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  1. What kind of new events would you guys like to see on the server? I was thinking maybe hordes when modding becomes available?
  2. Maybe we could make some sort of character creation, where members in the community can apply for brutal characters with certain abilities that the normal character cant do. I feel it would have to be extremely overlooked by admins but I think it would be a cool idea Not random acts of perma death but if you get permission to perma then you should be able to choose how you kill said person
  3. I was thinking, like being able to physically strike fear into people. Making people scared. I feel the current rules are a bit much with the whole consent thing. With rape and all that stuff I understand with consent but the way you kill people shouldn’t be in consent because if someone is watching it should make them scared. They should fear you.
  4. @Isoyou worded that perfectly. The brutality affect. Make it more disturbing ya know? Kinda like the walking dead with Negan. Thats what im goin off of. That just pure ability to be scary. Right now Im not like scared of anyone. If I feared someone it’d make the experience just so more real
  5. would you want a specific server or even lifted rules that allow for more brutal and realistic roleplay, so it became more like what the world would be like in an apocalyptic scenario. Comment on what you think!
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  9. I was held up once by a group of guys with @Lyca and then the server went down and I got away because it spawned me 19 years away from everyone LMAO. greatest moment of my life
  10. I just made the longest trip of my life IC and It was so nice to meet so many of the people I did while traveling! I went almost everywhere in Chernarus and met so many new people it was awesome! Thank you all for the really cool roleplay!

  11. you ever just stroll around Chernarus and get ABSOLUTELY lost because you just admire some of its beauty

  12. getting DayZ'd while trying to roleplay a cool scenario you were thinking about really KILLS your vibe FeelsBadMan.jpg

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