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  1. David Grant was born and raised in Novigrad. Both of his parent Charlie and Sophia were American, and they moved to chernraus before David was born. They came to Chernraus to become medical doctors in the city. David lived a very elegant since his mother and father were doctors. They lived in a nice apartment not far from center city Novigrad. David was kind and cunning he loved watching old action movies when he was young. His mother and father would show David old American Action films they brought from the U.S. David was 13 when the Liberation War Started. He was young and scarded about what was happening in his country. Each night his mom and dad would come home late due to them helping soldiers in the Civil. He was school one day and saw helicopters filling over his school. Then heard lots of vehicles passing by his school too. It wasn’t until he heard one pull up to the school. He saw Russian forces come out of the truck and running into the school. David’s told all the students to get down under there desk. The teacher locked the door. Soon gun shots were heard. Students began to cry and panic. Soon a Russian solider busted down the door. He began shouting in Russian. David learned some Russian when being raised in Chernraus he only knew the basics. The soldiers said, “Come here you CDF bitch.” The solider grabbed Davids teacher punched her in the face and shot her. David and other students began to cry. The Russian solider said with a broken English accent. “Get out of here kids go home and stay somewhere safe NOW or ill kill you all!” David got up and ran out the building. Returning home saw his mother and asked where dad was. Sophia said “Listen David you have to get out of here the Russians are taking over city head to Gorka there is house there where you can hide me and Dad will be there soon GO!” David grabbed his favorite things and ran out the door. He didn’t know that was the last time his parents will ever see him. Several years passed. David was now 19 and living in gorka in the house his mom told him to run too. He was now on his own. The Liberation war ended in 2010 and David never saw his parents come to the house. David was heartbroken most of those years he was by himself now with no family. In 2016 David saw another Civil War about to begin with in chernraus. This time he wants to join the fight and get revenge for what happen to his parents during the first civil war. He enlisted in the RAC. He rose through the ranks and became a Sergeant. David is now 24 in 2020. The Frenzied flu began to spread throughout Chernraus. Stg. Grant and his troops headed to Electro where they began to set up roadblocks on March 4th. Stg.Grant stayed in Electro for months until the Flu got worse and worse till the point where soldiers were not showing up at the roadblock due to them getting infected. On May 31st the government started a mass evacuation due to the virous getting worse and worse. Most of Davids troops left and now it was just David by himself again. He decided to rom the now empty Electro. He saw bodies on the street rotting and decaying. It wasn’t until he saw someone standing the street he yelled out in Russian “Hey you need to leave the city.” The person didn’t move daivd shouted it again and they still didn’t move. “HEY GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CITY.” Then the person began running to him screaming. David raised his AKM and said “HEY Hey DON’T FUCK WITH ME.” They continued to run towards him. Daivd shot them. He went over to the body and saw it wasn’t human at all. David now knew he was officially by himself and need to survive on his own.
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