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  1. Best Christmas I ever had And yeah I like to think I'm cute, so what?
  2. Charlotte Mann grew up in Manchester and struggled to get by, living rough on the streets, on her 18th birthday she became a Royal Marine Commando in the British Army, she served for 5 years and learnt a variety of survival skills in that time on how to survive in the wild,as well as already knowing how to survive urban life. She went to Chernarus in March 2017 with her Girlfriend Ashley Riegal(who she met in the Army) to help the CDF in the growing tensions with the Russian state. Once martial law was declared in May her and Riegal abandoned the border and moved inland, to find a place to set up camp and store supplies, while being able to defend themselves. They lived in a shack for months, living off the wild and getting what little information they could from the odd passerby. As time went on these became fewer in number and Charlotte thought nothing of it. After hearing the shots in the far distance, they assumed people had become violent and/or Russia had attacked Chernarus, unaware of the fact at what really happened. In late July someone came to the house, clearly injured, and told them barely anything useful, just that going near large groups was dangerous and to head to Elektrozavodsk, as something was happening there, before passing out for some time. He then woke but as a different person, attacking both Mann and Riegal, who fought him off, but the noise of the fight attracted a large crowd of strangers. Heeding the now fully dead stranger's advice, they ran for miles from a plane's worth of people who seemingly didn't tire. Eventually Riegal and Mann grew exhausted and Mann ended up passing out, coming too, seeing that she was now alone and unharmed, but with no sign of Riegal. Losing the love of her life nearly broke Mann, but made her more determined to find her again. Mann is a small-ish woman, with blonde hair and fair skin, who is quick thinking, practical and dedicated to accomplishing her goals, no matter the cost, the ends justify the means for her. However she is always first to crack a joke and maintains a calm demeanour, being approachable and reliable all at once, but ready to fight and die for what she believes in. Overall her end goal is to find Riegal and head South to make sure they made it in time to whatever was going on, all else is secondary, but she will serve as a good companion as any in a tight spot.
  3. cheers for all the welcome messages, feeling loved
  4. Damn dude waddup bb and will do Samaritan
  5. Personally as someone who's done the same, (worked their ass off for events and got no to little interest) I think clearing the air is a good idea. I don't think I'd be into non combat events myself, I like a bit of action in my sessions on the computer, add excitement, and fishing wouldn't really do that for me, so I'm gonna say no on that one admittedly I literally just joined, but that's my 2cents for those interested.
  6. Means hello^^^ What's up ya buttercups I'm MuhCreedy and I'm here for a good time, pal of Jackel and his true love. I may seem like a dick, but I assure you, I am ok SOMETIMES. I'm easy to impress by people cause I look for the best in them, so say hi to me and you're a cool dude in my books. keeping it short but sweet. See ya out there boyos