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  1. Aaron Armstrong, a 24-year-old, born in 1994 in Southern Portugal, whose parents are American immigrants, had decided to become a humanitarian worker from the inspiration he gained after seeing the thousands of voluntaries who went to aid the Haiti disaster back in 2010. During the active outbreaks across Europe, Aaron was working in an encampment in Croatia, where he was accompanying his sister, Dr Sarah Armstrong who'd been treating distressed victims in the area. As the situation worsened, the encampment was ordered to evacuate onto open seas as evacuation boats and helicopters began arriving on the shores. All of a sudden, a mass of gunfire is heard at the front of the encampment, causing panic to spread. Aaron reaches the beach only to realise he can't find Sarah anywhere so, against the soldier's orders, Aaron returns to the camp to find her. As he reaches her tent, she's looking through paperwork and stuffing it in a backpack, claiming she cannot leave without it. Aaron grabs her by the arm and drags her to the evacuation point with little time to spare. After boarding a medical helicopter, hoards of infected could be seen storming the beach front, overruling the defence line as many soldiers are left behind. Once on board a vessel, everything seems to die down and Aaron attempts to contact his parents back home only to receive no answer. In the meantime, Sarah is locked in her room, analysing her backpack's contents as if in search of something very important. Aaron begins to wonder what his sister is looking for but gives it little importance. He makes his way to the main deck of the ship, looking at the view of the smoke clouds emerging from the land they were standing in minutes ago. As evacuations are still underway, Aaron is tasked with assisting the disembarkment of the wounded. Back to back evacuations occur for the next two days until the ships finally sail out into the Mediterranean. Several days pass and everyone seems to be recovering from the traumatic events that had occurred. Although, as Aaron thought, it seemed too good to be true. His sister was still locked in her room and the patients numbered in the hundreds. Aaron begins visiting some of the patients to provide aid if need be but something strange happens. As he attempts to open the door into one of the rooms, it seems to be locked from the inside with a sheet covering the window. He knocks on the door but there is no response so he informs an officer who then brings several soldiers with him. They attempt to persuade the patient to open the door through threats and such but there is no answer. So, they begin breaking down the door, still with no retaliation from the inside. As they make their way into the room, it seems to be empty until a hectic scream comes from the soldier who had gone into the bathroom. He comes out filled in blood, followed by an infected patient who begins attacking the soldiers. Aaron makes a run for his sister's room and tells her to pack her things. Moments after, the alarm of the ship goes off with a contamination warning. As they're rushing tot he main deck and onto the lifeboats, Sarah tries to talk to Aaron about what she'd discovered from her analysis of the infected victims although he ignores her completely. Whilst evacuating, the infected begin rushing from the lower part of the ship and breach the main deck as well as the control tower, giving Aaron no choice but to cut the safety lines of the lifeboat he had boarded with Sarah. The infected begin jumping onto the boats but Aaron keeps fending them off with a pipe he'd found under his seat. Suddenly, an infected grabs him from behind, pushing him into the water. His sister begins kicking the infected until he lets go of him. As he composes himself, Sarah looks at him and explains what she'd found in her analysis but this time, forcing Aaron to listen. As she's done explaining, she steps to the edge of the boat and shows Aaron the bite mark the infected inflicted on her leg, begging Aaron to not let her become one of those horrible things. Although, as he's growing the courage to do it, the large ship they'd escaped from exploded, sending all surrounding lifeboats into a ruckus. When Aaron recomposes himself, Sarah is no longer there and that is the last time he would ever see his sister. It's been several days or maybe weeks in Aaron's mind, aimlessly drifting in the ocean with no way of steering himself and far too weak to do anything, being the sole survivor of that ship and all he had with him was his sister's information embedded in his mind. A few more days pass and as if he was seeing a mirage due to the serious dehydration he'd faced, Aaron sets his sights upon an unknown shoreline where he would soon find himself in. Upon arriving in Chernarus, Aaron is desperately attempting to survive, clinging onto the life his sister sacrificed her own to save.
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