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Georgia Banks

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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."

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  1. Georgia Banks

    Georgia's adventures...

    Shots of people, places and things that I like!
  2. Georgia Banks

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Oh no no, no need... thank you for the very generous offer, I appreciate it.
  3. Georgia Banks

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Patrick is mouthy as heck! Love it! Thank you for making the prison tense up, again.
  4. Georgia Banks

    New Haven

    Looks dope! Excited to see you guys bring this to life! Suggestion: Branch out to Livonia Day 1000
  5. Georgia Banks

    A Message to Georgia from Flamingo

    *Georgia is sitting around a fire, smiling faces and good food all around. She hears a familiar voice come over her radio and steps away to respond.* "Hello Filomena" *Her tone calm but curious.* "Of course we can talk... What's the idea?" *Georgia looks back at the people, her son, safe for the night while he's home. She smiles* "Speak with you soon, Filomena." *She clips her radio back onto her belt, walks back to the fire and sits down beside Benji*
  6. Georgia Banks

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Congratulations! We have been having a great time with An Pobal, excited to see you grow!
  7. Georgia Banks

    Initial thoughts about the Knights of Georgia

    I still have one!
  8. Georgia Banks

    Hello There.

    Welcome to the community! See you in game!
  9. Georgia Banks

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Scary road trip to Polana today, I had chills, and was legitimately SPOOKED ..a lot of crazy shit happening right now. @Ryan Shepherd and your THREE brothers (We know we saw 3) Thank you for running with us and telling Charlie where to go and how to get there. Thoroughly enjoyed your company today! @Watchman @Revie Olivia and Lt. H, It was lovely to meet you, spooky shit we had to deal with it was fun running with you! @Longhammer @Humanitas_ @Carl9 Always, always, always a pleasure. @dnSLmo (I think) and @TheScouseViking You are two of my FAVORITE people to run into. Dan, I'm glad to see you've given up on cars.. not sure about the pants but, you do you. @Stagsview Man... Some of my best/scariest in game experiences have happened in the last 3 days.. THANK YOU for all that you do! 'Safe' at home... @Vandire @Wynne @Dingle @ImMason @YAKMOUTH @Krullix @lunathecat @DownhillPlagueX @Wolfgang Fox A pleasurable end to a chaotic day thanks to all of you!
  10. Georgia Banks

    Oh, Hello.

    Welcome to the community! See you in game!
  11. Georgia Banks

    can i move characters over

    Hello! Welcome to the community! If you're referring to your characters gear, then no, it will not carry over and you will have to start fresh. If you're referring to his story; as long as your characters backstory does not conflict with DayZRP's lore and what's going on on our servers, you should be able to bring him/his story over! Be sure to read up on the lore and make adjustments to his story as needed!
  12. Georgia Banks

    Silliest deaths in DayZ

  13. I am EXCITED for this!
  • Georgia Banks

    Georgia Banks

    Apologies in advance, keep the volume LOW.



    1. Wynne


      lmaooooo horrified screams > uncontrollable laughter

    2. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      @Wynne Exactly!

    3. DerrickStorm


      Who in a right mind would think "Let's stop, I wanna see that bear"...

    4. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      @DerrickStorm I know, you're right, but.... I figured we'd be safe in the car... and I hadn't seen one before. 

      im an idiot GIF

    5. DerrickStorm


      @Georgia Banks only once I said "yes" to let's go bear hunting. It was night, I had no nvgs, my shooting skills are very low and if I rock a saiga... welp, just froze... Quoting @Fenrir I don't wanna get "bitchslapped by a yogi..."




    6. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      @DerrickStorm That's epic! At least you were safe!

    7. DerrickStorm


      Me - yes, I was safe. My teammates - If I've stareted shooting they wouldn't be. My Pants - not safe at all...

    8. Kattsura


      Omg, I couldn't stop laughing & scared for you all but funny. 

      powerpuff girls laughing GIF



    9. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

    10. Kattsura


  • Georgia Banks

    Just saying hi

    Hey! Welcome to the community! See you in game!
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