georgia Banks

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Well, I'm reading a lot of issues being caused by this launcher.. is there a safer way?
  7. Georgia Banks

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Question... Do we have to download this in order to play on the server? is it no longer possible to just launch DayZ regularly and pick DayZRP from the server list? When I do that, I see it in the list, but I cannot connect...
  8. So basically, we are fugitives who fled America. We caught a big break and bought passage on this ship.. We had no idea where it was headed, but as long as Tom and I were together.. We didn't care. When we docked, I tried to read some of the signs on the docks but they were written in real funny looking characters.. "Chernarus" I said out loud ... "Welcome to Chernarus baby" Tom said with a big smile on his face. Man I love that smile. We walked down the ramp onto the dock.. My legs were unsteady as I felt solid ground for the first time in weeks. All of a sudden men started yelling at us, shouting orders, telling us to remove cargo.. Tom mumbled under his breath that this must've been a USSR Defector ship.. We we're tricked.. We paid our way into slavery for all intents and purposes. Tom wasn't going to let this be our new life. He motioned towards a cargo box that had just had the top removed, It was filled with automatic rifles... big guns.. guns I'd never seen before. He said under his breath, "grab what you can and run East" I thought he was crazy.. My wobbling legs could barely hold me up, let alone grab a heavy ass rifle and run... and didn't Tom remember my sense of direction is NOT so good... instead of protesting I said; "which way is East?" Tom snickered and pointed, "that way beautiful girl, towards the orange trees on the hill." All of a sudden there was a HUGE crash, one of the crane operators had dropped a load in the middle of the dock, ammunition spilled everywhere. The guards ran towards the mess and started shouting at each other and the other passengers. "Now!" Tom said, we ran and we picked up what could and then kept running... East.. Shots rang out and Tom hit the ground. "my arm, baby its just my arm" he said, in obvious pain. I raised this heavy ass rifle and I returned fire. Tom regained his legs and we kept running. We thought that we had escaped the escaped life.. But here we were, fleeing once again, this time in a land whos language we did not speak. We ran for hours before coming across a small cabin in the woods.. We held up there for a few weeks until Toms arm had healed up. One morning we were startled from sleep. Knocking. Someone was knocking. "Stay right here, don't move a muscle" Tom demanded.. He crawled towards the window and slowly peeked out. The look of horror on his face was one I wont forget.. He sat back against the wall and struggled to find his words. "B- Baby... I, I .. I think.. I think that's a Zombie" Now the terror was mixed with a bit of humor... "What the FUCK is happening?!" He asked no one... To be continued........ Tom and Georgias past.... My husband Tom and I... We are good people, If you read what the papers said about us, you might not agree. Tom and I grew up poor, we didn't have great family lives. I met Tom when I was 15, he was 17. The boy, tall, dark and handsome.. he was so strong but he was so kind to me. He never raised his voice or his hands.. a lot different from the treatment daddy had shown me growing up. I was sure if my momma wasn't an alcoholic.. if she cared, this is the kind of boy she'd want for me. Tom, who had more than enough of his own battles to fight, decided to take mine on. Falling in love with Tom was the start of my life being forever changed. The lifestyle Tom and I are now known for all started on a dark November evening. ... Daddy came home drunk, like real drunk.. he told me I needed to be more like my momma. He told me I needed a real man and that I needed to listen to him properly just like momma did. I was feeling uneasy, I knew how violent he could get when he was in this state. He yelled for my mom to come into the room, she stumbled in, equally as drunk as him. He told her to get on her knees and be a good wife. Momma laughed and went to walk away, I wish she didn't walk away, I wished Tom was there. Daddy started raging and grabbed her by the arm, she turned around and slapped him, the look of regret and horror immediately overcoming her. Daddy's eyes, they went almost black, there was no trace of a kind man left.. he started beating momma, really bad. I tried to pull him off and he threw an arm back, busting my lip and sending me halfway across the room. I was balling. Then I heard a familiar sound which right then was like an angel tapping on my door. Tom was throwing rocks at my bedroom window. I scurried out of the living room and into my bedroom, I lifted the heavy wooden window in a panic, Tom, who was taking this in as it happened started to realize something was really wrong. He climbed through and stood in front of me. He lifted my chin, wiped my tears, "baby, what happened to your lip?" he asked. I responded; "Momma needs help, please Tom, help my momma." Tom turned and headed for my door, he walked into the living room and stopped dead in his tracks holding me firmly behind him. In a stern voice, one I'd never heard from Tom, one I didn't question, he said "Go to your room, lock the door, NOW" I turned immediately and left. I heard all sorts of struggling going on, yelling, slamming up against furniture, glass breaking. I was so afraid. And then.. Two shots. Two shots rang out and I knew my life as I knew it was over. I had either lost the love of my life or I had lost my daddy. Everything was silent.. I heard slow, heavy footsteps approaching my door, the emotion running over me was unbearable, and then I heard Tom, in a soft, defeated voice... "baby, open the door" I opened the door, Tom fell to his knees in front of me, I fell with him, tear filled eyes met mine and he stuttered; "yo.. your daddys dead Georgia" A piece of my heart shattered, but momma.. "Momma?" I said with a trembling lip. Tom started sobbing heavily. "He killed her, Georgia.. She's dead." I was numb, I didn't speak, I couldn't I just held onto Tom. Tom had saved me that night, It was too late for my sweet momma, but he had saved me. We climbed out through my bedroom window, Tom wouldn't let me go into the living room, I wanted to kiss my momma goodbye but he told me to remember only how beautiful she was. He said we'd call the police as soon as we got back to his grandmas house. When we walked into her house, she was sitting in front of her radio.. listening intently. "A double homicide at 206 Kentucky Avenue" "Suspects seen fleeing West down Kentucky Avenue" "One male, known to police.. one female, believed to be related to the victims." Tom grabbed the radio and my hand and pulled me to his bedroom, "Georgia!" he snapped, "Grab that bag, fill it with what you think we need, there's a roll of cash taped to the picture in the bathroom, and get my paps handgun from under his mattress." I paused.. shocked.. so confused. "NOW!" Tom shouted. The tone of his voice snapped me back to reality.. this wasn't just a bad dream... this was all actually happening. I decided then that I would process this later, and I did exactly as Tom had told me. We rushed out into his grandmas garage, he fired up her old Cadillac and threw it into reverse. "Tom" I mumbled.. "why are we running Tom? It was defense, you saved me Tom and you tried to save my momma!" "Georgia, my sweet girl, I have a record.. They won't see it that way" he said.. "Georgia, baby, I love you." "I love you too Tom" I replied. He continued; "Sweetheart, you know I only want the best for you, you should get out, go inside with my grandparents and wait for the police." I paused.. "Tom, I have nothing in this world but you, I would follow you to the end of the earth and I am not leaving you." .. He hesitated "Georgia.." "NO!" I shouted, "Its me and you against the world Tom, I love you." he nodded through tears, grabbed my head and pulled me to him, he kissed me hard and pulled away. "Here we go baby girl." To be continued....
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