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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."

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  1. bruh

    1. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      Relaxed Dog GIF

  2. Georgia Banks


    Bunny!!! These are AMAZING!
  3. Georgia Banks

    dark corridor

    This is amazing, awesome edit!!!
  4. Welcome to DayZRP! You will most definitely enjoy your time here! ?
  5. Hi Reixaupe, your backstory for whitelist needs to be a minimum of 1000 characters. Good luck with your application! ?
  6. Hey Ducky, A lot of them have decayed/despawned already, but yes, we will remove those that remain to prevent the clipping. ?
  7. Of course, I realize how this looks, the HUD being turned off at that moment, however, if you watch my stream, I try to have the HUD off all of the time as I think it looks bad on the stream. In fact, the entire time leading up to this interaction, my hud was off. I turned it on only to check the status of my injuries and answer when asked if hungry/thirsty. After not being able to get in the car, we were running to Sitnik, HUD would have been enabled due to energy being used running. As stated before, I was not in contact with anyone other than the people physically around me. I had no i
  8. As I believe there are several rulebreaks happening before the reported situation I will extend the POV, given that all of the events prior to this lead to the situation at hand. 1:05:56 - I crash due to a grenade, as do all of them, seen in this DM. 1:13:45 - I spawn back in and die. - The gate that they had to saw through got removed in a crash, and they then proceeded to use this crash to push into my position, where I was trapped behind a door and instantly shot and killed me. 1:24:34 - I respawn near Grabin. I randomly run into Pacho who is there to meet H
  9. Georgia Banks

    Georgia's adventures...

    Shots of people, places and things that I like! ?
  10. Oh no no, no need... thank you for the very generous offer, I appreciate it.
  11. Patrick is mouthy as heck! Love it! ?? Thank you for making the prison tense up, again. ?
  12. Looks dope! Excited to see you guys bring this to life! Suggestion: Branch out to Livonia Day 1000 ?
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